Two prominent research efforts released in Q1-24 on the future of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce suggest that the marketplace is in bad shape.

If you look at the lawsuit from a top-level view, Apple's biggest alleged victims are IT and banking giants. The suit clearly aims to force antitrust legislation reforms Congress hasn't authorized. Moreover, harm to the consumer is incredibly unclear in this lawsuit.

Online shopping returns cost retailers billions of dollars, pump tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and dump billions of pounds of waste into landfills, according to a global plastics cleanup company report.

Today’s challenge for CRM vendors lies in simplifying the adoption of sophisticated, out-of-the-box AI models over the complexities of DIY projects, which can be daunting. Simplification is crucial, as AI-powered CRM platforms are revolutionizing how businesses deliver customer experiences.

Mobile payment innovations are transforming commerce by enhancing consumer convenience and boosting sales across online and physical stores. New technologies streamline transactions, with growing adoption among businesses and consumers driving the market forward.

A new era of customer relationship management is emerging, with a focus on innovative design and strategic platform goals. Businesses rethinking their use of these platforms can improve profit margins, enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and foster innovative engagement strategies.

There is little doubt among experts in the field that 2024 will primarily focus on better hardening open-source software in general. With its growing dominance in software development, enterprises can no longer afford to overlook open source, as it is everywhere.

The concept of CRM evolving into a "customer personal assistant" is feasible and aligns with the broader trend of AI-driven personalization and automation. However, its success depends on various factors, including the organization's resources, technology infrastructure, and available data quality.


A New Era of Customer Service

Applying AI to customer service as a test case does have some advantages. Customers are different from sales prospects. A prospect can ghost you, but a customer has a need to make things work both product-wise and throughout the relationship.

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