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Podcast Archive: October - December 2009

Putting the Data Center on an Energy Diet (46:21 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 20, 2009
To seek out ways to reduce the amount of energy your data center consumes, try investigating along four main avenues: virtualization, application modernization, data-center infrastructure best practices, and properly planning and building out new data-center facilities. The most difficult question to answer, though, may be which strategy to pursue first.

Weekly Recap: Glasses On, Wallets Out: 3-D's Coming to Blu-ray (15:10 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 18, 2009
In this episode: Blu-ray gets final 3-D specs; 27-inch iMac customers grumble about screens; Fusion Garage shows a tablet formerly known as "Crunchpad"; a Google-branded smartphone is spotted in the wild; the FTC sets its sights on Intel; Microsoft makes nice with the European Commission over browsers; Oracle seeks a compromise to clear the way for its Sun deal; Psystar's coffin gets its final nail ... or does it?

Transforming the Data Center? Better Rethink the Network (42:09 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 13, 2009
Often the new equipment added to an enterprise network is chosen simply for its ability to solve the problem of the moment, with little to no consideration of how wise a choice it is long-term. A truly thorough data-center transformation must involve rethinking the network as well. The networking infrastructure becomes a key point between the infrastructure devices in the data center itself.

Weekly Recap: Facebook's Bossy, Cagey Privacy Maneuvers (12:12 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 11, 2009
In this episode: Facebook requires users to review how private their information is in regard to other users -- but not in regard to developers; Yahoo builds a privacy dashboard; Verizon's Droid comes out kicking against the iPhone; iTunes banishes 1,000 apps from the App Store over fake reviews; Apple buys music streamer Lala.com; Vevo opens channel for music videos on the Web; Virgin Galactic shows off V.S.S. Enterprise.

SOA and the Pragmatic Enterprise (54:04 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 6, 2009
Even the most advanced IT system in the world is about as useful as a pile of wood chips if the people in the organization don't understand its value, how to use it, or how to avoid tribal politics in implementing it. In introducing a brand-new system, there's usually a lot of confusion and uncertainty about what's really taking place and what the expectations are.

Weekly Recap: Comcast's New Broadcast Spectacle (13:25 minutes)
Posted: Dec. 04, 2009
In this episode: Comcast buys a controlling stake in NBC; etailers see green on Cyber Monday; Amazon burns through Kindles; Google gives news publishers a new option; Bing debuts new Maps beta; Psystar claws for life after crippling ruling; Consumer Reports shows wireless carrier survey results; MiKandi wants to give Android phones a red-light district.

Core and Context: The Wheat and the Chaff of Enterprise Apps (31:00 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 29, 2009
Most enterprise modernization projects involve making a lot of decisions about whether an asset is core or context. Core applications provide true innovation and differentiation -- they're the ones that keep your customers. Context applications are the ones that can and should be done on the cheap. Keep in mind that what was core 10 years ago may not be core anymore.

Nothing New Under the Business Commerce Cloud? (50:30 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 22, 2009
Business commerce clouds are all about leveraging cloud architecture to go to the next level: a dynamic business-services environment that wells up around the needs of a business group or niche, and then subsides when lack of demand dictates. Is this the wave of the future, or are we really just pouring old "business webs" wine into new bottles?

Weekly Recap: Google's Strange and Shiny New OS (16:13 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 20, 2009
In this episode: Google releases Chrome OS source code; Google buys up VoIP provider Gizmo5; Verizon gives AT&T some lip in court documents; Apple lands crushing blow against Psystar; T-Mobile employees allegedly sell customer data; rumors of Palm purchase surface; AOL sees layoffs ahead; Activision's "Modern Warefare 2" sets entertainment record.

Text Analysis and the Next Generation of BI (41:10 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 15, 2009
External data has grown in both volume and importance across the Internet. Companies are figuring out ways to make the most of Web data services for business intelligence. Real-time text analytics fills out a framework of Web data services that can form a whole greater than the sum of the parts. However, any BI or any text analysis is no better than the data source behind it.

Weekly Recap: Intel Escapes Its Legal Morass, One Settlement at a Time (15:59 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 13, 2009
In this episode: Intel and AMD settle to the tune of $1.25 billion; the EC tightens the screws on Oracle over its Sun buy; Rupert Murdoch considers ditching Google; Microsoft banishes modded Xboxes from Live; a new worm Rickrolls jailbroken iPhones; Apple re-breaks Snow Leopard support for Atom-powered hackintoshes; Droid Eris arrives on Verizon; Google Latitude introduces new features; Clicker debuts to tell you what's playing on the Web.

