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Podcast Archive: July - September 2009

Bolstering BI With Web Data Services (33:11 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 27, 2009
Perspective is what business intelligence brings to the table for companies, and the better the data, the better the perspective. However, the traffic in existing data warehouses, databases and data marts is becoming difficult to manage by traditional means. Some CIOs are turning to Web data services to build bridges across all these silos.

Weekly Recap: Wii Goes to War (12:15 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 25, 2009
In this episode: Nintendo cuts the Wii's price after standing pat for almost three years; the chairman of the FCC pushes for stricter Net neutrality rules; Palm turns its back on WinMo; Microsoft test a Web-based version of Office; word surfaces that Microsoft Pink phones will make it to CES; FASB changes financial accounting rules that affect smartphone makers; photos and video of an unconfirmed Microsoft tablet hit the Web; Oracle aims to hold tight to MySQL; AT&T test markets a home cell tower; Facebook forms market research study group with Nielsen.

The CIO: Between a Peak and a Valley (17:16 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 20, 2009
CIOs have had to adjust to new economic realities over the last six months. The demand for technology to deliver business value is as big as it's ever been, but the supply of funding has faded. To cope with that, CIOs have to work smarter, not harder. However, new opportunities are on the way, and CIOs must also position themselves to grab hold.

Weekly Recap: HP Launched the Craziest DreamScreen Last Night (12:40 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 18, 2009
In this episode: HP reveals an odd DreamScreen; Seagate puts out new gadgets for home networking and entertainment; Lenovo puts touchscreens on laptops and tablets; group warns about cellphone radiation risk; reports suggest T-Mobile's parent is looking to buy Sprint; Adobe shells out for Omniture; the DoJ probes deeper into Microhoo; Google Labs debuts Fast Flip; Facebook puts out "lite" version.

What Does 'Enterprise Architect' Mean to You? (49:28 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 13, 2009
Three forces are impacting the role of the enterprise architect: The economy, the cloud and the value of enterprise IT. These times can be scary -- it's always scary when money is scarce -- but times of flux are opportunities for positive transformation. Definitions are changing in terms of what EA is as a discipline and as a profession.

Weekly Recap: Apple Homes In on the iPod's Next Conquests (10:25 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 11, 2009
In this episode: iPod nano gets a camera while iPod touch hunts for big game; Palm unveils its second webOS smartphone, the Pixi; Sprint unveils a new calling plan; Microsoft buys more time for Word; rumors surface that Asus is making a low-cost e-reader; Toshiba builds a Blu-ray player; Monopoly mashes with Google Maps for online play; Rhapsody sets up shop in the App Store.

App Testing From the Comfort of the Cloud (23:25 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 7, 2009
Organizations are starting to see that using a cloud approach to testing can serve to better accommodate demand dynamics. There's even been a shift in the actual approach to development. Instead of gathering up bushels of code for one big build, developers are taking a more agile tack, making more builds more often.

Weekly Recap: Sprint Gives Android a Hero's Welcome (11:54 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 4, 2009
In this episode: The Android-powered HTC Hero gets ready for Sprint; Sony makes big plans for 3-D; a computer maker readies a dual-screen laptop PC; Intel expects a decent quarter; the EC wants to sift through the Oracle-Sun deal further; eBay bids farewell to Skype; Gmail conks out; DHS clarifies rules on laptop searches; Wikipedia colors untrusted info orange.

When the Lawyers Come Knocking: Info Management and E-Discovery (31:33 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 31, 2009
Dealing with a haphazard sprawl of corporate information is a big enough headache in and of itself, but when it's combined with legal issues and litigation, problems can snowball fast. Not being able to fulfill a request for discovery and information in its various electronics forms can come at a high penalty.

Weekly Recap: Clash of the Consoles Gets Down and Dirty (9:35 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 28, 2009
In this episode: Microsoft lowers the prices on a few Xbox 360 models; Apple OS X Snow Leopard goes on sale; reports surface of an attempted antipoaching agreement between Apple and Palm; Twitter incorporates geolocation data; Google looks to map traffic on surface streets; a jarring PSA against text messaging behind the wheel hits viewers; Wikipedia institutes new editing policies on entries of people who are currently living.

Security Showdown: Cloud Computing vs. On-Premise IT (55:50 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 24, 2009
Either in real terms or perceived terms, security is one of the biggest hang-ups people have, and it's a wide-open question. When we talk about the cloud and the enterprise, are we talking about something that is fundamentally different in terms of securing it, versus what people are accustomed to doing across their networks?

Weekly Recap: A Last Call for Snarkers Anonymous? (12:23 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 21, 2009
In this episode: Google reveals the identity of a vindictive blogger; Microsoft unveils the Zune HD; Lenovo shows off a set of home PCs; the video game industry hits rough waters; Sony trims dollars and pounds off the PS3; TomTom sets up shop at the iPhone App Store; feds charge alleged credit card fraudster with record-setting theft; White House takes flack for unexpected health care emails.

The Enterprise Architects of the New Era (42:55 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 17, 2009
As interest in cloud computing grows, the role of the enterprise architect is changing. Changing into what, exactly? That's still open for debate. The architect's role may well become the key office where the buck stops. New duties will present new opportunities.

