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Podcast Archive: July - September 2010

The Data Center Retirement Plan (33:04 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 25, 2010
A massive data center transformation naturally means a lot of brand-new equipment will be coming in the door. But what about the hardware it's meant to replace? Improper disposal of data center assets can put a company in violation of the law or at risk of critical information exposure. A data center upgrade project isn't complete without a plan for properly retiring old hardware.

Weekly Recap: The FCC's Great White Spaces Hope (13:34 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 24, 2010
In this episode: The FCC lets wireless companies have their way with white spaces; speculation bubbles up around a BlackBerry tablet, or BlackPad, from Research In Motion; Credit Suisse claims that forecasts of AT&T's death at the hands of a rumored Verizon iPhone are greatly exaggerated; Netflix expands movie-streaming services to Canada; Blockbuster Video files for Chapter 11; Intel floats "over the wire" chip upgrade idea; Oracle and HP settle their beef over the hiring of Mark Hurd.

If Client Virtualization Is What You Want, Better Watch Your Back End (33:00 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 18, 2010
Concepts like virtual desktop infrastructure, cloud computing and enterprise mobility are all quite attractive, but support for deeper and more flexible client platforms comes from the back end. The new requirements for business mobile use point to the need for planning and proper support of the infrastructures that can accommodate these edge, wireless clients.

Weekly Recap: Microsoft's Next IE: Ninth Time's the Charm? (11:45 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 17, 2010
In this episode: Microsoft ushers in a public beta of its next Web browser, Internet Explorer 9; Twitter goes in for a makeover meant to make users sit down and stay a while; Nokia cleans out top offices with the departure of several high-ranking executives; Microsoft extends software rights to certain nonprofit groups after Russian government officials use piracy as a pretext to crack down on political dissent; Craigslist opts to kill its Adult Services section in the U.S. under pressure from groups claiming it's used by child prostitution rings.

Process Automation: Exponential Challenges, Exponential Rewards (35:58 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 11, 2010
The burgeoning complexity of virtualized systems is becoming a burden for many enterprises, sometimes to the point at which they think they've maxed out the technology's paybacks. Process automation sets up companies to better exploit cloud computing and IT transformation benefits at the pace of their choosing, not based on artificial limits imposed by dated or manual management practices.

Building a Cloud Businesses Will Actually Want to Use (46:46 minutes)
Posted: Sept 4, 2010
There's no shortage of hype and buzz surrounding the topic of cloud computing right now, and all the noise can make it difficult to concentrate on the more practical sides of cloud implementation. What are the business paybacks? How does one set out beginning a cloud project, and how do you get the important partners on board?

Weekly Recap: HP's Wallet-Busting Win (12:34 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 3, 2010
In this episode: HP finally beats out Dell in an expensive bidding war for 3Par; Intel buys a road to mobile devices by snatching up an Infineon division; Google makes another purchase that plays right into rumors surrounding an upcoming Google Games; Samsung comes clean with its new Android-based tablet, the Galaxy Tab; Apple rolls out a new generation of iPods along with a revamped Apple TV, a new version of iTunes and TV rental offerings; Gmail volunteers to sort your inbox for you.

Weekly Recap: HP, Dell and 3Par: The Art of the Hustle (13:55 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 27, 2010
In this episode: HP and Dell enter a tense, fast-paced bidding war for 3Par, a company that could give the buyer an advantage in the business of enterprise-class data storage; Dell serves up its latest Android phone with a stale OS; a new Apple patent could act as a sophisticated iPhone antitheft feature, though it concerns privacy advocates; NAB wants all cellphones to carry built-in FM radios; Google adds a phone booth to Gmail; rumors surface of a new iTunes rental model that could make some consumers think twice about cable.

Networking Your Way to a More Flexible Data Center (34:30 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 21, 2010
The role networking plays in data center transformation can no longer be that of a speed bump or a bolt-on addition. Networking must be better designed from within. The networking-inclusive total architecture needs to accomplish the total usage pattern and requirements for both today and tomorrow -- and with an emphasis on openness, security, flexibility and sustainability.

Weekly Recap: Where Would You Be Without Facebook? (13:44 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 20, 2010
In this episode: Facebook checks in with new Places mobile feature; Intel buys up McAfee in a bid to bake security into its mobile chips; Oracle brings the hammer down on Google over alleged misuse of Java, then sends OpenSolaris into the cold, lonely night; an Apple manager is accused of giving suppliers corporate secrets in exchange for kickbacks; HBO avoids Netflix's streaming library; feds say Lower Merion School District officials won't get hit with criminal charges in laptop spycam case.

