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Podcast Archive: July - September 2008

Weekly Recap: IBM Nixes Standards Shenanigans; Plus: Flying Lipstick-Wearing Pigs! (14:15 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 26, 2008
In this episode: Android makes its debut to mixed reviews; Microsoft promises developers a peek at Windows 7; Microsoft buys back its shares; high-performance computing gets more accessible; IBM takes standards bodies to task; Cisco does software while Oracle does hardware; Judge throws out file-sharing verdict; Suit seeks disclosure of secret trade deal; SanDisk sells music on a memory card; CBS, Disney offer downloads on Netflix; Apple recalls iPhone plug.

Weekly Recap: Ninja Assassins, E-Mail Hackers and a Digital Media Pile-On (12:42 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 19, 2008
In this episode: Hacker infiltrates Sarah Palin's e-mail account; federal agencies battle over e-waste regulation; YouTube gets tough on ninja training videos; SanDisk stock surges on takeover rejection; HP lays off nearly 25,000; IBM gets serious about social networking; studios gang up on Apple with DECE; Yahoo invites developers to play with its front page; advertising groups object to Yahoo-Google partnership; LinkedIn targets ads to categories; iPhone firmware update has mixed results; details emerge on the first Android phone; Microsoft moves on from Seinfeld ads.

Electric Sheep CEO Sibley Verbeck on the Virtual Shopping Mall (20:14 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 17, 2008
As part of the ECT News Network Podcast Series, interviewer Blake Glenn speaks with Sibley Verbeck, CEO of The Electric Sheep Company, which provides virtual world services to companies. Verbeck discusses the future of retail and its use of virtual worlds to enhance the customer experience. He also explains his company's role in helping other companies use virtual worlds for recruiting, training and branding.

Parks Associates' Michael Cai: Business Gets Done in Virtual Worlds (18:36 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 11, 2008
As part of the ECT News Network Podcast Series, interviewer Blake Glenn interviews Michael Cai of Parks Associates in a discussion about the business applications of virtual worlds. Many businesses are beginning to experiment with virtual worlds, Cai said. Marketing, training and meeting with far-flung employees are among the most popular activities so far, he notes.

HP's Virtualization Honcho John Bennett: Rethinking Virtualization (39:12 minutes)
Posted: Sept. 4, 2008
E-Commerce Times contributor Dana Gardner interviews John Bennett, the worldwide director of HP's data center transformation solutions and also the HP Technology Solutions Group (TSG) lead for virtualization. They discuss HP's initiatives in virtualization and how customers are finding new ways to use the technology.

Taking the Pulse of the Eclipse Ecosystem (28:24 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 28, 2008
LinuxInsider contributor Dana Gardner moderates a BriefingsDirect podcast Java development and the disconnect between real-world practices and the training developers receive in a classroom setting. Joining him are Michael Cote, an analyst with RedMonk; Ken Kousen, an independent technical trainer, president of Kousen IT, and adjunct professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; and Todd Williams, vice president of technology at Genuitec.

DrumChannel: Finding the Rhythm of a Community (16:30 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 21, 2008
Jon Provisor, owner and chief technology officer of Guidance Solutions, speaks with Don Lombardi, who founded Drum Workshop in 1972 and is preparing to launch DrumChannel, a social network for drummers of all skill levels and styles.

If You Love Your Data, Set It Free (47:29 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 14, 2008
LinuxInsider contributor Dana Gardner speaks with Paul Fremantle, the chief technology officer at WSO2; Brad Svee, the IT manager of development at travel management leader Concur Technologies; and James Governor, a principal analyst and founder at RedMonk, about ways to migrate enterprise data between departments and how to achieve data services in a secure way.

Citrix Systems' Simon Crosby: Xen and the Art of Cloud Computing (14:53 minutes)
Posted: Aug. 12, 2008
ECT News Network Senior Editor Jason Z. Cohen speaks with Citrix Systems CEO Simon Crosby about the value of the open source approach to virtualization, following Crosby's keynote speech at LinuxWorld 2008.

Weekly Recap: Consoles Sell Like Hotcakes, Yahoo Cuts a Deal, Sysadmin Caves (8:07 minutes)
Posted: July 25, 2008
In this episode: Facebook unveils its Great App program; CherryPal mini PC debuts; video game console sales surge in June; Google earnings disappoint; Yahoo, Carl Icahn reach compromise over board seats; Apple has banner quarter; TiVo, Amazon strike deal; Amazon posts stellar quarterly results; rogue San Francisco sysadmin gives up network passwords.

Weekly Recap: Network Held Hostage, Cyberterror Battle Plan, Evil Genius Wannabe (12:36 minutes)
Posted: July 18, 2008
In this episode: Console makers upgrade their wares; glitches mar iPhone 3G launch; outlook drags down eBay shares; judge rejects Tiffany's claim against eBay; Apple sets lawyers on Psystar; Mac makes gains in market share; drama builds before Yahoo shareholder meeting; Microsoft doubles size of Live Mesh beta; FCC Chairman eyes Net-throttling restrictions; Verizon settles early termination suits; Obama calls for Cyber Czar; sysadmin holds San Francisco city network hostage; colored dyes give solar panels a boost; Joss Whedon debuts online musical.

Weekly Recap: Internet Angst, Identity Crisis, Relationship Drama: Recapping a Neurotic Week (10:25 minutes)
Posted: July 11, 2008
In this episode: Dangerous Internet flaw comes to light; iPhone App Store opens early; Drama flourishes in Microsoft-Yahoo soap opera; Yahoo opens search engine tech to developers; Google launches virtual world; Gmail allows remote monitoring; Google adds privacy link; data breach exposes information on Supreme Court justice; Shrek's Law drives DreamWorks innovation; scientists find water in moon rocks; Toyota adds solar boost to Prius; Scrabble scrap heats up with official game's release.

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