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Podcast Archive: July - September 2013

The Secrets to GTA's Massive Mainstream Success (20:53 minutes)
Posted: September 28, 2013
It's not every day that a video game becomes a mainstream tech story. Then again, it's not every day that a video game promptly records US$1 billion in sales. However, Grand Theft Auto V did just that, eclipsing the 10-figure mark only three days after its release.

In this TechNewsWorld podcast, we speak with Jon Hicks, editor for Xbox 360 - The Official Xbox Magazine (UK). Joining us from London, Hicks talks about how GTA appeals to video game aficionados and laymen alike, why the UK-made game is so America-centric, and how GTA gets away with being so ... GTA.

Cracking the BYOD Security Nut (45:52 minutes)
Posted: September 23, 2013
While so-called BYOD isn't necessarily new -- IT departments, after all, have been supporting mobile road warriors since the 1980s -- the rising tide of end users seeking the use and support of their own consumer devices is something quite different.

This podcast aims to bring clarity to solving the BYOD support, management and security dilemma through an exploration of some of the new and more-effective approaches for making BYOD both safe and controlled.

Offering their insights are Jonathan Sander, director of IAM product strategy at Dell Software, and Jane Wasson, senior product marketing manager for mobile security at Dell Software.

Neutralizing the 'Weapons Grade' Enterprise Cybersecurity Threat (32:46 minutes)
Posted: September 9, 2013
IT leaders are improving security and reducing risks as they adapt to new and often harsh realities of doing business online. CSC and HP, for example, have entered a strategic partnership to help companies and governments better understand and adapt to the tough cybersecurity landscape.

Discussing the current threat environment in this podcast are Paul Muller, chief software evangelist at HP Software; Dean Weber, chief technology officer, CSC Global Cybersecurity; and Sam Visner, vice president and general manager, CSC Global Cybersecurity.

Someone to Watch Over You: London's Recycling-Bin Spies (18:52 minutes)
Posted: August 31, 2013
In June, Renew London equipped a dozen recycling bins in England's capital city with technology to track people's smartphones as they milled about the city. The devices went largely unnoticed until the appearance of an August article entitled, "This recycling bin is following you." The piece set off a bit of a media storm as people realized their every move was suddenly capable of being scrutinized and stored away.

In this TechNewsWorld podcast, the man who broke the story, Siraj Datoo talks about how he happened upon the recycling bins, why the reaction was so visceral, and why the City of London decided to ban them -- after bragging about them.

Why Oslo Is Off-Limits to Apple's Aerial Photographers (19:06 minutes)
Posted: August 22, 2013
Last week, Norway confirmed that it had denied Apple the license required to take aerial photographs of Norway's capital of Oslo. Apple wanted to use the images for its mapping system, which does indeed contain aerial images of other Scandinavian capitals such as Copenhagen and Stockholm. Norway, however -- citing security concerns -- wouldn't budge.

In this TechNewsWorld podcast, we discuss the story with the man who first broke it, Henning Carr Ekroll, a security reporter for the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. Joining us from Oslo, Ekroll talks about some of the decades-old laws that informed Norway's decision, the reaction from the U.S. Embassy and more.

Legal Piracy: Antigua's Desperate, Fearless Ultimatum (21:51 minutes)
Posted: August 17, 2013
About six years ago, the World Trade Organization sided with the Caribbean island of Antigua on its claim that the United States' ban on overseas remote gaming violated international trade agreements. Following years of failed negotiations between the U.S. and Antigua, the WTO upheld its ruling last winter, confirming once and for all that -- as compensation for the erosion of Antigua's online gambling sector -- the island could suspend its obligations to certain U.S. intellectual property rights.

To see what exactly is going on with this situation and how it might play out, TechNewsWorld spoke with Mark Mendel, an attorney who has been representing Antigua for the past decade and a member of the select committee that will help with the government's plans to suspend U.S. copyright. In this podcast, Mendel talks about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the WTO's ruling as a bargaining chip, and what Antigua could do if the U.S. doesn't change its stance.

Sorting Out the Big Data Myths (43:23 minutes)
Posted: August 14, 2013
Debunking myths around Big Data should be a first step to making better business decisions for improving data analysis and data management capabilities in a company. As the volume and purpose of data and business intelligence has dramatically shifted, older notions and misconceptions -- what amount to myths about data infrastructure -- need to updated and corrected, too.

In this podcast, Darin Bartik, executive director of products in the Information Management Group at Dell Software, identifies what works best in modern Big Data management.

Porn, the UK and Search Engines' 'Moral Duty' (18:00 minutes)
Posted: August 3, 2013
Britain's crusade against online pornography has ramped up. Prime Minister David Cameron recently gave a speech saying the pornography was "corroding childhood" and declared that every household in the UK should have pornography blocked by Internet service providers -- unless, that is, the homeowners specifically opt in to pornographic content, which seems like it could make for some awkward dinnertime discussions.

In this TechNewsWorld podcast, we welcome in Abhilash Nair, a senior lecturer at Northumbria University in the UK. Nair, the deputy editor of the International Review of Law, Computers and Technology and an expert on Internet law and censorship, explains the roots of Britain's porn debate and how the logistics of a government-imposed block might look.

Putting Enterprise Risk Under the Microscope (36:54 minutes)
Posted: July 29, 2013
Recent developments in the cybersecurity landscape have heightened interest in the challenges associated with accurately anticipating and understanding risk, and using that knowledge to better manage organizations.

In this podcast, a panel of experts discuss how predicting risks and potential losses accurately is an essential ingredient in enterprise transformation.

How the US-French Connection Became a Digital Divide (19:09 minutes)
Posted: July 20, 2013
Reports have surfaced that the United States has foiled France's intent to present new international tax regulations targeted at digital companies like Google and Amazon -- each of which, by the way, have irritated France quite a bit recently.

To analyze France's recent digital-specific tax proposals -- as well as the myriad gripes that preceded -- TechNewsWorld welcomes Hugh Carnegy, Paris bureau chief for the Financial Times. In this interview Carnegy breaks down France's views toward tech giants and talks about whether or not France's annoyance with U.S. tech companies has anything to do with the fact that they are, well, from the U.S.

A Better Window on SaaS and Hybrid Apps (23:49 minutes)
Posted: July 8, 2013
Managing applications sprawl has long been a burr in the IT saddle, and the popularity of Software as a Service applications hasn't exactly been a balm.

This podcast examines how an online pharmaceutical services provider, Millennium Pharmacy Systems, has successfully deployed mission-critical SaaS applications and then implemented advanced IT management and operational efficiency processes and systems to keep all the applications up to date, compliant, protected and performing well.

Everybody Loves Data Protection (19:53 minutes)
Posted: July 2, 2013
Europe may be moderating its tough stance on privacy when it comes to U.S. corporations, but that's likely because it now has a bigger fish to fry: the U.S. government.

To get a grasp on Europe's ever-evolving privacy debate, we are joined by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, professor of Internet governance and regulation at the University of Oxford. Mayer-Schonberger talks about how Edward Snowden has been a game-changer for European data policy, and how corporations like Google can reconcile U.S.-born privacy policies with European privacy concerns.

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