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Podcast Archive: April - June 2012

Weekly Recap: Google Flexes Nexus' Tablet Muscles (11:59 minutes)
Posted: June 29, 2012
In this episode: Google adds a tablet to its Nexus line of products with the introduction of the Nexus 7, a 7-inch slate made by Asus that will arrive in July for $199; Facebook pretends everyone on its network uses its email service; Apple reportedly draws up plans for a major iTunes overhaul that could arrive this autumn; a California judge bans Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.; a New Zealand court rules that authorities botched their raid on the home of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom.

The Supply Chain's Weak Cybersecurity Links (27:50 minutes)
Posted: June 25, 2012
"The supply chain problem really is rather daunting for many businesses, because supply chains are global now, and it means that the elements of finished products have a tremendous numbers of elements," said former NSA Senior Counsel Joel Brenner. "This software, where was it written? Maybe it was written in Russia -- or maybe somewhere in Ohio or in Nevada, but by whom? We don't know."

Weekly Recap: Microsoft Gives Hardware Partners Some Hard Knocks (13:59 minutes)
Posted: June 22, 2012
In this episode: Microsoft takes the wraps off Surface, a line of tablets that will run Windows 8 and will be made by Microsoft itself rather than its hardware partners; Redmond also reveals its plans for Windows Phone 8, which include a foundation-level rebuild but do not include compatibility with existing Windows phones; Sen. Charles Schumer expresses concern about Apple's and Google's eyes in the sky; reports indicate the next iPhone will look very different on the bottom end; Facebook shares inch their way out of the crater they created in their first week on the market.

The Infinitely Agile Cloud (31:27 minutes)
Posted: June 18, 2012
The cloud's potential is limited only by the imagination. Insurance provider Seven Corners, for instance, has harnessed the flexibility of the cloud to generate entirely new streams of revenue. "This year we rolled out an application called 'Access' that is so configurable you could run any kind of insurance services through it, whether you're insuring parrots, cars, people, trucks or whatever," said CIO George Reed.

Weekly Recap: MacBookius Superior: Apple's New Super-Powered Mutant (13:05 minutes)
Posted: June 15, 2012
In this episode: Apple's WWDC kicks off with news about iOS 6 as well as the introduction of the Retina MacBook Pro, a super-slim 15-inch notebook with an extra-sharp display and solid-state drive; the U.S. Department of Justice starts investigating ISPs' data caps; Verizon offers customers new data plans that some could find expensive and confusing; ICANN reveals a long list of proposed new top-level domains.

Data Management: The Next Generation (39:55 minutes)
Posted: June 11, 2012
What the data management world needs now is a next-generation, integrated and simplified approach for fast backup and recovery that spans all essential corporate data. The solution means bridging legacy and new data, scaling to handle big data, implementing automation and governance, and integrating the functions of backup protection and disaster recovery.

Weekly Recap: LinkedIn: Unsalted, Assaulted and Faulted (13:12 minutes)
Posted: June 8, 2012
In this episode: LinkedIn takes flack for substandard security practices as hackers make off with millions of its users' passwords; Apple winds up to kick Google Maps off the iOS platform; two familiar tech entrepreneurs start a new video chat platform; Facebook considers opening up a kid zone; two U.S. prepaid carriers begin offering iPhones.

Keeping Your Head Above Churning IT Waters (29:39 minutes)
Posted: May 29, 2012
Trends like cloud computing, mobile and IT as a Service are pushing business support professionals to re-evaluate how IT and business come together. Meeting and collaborating with peers is essential, and nothing does the trick quite like pressing the flesh in person. HP Discover 2012 provides an unparalleled opportunity for HP users to absorb the insights of the HP ecosystem.

Weekly Recap: FaceBlech (12:34 minutes)
Posted: May 25, 2012
In this episode: Facebook's debut on Wall Street turns into a farce as value tumbles and allegations of shady dealings bubble to the surface; a jury lets Google off the hook on allegations it violated Oracle's Java patents; Google makes its Motorola acquisition official after Chinese regulators grant their approval; Verizon focuses on mobile video with Viewdini offering; Leap Motion takes PC gesture control to a new level.

The Networked Economy (18:56 minutes)
Posted: May 21, 2012
Dynamic discounting proved to be a real game-changer for Mediafly. "We joke that it would be interesting if all of our customers leveraged something like dynamic discounting," said CEO Carson Conant. "It would be transformative for our business. It would drastically accelerate how we can deploy cash. Then you think about it in terms of what could it do for the economy."

Weekly Recap: Verizon Lets the Sun Go Down on Unlimited Data (13:02 minutes)
Posted: May 18, 2012
In this episode: Verizon plans to end its practice of letting old customers renew their unlimited data plans, possibly foreshadowing similar moves from other carriers; Google considers resurrecting an old Nexus sales strategy; Google puts a new spin on its search service with "Knowledge Graph," the tablet edition of Windows 8 has browser makers in an uproar; Yahoo's embattled CEO leaves the company.

Security and the Cloud: The Great Reconciliation (50:06 minutes)
Posted: May 14, 2012
Security is often regarded as a drag on cloud adoption -- a necessary but complex chore that must be dealt with. However, if you understand the security risk, gain a detailed understanding of your own infrastructure, and follow proven reference architectures and methods, security can move from an inhibitor of cloud adoption to an enabler.

