Digital signage itself is not radically new. What is new, however, are the improved features and artificial intelligence behind the network delivery.

Retailers are not wasting any time in pushing the gen AI agenda. However, they may be moving a bit too fast by overlooking some valid concerns about unrecognized risks.

Online shopping returns cost retailers billions of dollars, pump tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and dump billions of pounds of waste into landfills, according to a global plastics cleanup company report.

According to Kumar Dasani, CISO at Digital River, AI’s seemingly boundless potential has spurred concern. The pace of its evolution has suggested capabilities that may be difficult to fathom for some, but it’s also important to stay rooted in reality.

Mobile payment innovations are transforming commerce by enhancing consumer convenience and boosting sales across online and physical stores. New technologies streamline transactions, with growing adoption among businesses and consumers driving the market forward.

As businesses and industries continue to evaluate the pros and cons of ChatGPT, generative AI, and other artificial intelligence species, some adopters praise its time-saving and innovative benefits. Others are hesitant to trust the new technology. Either way, where gen AI is headed is an ongoing co...

Facing yet another year marked by economic uncertainty, brands need to forge connections by not just offering discounts. They also must authentically engage shoppers with exceptional product experiences and champion eco-conscious practices.

AI is swiftly and significantly transforming the retail landscape and everything within it. Here are six AI trends and how e-tailers can capitalize on each.

There are best practices and rules of thumb that can help guide merchants to maximize the efficacy of their Amazon store. Here are some to keep in mind when getting started.

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