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Podcast Archive: October - December 2007

Ramping Up for Holiday Shipping (24:08 minutes)
Posted: December 20, 2007
Retailers Alibris and QVC encounter huge demands on their systems and processes as they strive to meet holiday fulfillment targets. Listen in as Mark Nason, vice president of operations at Alibris, and Andy Quay, vice president of outbound transportation at QVC, discuss how their companies respond to online peak season challenges in this sponsored podcast moderated by Dana Gardner, president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (16:55 minutes)
Posted: December 14, 2007
In this episode: tech heavies offer e-gov search, privacy tips; new Ask.com feature deletes users' online activity records; LinkedIn jumps on social networking open platform bandwagon; Bebo adopts Facebook app dev platform; Imeem rounds out its collection of major music label partners; NBCU hooks up with SanDisk; JetBlue unveils onboard WiFi; Helio allows users to interact with YouTube; Microsoft makes display ad space available on MSN Mobile; Opera files a complaint with the EC accusing Microsoft of monopolistic practices; LiPS releases mobile phone software standards, stirs up controversy; the SFLC files suit against Verizon; Sun updates OpenOffice productivity suite; Macrovision buys Gemstar TV Guide; Sony CEO Howard Stringer discusses PS3's '08 direction; AT&T boosts dividend, buys back more shares; Classmates.com parent firm cancels IPO; hackers gain access to high-security national lab database; Coca-Cola sets up shop in virtual world There.com; Paramount says it will release "Jackass 2.5" exclusively online for free.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (19:00 minutes)
Posted: December 7, 2007
In this episode: eBay and Yahoo Japan strike a deal; AOL unloads its video download service to Amazon; News Corp. gets religion; Six Apart sells LiveJournal to Russian firm; Vivendi buys stake in Activision to form new video game company; Dell scores deal to sell PCs at Best Buy; Microsoft turns off Vista pirate kill switch; Nielsen aims to sink Web pirates; DoJ calls Jammie Thomas' file-sharing penalties reasonable; House rushes through legislation that would require Web access providers to report child porn; senators lambaste credit card firms over rate hikes; FBI rounds up botherders; Ed Zander steps down as Motorola CEO; Google says it will fly solo in the FCC's spectrum auction; Adobe releases Flash Player 9 Update 3 in support of H.264 high-def standard; Zonbu unveils cheap notebook computer; Microsoft does field tests on XP version designed to run on OLPC laptop; IBM reports breakthrough in microprocessor development; Yahoo reconfigures annual top 10 search results; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for ad platform's privacy intrusion.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (13:30 minutes)
Posted: November 16, 2007
In this episode: Cyber Monday sales eclipse expectations; Citadel invests $2.5 billion in E*Trade; Verizon Wireless opens its network; iPhones in Europe sell for big bucks; AT&T CEO says Apple is prepping the iPhone for 3G; Google releases latest beta of Maps for Mobile; Google may be developing an online data storage service; Google embarks on a major green power initiative; HP launches clean tech program; Greenpeace accuses Microsoft and Nintendo of environmentally destructive practices; "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" face off; ABC News partners with Facebook to provide campaign-related Web 2.0 content; Yahoo and Adobe strike a deal to deliver ads in PDFs; JetBlue agrees to allow third-party travel sites to book passengers for its flights; scientists worry that human health may be at risk from nanotechnology; Amazon invites Web surfers to share information about everything at Askville.com.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (15:25 minutes)
Posted: November 16, 2007
In this episode: Blue Gene/L wins supercomputer competition again; IBM says it will help enterprises make use of cloud computing; E*Trade shares plummet after the firm backs away from profit targets; Northeastern University and startup sue Google for patent infringement; the EC says it will open an in-depth investigation into Google-DoubleClick; Apple and China Mobile reportedly discuss bringing the iPhone to China; Microsoft buys mobile music provider Musiwave; Sprint and Clearwire abandon WiMax plans; Sony's PS3 weekly sales double; Marvel Comics opens portal to its archives; Take-Two proposes settlement for the "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" mod suits; California man seeks class action status in suit against Comcast for interfering with P2P data-sharing; Alicia Keys' MySpace page gets hacked; VeriSign says it will sell some divisions; Providence Equity Partners may back out of Clear Channel deal; XM, Sirius shareholders approve merger; AT&T rolls out office-monitoring equipment; L.A. Auto Show features massive push for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Is Microsoft Hijacking or Enhancing SOA? (53:10 minutes)
Posted: November 15, 2007
E-Commerce Times contributor Dana Gardner hosts a podcast of IT industry analysts and experts Jim Kobielus, principal analyst at Current Analysis; Neil Macehiter, principal analyst at Macehiter Ward-Dutton; and Joe McKendrick, an independent analyst and blogger. The group examines the recent Microsoft SOA & Business Process Conference. The debate centers on whether the news around the pending Oslo approach amounts to support for SOA or Microsoft-Oriented Architecture (MOA) instead. Also, the experts talk about the relationship between SOA and Green IT.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (15:20 minutes)
Posted: November 9, 2007
In this episode: IBM announces new components of its autonomic computing efforts; Red Hat agrees to distribute its Linux OS through Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud; Google introduces Android, its open source platform for mobile phones; AOL purchases the targeted ad specialist Quigo; Facebook reveals a new model for user-driven ads; Apple distributes a new set of QuickTime patches; investors batter Cisco stock on anemic outlook; Viacom records an increase in Q3 earnings; TV and movie writers go on strike; a team of Carnegie Mellon engineers win the DARPA race; hackers restore some violent content to "Manhunt 2"; Microsoft releases Family Timer for the Xbox 360; Wal-Mart and Best Buy sell HD DVD players for under $100; members of a Congressional committee tear into Yahoo for its role in the jailing of a Chinese journalist; a former AT&T employee tells members of Congress about NSA's secret spy room; Google puts maps at gas pumps; about two-thirds of people who purchased Radiohead's new album paid nothing.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (14:11 minutes)
Posted: November 2, 2007
In this episode: Google to launch social networking dev platform; the truth about the Gphone expected within two weeks; Google adds IMAP feature to Gmail; NBC and News Corp. unleash Hulu in public beta; House agrees to Senate's seven-year Internet tax ban extension; a wave of pro-Ron Paul spam is detected online; Dell restates several years of earnings, takes $92 million loss; Sprint's profits slide 77 percent; "Halo 3" helps Microsoft post strong earnings; LucasArts and Bioware team up on an interactive entertainment product; Apple announces it won't sell iPhones for cash; malware targeting Mac 0S X surfaces; Second Life business owners sue other citizens of the virtual world; SanDisk is filing lawsuits against 25 companies over its patents; Intel opens new fab in Arizona for its Penryn chips; IBM announces it will spend $1.5 billion on security; Symantec reports the majority of data center managers are considering virtualization; Uruguay will pay nearly double for the $100 laptop; Vinton Cerf's tenure as ICANN chairman ends.

