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Podcast Archive: October - December 2011

The Sky-High Expectations Surrounding Mobile Networks (23:34 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 19, 2011
Users today want to be able to access more services using more devices. They want coordination across all the platforms they use, they want security and privacy, and they want the full support of their IT departments. It's all a very tall order, and networks will need to adjust rapidly or the latency and hassle of access and performance issues will get in the way of users, their new expectations, and their behaviors.

Weekly Recap: Verizon and Google Enter Holiday Party Late and Sulky (12:17 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 16, 2011
In this episode: Verizon's Galaxy Nexus arrives in the U.S. at an odd moment in the holiday retail season; webOS is released from HP's dungeon and sent to freely roam the world of open source; Microsoft and Nokia pick the unassuming Lumia 710 as the first Nokia Windows Phone handset to arrive in the U.S.; AT&T's bid to acquire T-Mobile starts to cool off; the U.S. NTSB calls for a nationwide ban on using most personal gadgets -- including headsets -- while driving.

Strong Medicine for Complex IT Security Maladies (29:47 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 12, 2011
The number of attacks on enterprise systems continues to climb, as does the cost of protecting them. The path to reducing risks, even as the threats escalate, is to confront security at the framework and strategic level, and to harness the point solutions approach into a managed and ongoing security enhancement lifecycle.

Weekly Recap: Twitter Rolls the Dice (11:19 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 9, 2011
In this episode: Twitter takes a gamble on a major redesign that will give users more options but could strike some as overly complicated; RedBox reportedly teams up with Verizon to build Zoetrope, a video streaming and download service; RIM renames its upcoming OS "BlackBerry 10" after a setback in its fight for the name "BBX"; Google pulls Wallet functionality from the Verizon edition of the hotly anticipated Galaxy Nexus phone; websites of all varieties snap up .xxx domains the moment they go on sale.

How Enterprise App Stores Are Whipping Up Productivity (41:01 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 5, 2011
As new devices like smartphones appear in users' hands, enterprise IT needs to find new techniques for application delivery. Enterprise app stores have proven to be an effective way to track, manage and distribute software. What are the steps businesses can now take to build and develop their own enterprise app store?

Weekly Recap: Tinkerer, Carrier, Rootkit, Spy (12:40 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 2, 2011
In this episode: Software maker Carrier IQ becomes the focus of a privacy firestorm when a security researcher digs up a hidden application that could be recording the activities of millions of smartphones; AT&T pulls its merger proposal from FCC consideration, but that doesn't prevent the commission from publicly ripping it to pieces; unconfirmed reports suggest Facebook plans to go public in the second quarter of 2012; a settlement with the FTC makes future Facebook privacy changes opt-in; security gurus make an alarming discovery about printers.

The Politics of Taxing E-Commerce, Part 2 (15:33 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 2, 2011
The state of Indiana has become a focal point in the battle over e-commerce sales-tax collection. That's the home of retail property owner Simon, which has sued the state over what it calls an unconstitutional subsidy benefitting Amazon. "Indiana has its own unique situation, but I think it's reflective of what's gone on across the country," said statehouse reporter Maureen Hayden.

The Winds of Radical Application Transformation (33:27 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 21, 2011
It's clear that radical, not incremental, adjustment is in order to make sure that the cloud and mobile era is a gained opportunity and not a fatal or devastating misfire for IT operators and business strategists. "We have to go through a radical transformation now in terms of our applications," said HP's Paul Evans. "I don't use these words lightly."

The Politics of Taxing E-Commerce, Part 1 (16:59 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 18, 2011
State taxes on out-of-state purchases has been a contentious issue for decades, and it's only been exacerbated in recent years by the rise of e-commerce. Various changes in law are happening, though, and they could both simplify and further entangle an already thorny situation.

Virtualization and Cloud Technologies: A Prescription for Healthcare (19:14 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 14, 2011
CharterCare Health Partners has implemented a tag team of cloud technologies and virtualized desktops to give healthcare professionals access to the data they need when they need it, regardless of what device they happen to be using. The successful infrastructure modernization effort has also helped CharterCARE move to electronic health records.

Tempering the Supply Chain With Dynamic Discounting (33:33 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 7, 2011
In a long-term slack economy, finding new business efficiencies is difficult. Strategies for tightening up the supply chain can go a long way. "Dynamic discounting is really a win-win," said Ariba's Drew Hofler. "There is value to both sides [of purchasing relationships], and it's not just one imposing their will on the other in order to make their company better at the expense of the other."