The Importance of Being Fungible (43:45 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 14, 2010
As the use of cloud computing for IT functions grows, so does user concern about service provider lock-in. The key work is "fungibility" -- the ability to move in and out of like systems and processes. In terms of IT, fungible applications could avoid the prospect of swapping on-premises platform lock-in for some sort of cloud-based service provider lock-in.

Weekly Recap: So Google Thinks It Can Dance With the Devil? (15:39 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 13, 2010
In this episode: Google and Verizon reveal their joint plan for keeping the wired Web neutral and the unwired Web less so; HP shows CEO Mark Hurd the door after uncovering bogus expense claims; Mark Papermaster leaves Apple less than two years after a tumultuous hiring process; RIM faces new demands from national governments concerning its data encryption; devs stuff malware into a Russian Android application; Dell's Streak charges onto the scene.

As the Cloud Shapes B2B, B2B Shapes the Cloud (30:26 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 7, 2010
The new services made available by cloud computing are changing the ways business-to-business commerce is done -- and the needs of B2B are shaping the growth of the cloud right back. Ecosystems of services and new pockets of business IT life are swiftly organizing around cloud models. How then should businesses best respond?

Weekly Recap: What's Google's Deal? (12:35 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 6, 2010
In this episode: Major papers report backroom deal between Google and Verizon, which Google strongly denies; Intel makes peace with FTC; Research In Motion lights up Torch and juices up BlackBerry OS; two countries in the Middle East snub BlackBerry services; a website exploits an iOS security hole to offer a slick jailbreaking technique; Google says goodbye to Wave.

Enterprise Architecture: Vast Promise or Lost Opportunity? (33:49 minutes)
Posted: July 31, 2010
Tightening IT budgets and the rise of the cloud are converging to form a critical juncture for the enterprise architect. At this moment, enterprise architects have a unique chance to usher in concepts like business architecture and fine-tune business agility. Will they make progress or squander the opportunity?

Weekly Recap: The Week of Leaks (12:48 minutes)
Posted: July 30, 2010
In this episode: Wikileaks publishes 90,000 secret documents pertaining to the war in Afghanistan; recent rulings clarify a few of the foggy gray areas surrounding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; a security researcher shows a flaw in ATM security that makes cash machines spew money; LG Display says it's having trouble meeting the demand for iPad screens; Motorola gets ready for its big handset split; India officials show off a touchscreen tablet that they say could sell for $35.

The Architect and the CSO: Enterprise Security's Dynamic Duo (30:11 minutes)
Posted: July 24, 2010
The security threats faced by enterprises today come from both external sources and within. Traditional security technologies and enterprise architecture will both play key roles as the concepts mingle together to bring about best practices in the early phases of planning, deployment and delivery of smart services.

Weekly Recap: The Social Network Half a Billion Love to Hate (12:25 minutes)
Posted: July 23, 2010
In this episode: Facebook hits a high note in user numbers and a low note in user satisfaction; an HP webpage slip reveals new details about a product once thought to be left for dead; phonemakers cry foul over Apple's antenna demonstration; iPhones, iPads and Macs deliver knockout numbers for Cupertino's latest fiscal quarter; tech companies and content makers rally around nascent UltraViolet standard; Motorola hawks wireless networking gear division to Nokia Siemens.

The Case for Automated QA Tools: Speed Wins (15:46 minutes)
Posted: July 17, 2010
In viciously competitive industries -- airlines, for example -- fast delivery on new products is essential. When that product is something like a self-service tool that any traveler should easily be able to use, it must be designed from the customer's point of view, and the right quality assurance tools can bring everyone, not just QA managers, in on the development process.

Weekly Recap: Apple: Happy Now? (13:34 minutes)
Posted: July 16, 2010
In this episode: Apple responds to iPhone 4 antenna complaints with free cases; Google debuts a simpler way to create new Android apps; HP backs off on Android tablets, putting webOS at center stage; Skype and Fring go at it over dropped support; eBay faces down huge patent lawsuit from XPRT; Google lines Zynga's pockets to secure social gaming future.

The Cloud's Shadow on E-Commerce, Procurement and SCM (31:02 minutes)
Posted: July 10, 2010
The cloud is one of the most disruptive forces IT has ever seen. It changes how IT is bought, used and paid for. It changes the way we operate as a business, and policies and practices really haven't caught up yet to the reality. We're not getting a breather. The change is accelerating.

Reining In the Cloud (22:46 minutes)
Posted: July 3, 2010
In order for a business of any size to get a proper grip on its cloud computing initiatives, it will need more than just the ability to see what's going on; it also needs ways to adjust and control systems down to a fine-tuning level. If that sounds like a major headache, that's because it very well can be. However, cloud service automation tools can help.

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