SOA Goes Guerilla (52:26 minutes)
Posted: October 31, 2007
In this episode, Dana Gardner and panel members examine the relationship and tension between enterprise-wide SOA and more discrete Web-oriented architecture -- or "Guerilla SOA." They also look at the probable acquisition of Business Objects by SAP, and the recent Information On Demand conference from IBM. Join noted IT industry analysts and experts Jim Kobielus, principal analyst at Current Analysis; Tony Baer, principal of onStrategies; and JP Morgenthal, CEO of Avorcor. The discussion is hosted and moderated by Dana Gardner.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (15:13 minutes)
Posted: October 26, 2007
In this episode: Microsoft throws in the towel in its EU antitrust battle; "Halo 3," September's top-selling game, helps the Xbox beat the Wii in September console sales; Microsoft announces Xbox Arcade, unveils its mobile server and buys a $240 million stake in Facebook; AT&T sues Vonage; Vonage settles its Verizon suit; Facebook creates a mobile Facebook app for the BlackBerry; Google delivers eye-popping third-quarter results; Google and Nielsen hook up to help advertisers create targeted ads; AT&T has a rosy third quarter; AT&T announces $1.99 mobile music downloads from Napster; MySpace launches its second original scripted series; Dell unveils the XPS 420; Apple has stellar fourth-quarter results; IBM unveils storage unit that holds up to 1.3 petabytes of data; Verizon announces a new fiber optic service; newspaper executives are arrested in an online privacy tussle; New England Patriots sue to obtain information on 13,000 StubHub users; 24 percent of online poll respondents say the Internet could temporarily replace a significant other.