Desperately Seeking Data Management (22:39 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 31, 2011
In the world of information management, project collapse is common, whether it's because of cost, process or the people running the show. The information architect "has to be a team player, working closely with technology, because more and more information will be not just machine-readable, but machine-processable and interpretable," said Build The Vision's Robert Weisman.

Weekly Recap: Another Grim Week for RIM (13:28 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 28, 2011
In this episode: Research In Motion takes a few more punches with lawsuits over its recent outage, a company taking it to court over the name of its new mobile OS, and a delay on its promised PlayBook update; Netflix investors go into shock after the company spills its third-quarter financial details; payment processors' refusal to work with WikiLeaks forces the site to suspend publication; Sony buys Ericsson out of the Sony Ericsson brand; new rumors regarding the future of Apple TV emerge.

The Prosumerization of the Enterprise (32:35 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 24, 2011
Enterprise employees interact with consumer-oriented technology on a daily basis, and the advancement of those consumer devices is changing their expectations when it comes to enterprise technology. Applications may need to behave more like apps. Provisioning may need to be more like running an app store. And self-service and intuitive adoption of new features need to be built in as primary requirements.

Weekly Recap: Will Microsoft Get Lucky With Yahoo? (13:16 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 21, 2011
In this episode: Microsoft may once again be interested in Yahoo now that the ailing Web empire could be acquired for significantly less than the $47 billion Redmond tried to pay for it in 2008; Google is reportedly readying a new online music store, though it may have some kinks to work out with record labels; Apple scores some big wins in its international patent war with Samsung; Wall Street cringes at last quarter's iPhone sales despite a more recent iPhone 4S sales bonanza; RIM and Google preview what's to come with their next mobile OSes -- BBX and Ice Cream Sandwich, respectively.

Tight Purse String Force IT to Grow Up Fast (26:48 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 17, 2011
Financial pressures are forcing an array of new adjustments on IT leaders. CIOs are gaining new perspectives and developing more mature strategies for giving IT a more central role in how a business innovates productively. It all comes down to operating like a business within a business.

Weekly Recap: The BlackBerry Blackout: Research In Commotion (12:37 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 14, 2011
In this episode: Research In Motion's BlackBerry platform gets a black eye thanks to a massive, days-long service outage that affects users all over the globe; Sprint begins a tricky balancing act as the newest U.S. member of Team iPhone; a newly discovered malicious Android application presents itself as a Netflix app in order to gain users' trust; HP reportedly has second thoughts about its plan to spin off PCs; Netflix changes its mind about schlepping its DVD service off as its own brand after users give the idea a big thumbs-down.

Empowering Developers With Desktop Virtualization (26:06 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 10, 2011
ADP Dealer Services had to give its developer community a desktop environment that both fostered creativity and provided the latitude they needed to do their jobs. A virtual desktop infrastructure gave ADP the ability to provide them with an environment that was more specifically designed to meet their needs.

Weekly Recap: The Fruits of Steve Jobs' Tireless Quest for Perfection (11:14 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 7, 2011
In this episode: The technology world loses a visionary and innovator with the passing of Steve Jobs;'s Marc Benioff does his keynote his way after Oracle reschedules his OpenWorld speech at the last minute, signaling a growing rift between the companies; rumors arise once again that buyers, including Microsoft, are back to circle Yahoo; Apple reveals its next smartphone, the iPhone 4S, which receives a lukewarm reception despite new features like a better camera and the Siri voice-activated service.

The Ties That Bind Business Processes (38:45 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 6, 2011
There's cloud, and then there's cloud integration -- building ways for those closest to the work itself to integrate, extend and coordinate business processes. Managed processes built on a range of business development and consulting tasks bind together critical sales and financial product delivery goals to better support long-term business engagements.

The Scope and Depth of the Cloud: Q&A With VMware Copresident Carl Eschenbach (16:27 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 3, 2011
Specialized hybrid clouds can often address a particular industry's needs more comfortably than one-size-fits-all services. Sometimes these can turn into sources of new business. For many companies, "maintaining their own infrastructure is not a competitive advantage for them," said NYSE Euronext's Steve Rubinow. "It's really a cost of doing business like telephones and office furniture."

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