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Podcast Archive: October - December 2006

Board of Directors: Should You Serve? (6:48 minutes)
Posted: December 22, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano discusses the pros and cons of being a board member and gives tips on what to look for if you are asked to serve on a board of directors.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:44 minutes)
Posted: December 14, 2006
Four major media companies were discussing a YouTube rival site, HP settled its pretexting lawsuit, RIM sued Samsung over the BlackJack smartphone, UCLA suffered a data breach, Google unveiled a plan to let employees sell stock options, IBM and Yahoo partnered on Web search software, Wii outsold PS3 in November, Nintendo faced a patent infringement suit over the Wii remote, a new report said iTunes sales are slumping.

A Unified Approach to Internet Media Delivery? (26:29 minutes)
Posted: December 13, 2006
Akamai CTO Mike Afergan joins TechNewsWorld contributor Dana Gardner to discuss the challenges, demands and opportunities of the newest waves in Internet media delivery.

The Real Estate Bubble (7:53 minutes)
Posted: December 8, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano discusses the reasons for the fall in real estate prices and what to expect in the future.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:38 minutes)
Posted: December 7, 2006
Yahoo announced corporate restructuring, MySpace blocked sex offenders, phishing attack hit MySpace, Iranian government blocked access to YouTube, Microsoft launched Vista for businesses, LSI Logic acquired Agere Systems, Qualcomm acquired Airgo Networks and RF Micro's Bluetooth technology, Toshiba produced 100 GB storage hard drive, AMD transitioned to 65 nm technology, Ask.com revamped local search offering.

Iona Tightens Open Source, SOA Bond (31:37 minutes)
Posted: December 4, 2006
Open source and SOA are increasingly joined at the hip. These twins are developing in tandem, not sequentially, which is giving CIOs and architects a variety of choices for picking and choosing the projects and products that make up their SOAs. Two open source experts from IONA Technologies join LinuxInsider contributor Dana Gardner for a deep-dive discussion into the SOA open source landscape.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (5:03 minutes)
Posted: November 30, 2006
Cyber Monday kicked off the holiday online shopping frenzy, Zune sales struggled, a BBC report claimed online video is replacing TV, 600,000 Nintendo Wii consoles were sold in its first two weeks of availability, Wal-Mart will launch a video download service, Verizon signed deals with YouTube and Revver, Apple issued 31 security patches, BitTorrent partnered with film and TV studios.

Information Asymmetry: Shattered by Technology (7:26 minutes)
Posted: November 24, 2006
E-Commerce Times contributor Ted di Stefano explains how the wealth of information available on the Internet has helped consumers make better choices.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (5:09 minutes)
Posted: November 16, 2006
Sony PS3 debuted in stores, some older PlayStation games won't play on PS3, Nintendo unveiled its Wii marketing blitz, Microsoft launched Zune, Apple partnered with airlines on iPod integration, Sun opened Java on GPL Version 2, Bill Gates warned of a new Internet bubble and claimed rivals tried to "castrate" Vista, Microsoft faced another EU antitrust deadline.

The Revival of Tech IPOs (6:53 minutes)
Posted: November 10, 2006
E-Commerce Times contributor Ted di Stefano looks back at the bursting of the tech bubble and looks ahead at the renewed interest in tech IPOs.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:18 minutes)
Posted: November 9, 2006
Novell revealed the terms of its licensing deal with Microsoft, Microsoft will offer movie and TV downloads on Xbox 360, Microsoft unveiled a 3D mapping interface, Google to sell print ads in 50 top newspapers, Yahoo began testing banner ads for mobile devices, NTP filed a patent infringement suit against Palm, Dell debuted AMD-powered notebooks, Adobe opened ActionScript code.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:56 minutes)
Posted: November 2, 2006
Controversy swirled over the use of e-voting machines in the upcoming elections, MySpace blocked the unauthorized posting of copyrighted music, YouTube purged Comedy Central material because of copyright issues, Google acquired wiki tool developer JotSpot, Microsft launched Xbox Live Update, Apple shipped updated iPod Shuffles, Cingular offered HP's iPAQ phones with GPS.

Sarbanes-Oxley: Newfound Benefits (6:42 minutes)
Posted: October 27, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano points out that executives having to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines are actually finding benefits from the regulations for themselves and their companies.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:28 minutes)
Posted: October 26, 2006
DVD Jon planned to license iPod DRM technology, IBM sued Amazon over patent infringement, Google posted huge Q3 profit, three music companies claimed a stake in YouTube, YouTube faced more copyright issues, Microsoft offered Vista coupons to holiday shoppers, security vendors said they're being locked out of Vista, HP regained No. 1 PC maker status from Dell.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:58 minutes)
Posted: October 19, 2006
Apple shipped some Video iPods with a Windows virus on them, two iPhones models were rumored to be coming soon, several UK gambling sites left the U.S., Universal Music sued two video-sharing sites, Sun Microsystems unveiled a portable data center, Sony recalled Vaio batteries and may need to revise its financial forecast, Google planned to make its headquarters solar powered.

Hedge Funds: A Looming Disaster? (7:27 minutes)
Posted: October 13, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano advises investors to be careful when jumping into hedge funds.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:58 minutes)
Posted: October 12, 2006
Google bought YouTube, YouTube signed content deals with music and record companies, McAfee execs left the company, more companies reported fallout from the stock option scandal, Microsoft issued several critical patches, Microsoft released a second beta version of Vista, the California AG filed felony charges against former HP execs, Oracle settled with government over PeopleSoft services.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (5:37 minutes)
Posted: October 5, 2006
Sony's laptop battery scandal continued to grow, Congress cracked down on Internet gambling, Vista was challenged by three security firms, Microsoft formally appealed EU antitrust fines, Intel may face EU antitrust allegations, global chip sales hit record high, AOL unveiled OpenRide, Yahoo to be preinstalled on HP computers, DVD Jon reverse-engineered the iPod, Zune pricing and availability revealed.

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