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Maintaining Global Compliance With Modern Data Privacy Laws

Data privacy laws are becoming a major focus globally as businesses scamper to meet new compliance obligations.


The World Is Not Yet Ready for Electric Cars

A TED Talk by Graham Conway, principal engineer at Southwest Research Institute, asserts that electric vehicles are less green than ICE cars and it is well argued. While I don't agree with all of Conway's metrics, the point he makes is valid, which is that the things we need to do to truly make an electric vehicle green have not been done yet.


Dreamforce Goes Back to the Future

Salesforce is reinventing itself. Again.

Paradigm CX Shift Focuses on CRM Plus Smart Data

Business executives often believe a necessary CRM tool is working for them when in reality it does just the opposite. Take the case of what brands hope to achieve with customer data and what they actually can do.

Researchers Find Consumer Satisfaction Remains High for PCs and TVs

PCs and TVs received high marks from consumers in a report released Tuesday by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

New AI-Powered Service Turns Portraits Into Talking Heads

A new service powered by artificial intelligence that can turn portraits into talking heads was announced Monday by D-ID.

Marketing Advice in a Troubled Economy: Increase Spend or Lose Sales

Businesses should be increasing their market spend as a key strategy to weather the current economic setbacks. Not doing so will likely lose customers to competitors who boosted theirs, according to a study by commercial mix analytics firm Analytic Partners. Online visibility platform Semrush suggests similar findings. We spoke with both firms for advice on budgeting for marketing in a recession....


Google Debugs, JFrog Jumps Code, Confidential Kubernetes, Meta-PyTorch

As the open-source model continues to prove its sustainability in the enterprise, the software community is ramping up its security mindedness. That concern was evident in recent weeks as leading Linux groups led the way for better code security.


Intel and How Autonomous Driving Will Fix the Electric Car Problem

I was in Israel last week to tour Intel's impressive facilities there. While most of the trip was focused on Intel's Israel Development Center (IDC), there was also a presentation on Intel's Mobileye facility in Israel. This division, which will eventually spin into an IPO (a move that will have to wait until the market recovers) is the group that drove Intel's autonomous car efforts....


Implementation of a New CRM Should Be Easy

Did you know that a third of all CRM implementations fail? That's the conclusion of research cited by the Harvard Business Review. The same study found that one of the main reasons CRM implementations fail is that they're too complex and don't have a clear focus.

How To Configure Windows To Auto Restart After a Power Failure

Other than malware and hacking, nothing has the potential to be more dangerous to your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer's health than electrical failure.

Upstart Search Engine Andi Delivers Answers, Not Lists

A new search engine powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing is offering an alternative to the lists of web pages making up the results of a typical online search.

New Intelligence Platform Helps Businesses Sidestep Cyberattacks

Vulnerability management is a major cybersecurity strategy that many organizations never seem to successfully solve.

High-Tech Trends in Law Enforcement and Emergency Response

Advances in technology are spreading through law enforcement centers nationwide to help police departments better solve crimes and protect public safety. In this regard, law enforcement agencies are defined by some of the same gadgetry that is revolutionizing big business.


Linux Mint 21 Release Brings Reviewer a Welcome Reunion

Is your favorite Linux desktop Cinnamon, MATE, or Xfce? Or you are hankering for a change to something different and potentially better? ...

Retailers Wrestling With Returns Mull Restocking Fees

Retailers are stuck with a growing pile of unsold inventory as shoppers reprioritize their buying needs amid relentless inflation. Coupled with ongoing supply chain bottlenecks, this surplus merchandise stacked high in warehouses and back rooms is costing retailers more money to store.


The Future of Satellite Phone Communications

Last week Apple launched new iPhones with several interesting new features. One feature reports if you have been in an accident (assuming your phone can connect), and another connects the phone to a satellite in a very limited way for those times when a cellular tower is out of range.


Intehill 15.6″ Portable Monitor Is Masterful at Work and Play

Do you use a big screen monitor with a desktop computer or a laptop as your sole daily driver? Either way, adding a second display will more than double convenience and productivity.

Apple Refreshes Product Lines, Introduces New Ultra Watch

Apple refreshed its iPhone, Watch and AirPods product lines at an online event Wednesday, as well as introducing a new Ultra watch for activity in challenging environments.

EvilProxy Phishing Service Threatens MFA Protection of Accounts

A new phishing-as-a-service offering on the dark web poses a threat to online accounts protected by multi-factor authentication, according to a blog posted Monday by an endpoint security company.

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