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Tuesday - August 4, 2015
Yahoo's ad network suffered an attack that lasted for almost a week, Malwarebytes reported mid-day Monday. Malwarebytes earlier notified Yahoo of the attacks, which began July 28. Yahoo had stopped them by the time the report was published, Malwarebytes said. The attackers used the Angler Exploit Kit, described as highly sophisticated, to redirect visitors to ad sites on to two Microsoft Azure domains. Although it did not collect the payload in this campaign, Malwarebytes said that Angler drops a mix of ad fraud and ransomware. [More...]

Tuesday - August 4, 2015
Tired of serving as just a pretty face, Autodesk on Monday announced that it's putting its muscle into the business of making video games. The new Stingray engine pulls together Autodesk's efforts in the games space. Autodesk later in August will offer Stingray worldwide for $30 a month -- and it will make the game engine available to Maya LT Desktop Subscription customers before the summer's close. Stringray is a cross-platform engine that supports Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the Oculus Rift, Windows, Android and iOS. [More...]

Tuesday - August 4, 2015
Open source seeded the cloud, 451 Research found five years ago -- and those seeds have grown. Open source now plays an even more prevalant and important role -- not only in cloud computing, but also in other, related areas, such as big data, DevOps and application containers. One can consider any layer of cloud computing and see the impact. Infrastructure as a Service, for example, no doubt has experienced an impact from open source software such as Eucalyptus, CloudStack and OpenStack. [More...]

Monday - August 3, 2015
American consumers have access to enterprise brands through more touchpoints than ever before. In the past, enterprises controlled the times, policies and marketing funnel for customer interactions. When things went wrong, customers reluctantly picked up the phone to call customer support, fully expecting not to be recognized, to be put on hold, to have to repeat the same information several times, and to have to spend a lot of time and effort to receive "customer service." [More...]


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Yes - thanks to Satya Nadella's vision.
Yes - but only in certain areas, like AI and VR.
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