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Podcast Archive: July - September 2012

Oh Canada! Why Are You So Hard on Netflix? (18:51 minutes)
Posted: Sep. 26, 2012
In this TechNewsWorld podcast, we chat with journalist, blogger and author Peter Nowak about Netflix and Canada. Nowak, who joins us from Toronto, discusses the backstory that fueled Netflix's recent charge that Canada has "third-world Internet." He also breaks down Netflix's unique relationship with Canadian regulators -- Netflix has hired a few of them as lobbyists -- and Canadian competitors who sometimes double as data-capping ISPs.

'Need it Here, Need It Now' Drives Capital Markets in the Cloud (24:21 minutes)
Posted: Sep. 24, 2012
A year ago, NYSE Euronext was beginning to implement its Capital Markets Community Platform of vertical industry services cloud targeting the needs of Wall Street IT leaders. Since then, the platform has been implemented in other locations and the offerings have matured. NYSE Technologies' global head of alliances Feargal O'Sullivan discusses the changes.

Can Nokia Find a New Niche? (16:59 minutes)
Posted: Sep. 19, 2012
In this TechNewsWorld podcast, we talk with senior technology editor Jessica Dolcourt to pin down where exactly Nokia fits into the phone and device world. Quality products notwithstanding, bad press and endless competition have caused Nokia's cachet -- and stock value -- to take a huge slide. Dolcourt talks about what Nokia has done right, what it's done wrong, and whether or not the company will go the way of RIM.

Software, Not Hardware, Defines the Data Center (30:12 minutes)
Posted: Sep. 10, 2012
Cloud computing has changed the expectations users have regarding the services they consume. "All of the opportunities we have as consumers to work with cloud computing models have opened up our imagination as to what we should expect out of IT and computing datacenters, where we can sign up for things immediately, get things when we want them, and pay for what we use," said VMWare's Steve Herrod.

Combatants Getting Down and Dirty in Chinese Search Wars (19:25 minutes)
Posted: Sep. 12, 2012
Baidu, the long-time champion of Chinese search engines, is engaged in a tussle with Qihoo360, which recently launched a search engine and snatched a 10 percent market share within weeks. The two search engines have taken to amending their search results so as to steal search traffic, continuing a years-long feud between the companies' CEOs. TechInAsia.com editor Charlie Custer explains the past, present and future of China's search engine war.

Data Availability Challenges in the Age of Server Virtualization (37:20 minutes)
Posted: Sep. 10, 2012
The benefits of server virtualization are clear for many more companies now as they reach higher percentages of workloads supported by virtual machines. When it comes to the relationship between increasingly higher levels of virtualization and the need for new data backup and recovery strategies, the impacts can be a multiplier of improvement when both are done properly and in context to one another.

An Intrepid Expedition Into the Wilds of Virtualization (23:17 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 27, 2012
"It's a more dynamic process for the business," said Columbia Sportswear IT engineer Suzan Frye on her company's transition to virtualization. "And we're really seeing that people are saying, 'You're not just a cost center anymore. You're enabling us, you're helping us to do what we need to do and basically doing it on-demand.' So our team has really started shining these last few years."

Big Data and the Deep Blue Sea (40:00 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 20, 2012
The scale and impact of the Oceanic Observatories Initiative is closely followed by the magnitude of the computer science needed to make that data accessible and actionable by scientists. In a sense, the OOI and its infrastructure program, a major undertaking by the National Science Foundation, are constructing a programmable and integratable cloud fabric for oceanography on a big-data scale.

Weekly Recap: Apple's Television Vision (12:57 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 17, 2012
In this episode: Apple reportedly meets with cable providers to discuss the next generation of Apple TV; security wonks discover Gauss, yet another new breed of malware targeting systems in the Middle East; a federal court OKs cops to track suspects via cellphones without a warrant; Groupon takes a beating on Wall Street; Google sets up a new policy that will ding sites for frequent copyright violation notices.

The Cloud: It's Not Just a Technology - It's a Catalyst (35:39 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 13, 2012
"We see almost a contradiction within enterprise users of cloud," said HP's Paul Muller. "We see groups that will quite readily go out and adopt cloud services. The so-called consumerization trend is quite prevalent, especially with what I would describe as simple services. Yet, simultaneously, we see reluctance sometimes, particularly for the IT organization, to let go and cloud-source services and applications."

Hybrid Service Has Its Head in the Cloud but Keeps Its Feet on the Ground (24:44 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 6, 2012
"Hybrid computing typically is combining private and public clouds," said HP's Christian Verstraete. Hybrid delivery, he said, is about tying together traditional environments, data and functionality. "It goes beyond hybrid computing or hybrid cloud. It adds the whole dimension of the traditional environment."

Weekly Recap: Apple v. Samsung: The Trial and the Tribulations (13:37 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 3, 2012
In this episode: The raging patent battle between Apple and Samsung hits open court in California; the FCC tells Verizon to stop preventing its customers from using no-charge tethering apps; Facebook shares droop to new lows following a dreary earnings report; Dropbox users are awash in spam following a security breach; Microsoft changes Hotmail's face and its name.

Forging Trust Within the Supply Chain (40:44 minutes)
Posted: July 30, 2012
"[EU Commissioner Algirdas Semeta] recently said that in a globalized world, no country can secure the supply chain in isolation," said Cisco security strategist Edna Conway. "He recognized that ... national supply chains are ineffective and too costly unless they're supported by enhanced international cooperation."

Weekly Recap: Marissa Explains It All (12:24 minutes)
Posted: July 20, 2012
In this episode: Yahoo lands top Google executive Marissa Mayer as its new CEO; a recent survey shows developers quickly losing faith in Research In Motion's BlackBerry platform; copies of Windows sold in Europe are found not to include a government-mandated feature, which could lead to billions of dollars in fines for the software maker; AT&T follows in Verizon's footsteps as it offers a set of similar data-sharing plans.

The Cloud: Aggressive Adoption, Accretive Benefits (30:53 minutes)
Posted: July 16, 2012
"We accelerated the whole process and we have these things that we call 'fuzzies,' things that we can do for the business that they weren't expecting," said Revlon CIO David Giambruno of his company's cloud adoption process. "Every couple of months, we would start delivering new capabilities."

Weekly Recap: Yahoo Stuck Without SQL Injection Antidote (11:56 minutes)
Posted: July 13, 2012
In this episode: An SQL injection attack exposes hundreds of thousands of Yahoo users' email addresses and passwords; Google and the FTC close in on settling charges of user privacy violations for a sum of $22.5 million; Amazon reportedly considers jumping into the smartphone game; RIM faces shareholders after reporting a bleak year, a dismal quarter, and news of layoffs and product delays.

Making IT Problems Solve Themselves (48:53 minutes)
Posted: July 9, 2012
Data centers are being tasked with supporting huge and fast-growing amounts of data and doing it all with utmost efficiency. Enterprises must move now toward proactive types of support in order to continue ongoing improvement and to maintain systems. This calls for new approaches to data center support, remote support and support automation.

TOGAF and DoDAF: Enterprise Architecture's Power Couple (25:20 minutes)
Posted: July 2, 2012
TOGAF and DoDAF, where have they been? Where are they going? And why do they need to relate to one another more these days? "I think we're seeing the state of industry advance and looking at trying to have the federal government, both United States and abroad, embrace global industry standards for EA work," said Armstrong Process Group's Chris Armstrong.

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