Weekly Recap: The Thompson Crisis: Sloppy Whopper or Poor Career Personal Hygiene? (13:04 minutes)
Posted: May 11, 2012
In this episode: Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson comes under attack when it's revealed his resume has for years falsely claimed he holds a degree in computer science, a discrepancy discovered by an activist shareholder who wants changes made to the company's board of directors; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dons his dress hoodie for his company's IPO road show; jurors reach an impasse regarding a key question in Oracle's lawsuit against Google; Nevada gives the green light for Google to take its self-driving cars for a spin in the state.

Getting What You Want From ERP in the Cloud (9:39 minutes)
Posted: May 7, 2012
"Probably one of the biggest wins for us has been just driving compliance against our contracts," said Brooke Krenn, whose company, Cox Enterprises, recently moved to a cloud-based ERP system. "We're able to see very easily now when a location or a business unit ... is purchasing off-contract or when they're not utilizing one of our preferred or negotiated suppliers."

Weekly Recap: Samsung's Galactic Empire (13:15 minutes)
Posted: May 4, 2012
In this episode: Samsung lifts the curtain on the Galaxy S III, its latest smartphone touting Android Ice Cream Sandwich and an array of new features; Research In Motion sweats it out at BlackBerry World 2012; Samsung closes in on -- and perhaps overtakes -- Apple in smartphone unit sales; Microsoft and Barnes & Noble go from enemies to partners thanks to a new $300 million deal; Target axes Amazon's Kindle line of products.

Disaster Recovery: It's Not Just for Catastrophes Anymore (21:39 minutes)
Posted: April 30, 2012
Having a comprehensive disaster recovery system in place doesn't just come in handy when calamity strikes. "We're starting to move now into a slightly different world, but it has been the catalyst of DR that's enabled [business units] to start thinking in these new ways, which they weren't able to do before," said SAI Global's Mark Iveli.

Weekly Recap: Would You Let Your Data Sleep Over at Google's House? (13:03 minutes)
Posted: April 27, 2012
In this episode: Google unveils Google Drive, a free data storage service, though its ToS makes privacy advocates do a double-take; Google and Oracle land blows against each other during their second week of courtroom testimony; patent alliances become tangled as Facebook buys IP that Microsoft just picked up from AOL; the FBI marks July 9 as the date it'll pull the plug on a server operation, potentially leaving thousands of computer users without Internet access; an organization reveals plans to mine asteroids for resources.

Disaster Recovery: Learning From Painful Experience (31:45 minutes)
Posted: April 23, 2012
Sometimes the only way you know whether your disaster recovery plan is any good is when you face a real disaster. After 2008's Hurricane Ike hit, insurance wholesaler Myron Steves & Co. had a difficult time getting its systems back on track just when customers needed the company's help the most. That motivated its IT team to set the stage for a faster, cheaper and more robust DR capability.

Weekly Recap: Larry vs. Larry (14:26 minutes)
Posted: April 20, 2012
In this episode: CEOs Larry Ellison and Larry Page take the stand in Oracle's suit against Google, in which the Android maker is accused of ripping off Java code; Samsung and Apple are ordered to attempt a settlement in one of their many patent fights; confusion abounds regarding Windows Phone's upgrade path; a report indicates Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kept his company's board all but out of the loop during the Instagram purchase negotiations, Ikea melds TV with furniture to create Uppleva.

Burning Rubber on the Road to Virtualization (11:27 minutes)
Posted: April 16, 2012
Motorcycle maker Ducati has virtualized nearly all its servers, having gone full-throttle for virtualization in a relatively short period of time. “ Given the targets we would face in just three to four years, it was absolutely a necessity to move quickly into virtualization to enable all the other products,” said CIO Daniel Bellini.

Weekly Recap: The People vs. Apple (14:14 minutes)
Posted: April 13, 2012
In this episode: The Department of Justice smacks Apple and several book publishers with e-book price-fixing allegations; the CEO of Best Buy departs under peculiar circumstances; Nokia and Microsoft kick off their U.S. WinPho push in earnest with the Lumia 900; AOL sells 800 patents to Microsoft; Facebook forks over $1 billion for photo-sharing app and network Instagram.

The Cloud's Booming Potential for the Networked Economy (17:59 minutes)
Posted: April 9, 2012
The networked economy comes as a consequence of the major business and IT trends of the day -- those being cloud computing, mobile, social and big data -- according to Ariba CMO Tim Minahan. To appreciate the full impact of the networked economy, we need to recognize how previously internal processes are now becoming increasingly externalized.

Weekly Recap: Google Gazes Into the Looking Glass (14:18 minutes)
Posted: April 6, 2012
In this episode: Google reveals Google Glass, its plan to create high-tech, Web-connected eyeglasses; Research In Motion reports another dismal quarter and leaves no strategy off the table, including a sale; Yahoo announces layoffs for 2,000 employees, roughly 14 percent of its workforce; Groupon gets the stinkeye from the SEC when it admits it miscounted its Q4 numbers; a creepy mobile app gets the boot from FourSquare and iOS following an outcry over privacy.

Building a Private-Cloud Home for Complex Ops (20:02 minutes)
Posted: April 2, 2012
In the business of providing educational and training applications, there's often a very short time in between when people book their courses and when they show up to class. "So we have only a very short amount of time over the weekend to set up the systems," said SAP's Wolfgang Krips. "That was one of the big challenges that we had to solve."

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