Financing Your Startup: Some Essential Tips (7:24 minutes)
Posted: October 26, 2007
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano discusses the multiple types of funding options available for startups. He analyzes the common pitfalls startups encounter with funding sources and offers advice on how to enlist an appropriate backer.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (13:54 minutes)
Posted: October 19, 2007
In this episode: eBay posts first quarterly loss; MySpace partners with Skype; MySpace cozies up to developers; porn spammers get jail sentences; AOL cuts more jobs; Google launches YouTube video-fingerprinting system; IP firms file patent infringement suit against Red Hat and Novell; Ubuntu releases Gutsy Gibbon; Thai police arrest suspected pedophile after descrambling Internet images; Apple lowers the price of DRM-free songs on iTunes Plus; Greenpeace slams Apple for "toxic" iPhone; Apple opens iPhone to third-party apps; 13-year-old hacker devises software jailbreak for iPod touch; Apple will release Leopard on Oct. 26; Microsoft unveils Windows Live Events; Sony and Toshiba announce PS3 chip venture; Sony lowers price of 80-GB PS3 and promises cheaper 40-GB model; EA buys two video game companies; Hitachi Global Storage develops smallest read-head tech for hard disk drives; Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (15:01 minutes)
Posted: October 12, 2007
In this episode: Jury rules against Jammie Thomas in file-sharing case, Thomas to appeal; BitTorrent unveils its Delivery Network Accelerator; California man files the first iPhone bricking lawsuit; NBC buys Oxygen Media; MSNBC purchases Newsvine; eBay develops a network of online communities; Google acquires micro-blogging site Jaiku; Gphone rumors grow; court allows former Google employee to proceed with age discrimination suit; RIM sees increased earnings; Mozilla works on mobile version of Firefox; Virgin Mobile stages IPO; Sprint Nextel board ousts CEO Gary Forsee; "Resistance: Fall of Man" gets BAFTA nod; feds shut down entire California government Net on minor hack attack; two House committees approve Protect America Act alternative; Energy firm to build larges wind farm in Australia's outback; EA and BP bring global warming to "SimCity Societies"; IBM and Linden Lab team up to develop a virtual world without borders; scientists who discovered Giant Magnetoresistance receive Nobel Prize for physics; TSA creates uproar with tests of virtual strip-search scanner.

U.S., China Software Seizures: New Era of Cooperation? (7:01 minutes)
Posted: October 12, 2007
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano discusses the joint efforts of the U.S. and China to stem the flow of counterfeit software this summer. China's cooperation with the U.S. is a good omen, he says, showing that the country is serious about maintaining its good standing in the World Trade Organization.

SOA: Tough to Manage, Tougher to Manage Without (60:21 minutes)
Posted: October 10, 2007
E-Commerce Times contributor Dana Gardner takes part in a panel discussion with ZapThink analyst Jason Bloomberg about service-oriented architecture and the degree of IT management resources it requires. During the hour-long discussion at the Harvard Club in Boston, Gardner and Bloomberg explore how IT management will evolve in the world of service-based applications. The talk touches on issues of new standards, how SOA demands that performance management and change management should augment and elevate the role of systems management, and on how the integrity of services delivery requires a deep and wide approach to "management in total" across a service's lifecycle.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (13:17 minutes)
Posted: October 5, 2007
In this episode: Nintendo warns that it may not have enough Wiis to satisfy holiday shoppers and unveils the Wii Remote Jacket; hackers create a workaround that restores some functionality to unlocked iPhones that were turned into "bricks" after users uploaded Apple's 1.1.1 upgrade; Verizon launches four new iPhone-ish handsets; Microsoft unveils new Zunes; rumors swirl that "Halo 3" game maker Bungie Studios may leave Microsoft; Microsoft extends availability of XP and allows developers to view its .Net code; Linux operating system developers debate over security measures; Yahoo, eBay and PayPal team up to block phishing attacks; judge rules that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to e-commerce; senators debate Internet tax ban; Sony releases OLED TV; Toshiba demonstrates its new SpursEngine processor; Palm's earnings disappoint investors; Nokia buys Navteq; Department of Homeland Security holds off on implementing a spy satellite program.

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