Pumping Up Performance in Densely Packed Data Centers (32:54 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 8, 2009
Thanks to architectural advancements and better efficiencies, densely stuffed data centers can carry ever-greater loads, and that can certainly work to consolidate and ultimately reduce costs. However, having fewer data centers means all the information they handle will likely have to travel longer distances between server and user. Network services and Internet performance management may be the solution.

Weekly Recap: Droid Lurches to Life (15:29 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 6, 2009
In this episode: Verizon and Motorola launch the Droid; Sony Ericsson spills details on upcoming Android phone; iPhone debuts in China; Apple may turn iTunes into a subscription video service; Snow Leopard update gives Mac hackers a scare; AT&T sues over Verizon's map rip; ICANN learns new languages; Microsoft slashes prices on online office apps; Google debuts Dashboard.

Building ERP at the Speed of Web (45:39 minutes)
Posted: Nov. 1, 2009
Peel away the hype, and SOA is really about breaking down your architecture into a primitive state of components, according to author Dave Linthicum. Rather than being an SOA replacement, cloud computing is basically architectural options or ways in which you can host your services.

Weekly Recap: The Audacity of Droid (13:12 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 30, 2009
In this episode: Google hooks social networks up to its search engine; Facebook tweaks the interface; John McCain goes to bat for Net neutrality opponents; Los Angeles city hall puts Google Apps to work, Google makes a free nav app, tunes up music search and lets Voice users keep their numbers; Droid gets ready to rumble; Netflix makes a deal with PlayStation 3.

Building ERP at the Speed of Web (23:02 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 25, 2009
If you want an example of a company making the most out of the advantages of cloud computing, take a look at SaaS-based enterprise solutions provider Workday. CoCEO Aneel Bhusri sees the shift to the cloud as an even bigger change than the transition from mainframe to client-server. "We are obviously leveraging a very different technology base," he said.

Weekly Recap: Weighing Windows 7's Wallop (14:26 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 23, 2009
In this episode: Windows 7 hits the shelves; Acer shows a PC with a 3-D screen; the video game industry sees signs of a turnaround; Apple amazes with Q4 results; Verizon teases with Droid phone; Bing and Google make deals with Twitter and Facebook; Barnes & Noble show off Nook; Sun twists in the wind as Oracle purchase gets bogged down; SCO ousts Darl McBride.

From Virtualization to Cloud Computing: The Great Leap Forward (37:00 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 18, 2009
What is today a virtualized environment may need to grow into a cloud computing operation in the future. How should IT leaders approach the task of focusing on service? How do they take their infrastructure, servers, storage and networks and make sure the plumbing and connectivity is agile enough to support the business?

Weekly Recap: Sidekick Snafu: The Data Saved and the Damage Done (13:34 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 16, 2009
In this episode: Sidekick users suffer a week of frustration at the hands of T-Mobile and Microsoft; a Snow Leopard bug pops up; Apple tries to lock out iPhone jailbreakers; FCC puts Google Voice under the microscope; Twitter fights spammers and spitters; Google and Microsoft court Twitter; Acer beats Dell to No. 2 worldwide PC vendor slot.

Filtering the BI Fire Hose (40:32 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 11, 2009
The more relevant BI content you bring into your analytic environment, the better. As always, though, there are trade-offs. It's expensive to discover, capture, transform, cleanse, store and deliver of all of that content. Also, if your analytics aren't properly implemented, anyone trying to use the data is just going to get swamped. You have to filter the fire hose.

Weekly Recap: Attack of the Droids (14:07 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 9, 2009
In this episode: Google and Verizon join to start an Android family; rumors surface of an upcoming Dell smartphone; AT&T decides to let iPhone VoIP ride on 3G; Adobe aims Flash 10.1 at smartphone platforms with a notable exception; Windows Mobile goes to version 6.5; Bing loses momentum as Google adds features; Ask.com completes coupon and deal finder; Amazon sends Kindle out into the world; FTC rules on bloggers who get freebies.

Making the Cloud Rain Business Productivity (33:39 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 4, 2009
As the IT folks are talking about technology, the business people are talking about productivity. How do you make technological advancements like cloud-based services translate into benefits for business processes? Let's focus in on what advantages the cloud might bring to companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Weekly Recap: ICANN Cuts the Apron Strings (14:25 minutes)
Posted: Oct. 2, 2009
In this episode: ICANN signs Affirmation of Commitments; Cisco buys Tandberg for video conferencing; AT&T takes Google to task over neutrality; a Facebook user earns a one-on-one meeting with the Secret Service; investors think Twitter's worth $1 billion; Microsoft sets security free; Garmin stamps release date, price and carrier on Nuvifone; Europe tells MP3 player makers to turn it down; Google asks user to test Wave's waters.

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