Weekly Recap: Can Microsoft Keep Its Word? (13:37 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 14, 2009
In this episode: i4i scores win against Microsoft in Word patent case; Google asks testers to try new Caffeine search tech; Twitter gets DDoSed; details emerge on the military's use of social networks; Facebook reveals slimmer version of site; Facebook buys FriendFeed; Target aims to handle its own e-commerce; GM dabbles in online car sales; Sony backs ePub standard.

Managing the Enterprise Data Deluge (25:07 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 10, 2009
As the old saying goes, information is the lifeblood of an organization. However, that's an imperfect analogy, because most information is not in a state of constant, smooth flow. Rather, it's sitting in little pockets everywhere -- paper, memory sticks, laptops, the data center, etc. By getting a better handle on the rising tide of info surrounding them, enterprises get a better picture of what's really going on.

Weekly Recap: Security, Sanity and Social Networking in the Ranks (13:43 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 7, 2009
In this episode: Details about Yahoo's escape clause emerge; Schmidt quits Apple's board of directors; Google pays $106.5 million for On2 Technologies; the FCC scrutinizes Apple's Google Voice snub; security pros call out smartphone SMS flaw; the Marine Corps restricts social networking sites; RadioShack promotes a nickname; target of RIAA lawsuit weighs options; Nikon puts a projector into a camera; Sony shows an automated party photographer.

The SMB Case for Sending Security Skyward (32:22 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 3, 2009
As more devices -- especially mobile devices -- become part of a business's network, they create more vectors for attack, and tightening security becomes increasingly difficult. For some companies, cloud-based security solutions may be easier to administer, more convenient and less costly.

Weekly Recap: The Microhoo Union: Tiny Prenup, Rough Honeymoon, Separate Bedrooms (12:40 minutes)
Posted: July 31, 2009
In this episode: Yahoo and Microsoft reveal their big plan on a search partnership; Palm sneaks the Pre back into iTunes; Apple rejects a Google Voice app for the iPhone; Apple claims jailbreaking phones puts wireless networks at risk; AT&T gets the 4chan treatment after temporarily blocking the site; Sprint buys Virgin Mobile USA; Verizon suffers on lower demand; Twitter offers a business class; Greenpeace slams HP.

Virtualization Reimagined (32:56 minutes)
Posted: July 27, 2009
One way of looking at an effective enterprise virtualization planning strategy is to boil it down into three ingredients: the role interconnections play in allowing physical servers to support multiple virtual servers; the role and importance of CMDBs in terms of deployment; and how outsourcing can maximize cost efficiencies.

Weekly Recap: How Long Can AT&T Keep Its Beloved Ball and Chain? (11:50 minutes)
Posted: July 24, 2009
In this episode: Amazon pays close to $1 billion for shoe vendor Zappos; rumors of a Yahoo/Microsoft deal resurface; Apple has its best non-holiday quarter ever; AT&T sees profit drop by 15 percent; Palm releases its Mojo webOS dev kit; Nokia plans to offer the N86 in U.S. markets; Verizon swears off long-term handset exclusivity; report rails on the state of U.S. cybersecurity; RIM makes a BlackBerry app for Mac users; Barnes & Noble challenges Amazon in e-books.

Controlling Costs Through Virtualization, Consolidation and Modernization (24:28 minutes)
Posted: July 20, 2009
Consolidating modern equipment that takes advantage of virtualization technology can help an enterprise deliver better services. It can also help deliver better cost efficiencies. Advanced automated systems can reduce energy consumption to boost the bottom line, and a shared environment can be more flexible and productive.

Weekly Recap: Rifling Through Twitter's Underwear Drawer (10:13 minutes)
Posted: July 17, 2009
In this episode: Hackers send private Twitter documents to online publications; Canadian privacy commissioner puts pressure on Facebook; PC shipments set to slip for the first time in a decade; about 60 percent of businesses say upgrading to Windows 7 is not a priority; Bing hits grow through June; Microsoft takes swing at Google Apps with Office 2010's online features; Verizon puts social widgets on the TV screen; Blockbuster follows Netflix to Samsung's door.

It's Time for IT to Look Inward (36:11 minutes)
Posted: July 13, 2009
In many enterprises, IT has long worked to help other elements of the business have a better sense of their data, help people and lines of business integrate their data, and help optimize processes in those departments in order to cut costs. In today's economy, though, IT needs to point those talents at the mirror.

Getting IT to Speak Business-ese: Q&A With HP VP Andy Isherwood (12:51 minutes)
Posted: July 6, 2009
For the most part, IT people tend to operate in their own space and speak their own language. In many organizations, the department is treated like its own silo, and it often doesn't report directly to the CEO. As a result, IT is too often disconnected from the elements driving the business. However, that reality is beginning to slowly change.

Weekly Recap: Tea Parties, Pirate Ships and a Kayak: A Summer at Sea (11:05 minutes)
Posted: July 2, 2009
In this episode: Reports emerge that Wikipedia helped quiet down news that a reporter had been kidnapped by the Taliban; China's government backs down on Web filtering software mandate; The Pirate Bay sells to Global Gaming Factory; Steve Jobs returns from medical leave; Palm investors remain optimistic; cellphone makers agree on standardized chargers; Kayak thinks Bing may have lifted its design; Amazon dumps affiliates due to new sales taxes.

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