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Podcast Archive: April - June 2011

The Consumerization of IT (24:03 minutes)
Posted: June 27, 2011
IT organizations are being pulled in opposite directions: They're being asked to become simultaneously more open and more secure. Is that even possible? Increased mobility "is cool for the consumer, but that creates some very serious complexities for the enterprise security folks," said HP's Rafal Los. "Often you get devices that aren't meant to be consumed in an enterprise."

Weekly Recap: The Hackers Parade Marches On (17:50 minutes)
Posted: June 24, 2011
In this episode: The hacker group LulzSec pwns on, declaring war on governments and laughing off the arrest of one of its alleged associates; Nokia releases its first -- and quite possibly last -- phone on the MeeGo platform while simultaneously showing the world what's in store for its first WinPho 7 handset; Wall Street smacks Research In Motion after a disappointing quarterly report; quibbling Hulu owners reportedly mull the sale of the online TV venture; ICANN opts to allow website owners to use unique top-level domains -- for a hefty price.

The IT Infrastructure Renaissance (38:59 minutes)
Posted: June 20, 2011
The face of high-performance, low-cost computing is changing. In just the past few years, the definition of what a modern IT infrastructure needs and what it needs to do has finally come into focus. Data centers will converge their servers, storage and network platforms for efficiency and security. Virtualization will grow like a weed. Hybrid and cloud models will become the norm.

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Lulz (14:52 minutes)
Posted: June 17, 2011
In this episode: LulzSec wreaks havoc on the Internet, hacking, leaking and pwning its way to notoriety; Facebook reportedly musters an army of Spartan Web apps to do gory battle with Apple on the beaches of iOS, Apple puts action behind words by petitioning a judge to allow it to take sides with devs against patent owner Lodsys; privacy groups complain to the FTC about Facebook's facial recognition technology; the U.S. State Department acknowledges a program to build portable Internet stations to deploy in political hot zones.

The Enterprise's Shifting Center of Gravity (39:23 minutes)
Posted: June 13, 2011
As the future of the cloud unfolds before our eyes, enterprises will need to nimbly adjust to realities, new partners and new services. The older point-to-point methods of IT integration, even for internal business processes, are slow, brittle, costly, complex and hard to manage. Flexibility is a must.

Weekly Recap: The Softer Side of Apple (18:21 minutes)
Posted: June 10, 2011
In this episode: Apple opens its WWDC conference with a barrage of software news, including major updates to OS X and iOS and a new service, iCloud, for cross-device data syncing; at E3, Microsoft pumps Kinect, Sony reveals the Vita handheld, and Nintendo previews its next home system, the Wii U; Apple backs off on the tough rules it imposed on iOS media subscriptions months ago; Facebook users learn about a new facial recognition feature; Groupon plans to take on Wall Street with an upcoming IPO.

An App Store of Your Own (38:42 minutes)
Posted: June 6, 2011
Mobile app stores work well for both buyers and sellers. The users are really quite happy with paying for what they have on the spot, as long as that process is quick, seamless and convenient. Vendors, service providers and communication service providers should therefore explore how such stores can be created quickly and efficiently to strike, as it were, while the app store iron is hot.

Beyond War Room Network Management (36:24 minutes)
Posted: May 23, 2011
"Today, if you were to look into a customer's IT department managing a network environment, you would often see a war-room-like approach to managing networks," said HP's Ashish Kuthiala. Spiraling IT complexities are running headlong into shrinking budgets. This is a job for comprehensive, automated, integrated network management tools.

Weekly Recap: With No TWIT or FABOO in Sight, Wall Street Gorges on LNKD (12:20 minutes)
Posted: May 20, 2011
In this episode: Investors send LinkedIn shares sky-high on the day of the social network's IPO, more than doubling its share price by the closing bell; Netflix becomes king of the Internet, as far as sheer data traffic is concerned; Facebook gets friendlier with Bing and expresses its opposition to a California privacy bill; iOS developers get an unwelcome message from patent-holder Lodsys; Sony's PlayStation Network makes a less-than-glorious return.

The Great IT Integrators (35:10 minutes)
Posted: May 16, 2011
As IT systems grow in size, the systems they rely on for integration are put under ever-greater amounts of stress. Once newer breeds of integrations are set up, their old, brittle management and upkeep systems may need to give way to new tools to make integration a lifecycle function with ongoing management and more automated governance.

Weekly Recap: Facebook's Sly-Dog Aspirations (14:01 minutes)
Posted: May 13, 2011
In this episode: Facebook comes out looking like an unsmooth operator after its PR firm is outed for undertaking what looks like an anti-Google smear campaign; rumors hint at a change in chips could be in store for Apple's line of MacBook notebooks; Google launches a music locker system for personal library streaming; the Chrome OS makes it to notebook computers that will start selling in June; Microsoft steps up and shells out $8.5 billion for VoIP operator Skype.

Using the Cloud for Backup? You're Missing the Point (13:32 minutes)
Posted: May 10, 2011
Much of the attention lavished on cloud storage has focused on backup; however, the massively redundant nature of cloud architecture ensures data protection inherently. Those who back up data that's already stored in the cloud are wasting their time. Cloud storage does not require backup. Here's how you can leverage cloud systems with their unprecedented levels of reliability and data durability into your own data center.

What Makes IaaS Tick? (29:17 minutes)
Posted: May 9, 2011
The integration cloud approach -- what can it do for you? Cloud-based integration models stand tough against some problems that drive traditional, on-promises middleware integration methods to fits: complexity, fragility, spiraling costs, etc. Cloud based integration can also spur the evolution of services ecosystems among multiple business service providers and application providers.

Weekly Recap: The Sony Horror Hacker Show (13:49 minutes)
Posted: May 6, 2011
In this episode: Sony's data loss nightmare continues with government inquests and the revelation of further thefts; Skype reportedly catches the attention of two high-profile potential buyers who may have to fight it out to purchase the VoIP provider; Intel teaches transistors to stand up straight, which could greatly enhance microchip design; Microsoft clinches a deal with Research In Motion to make Bing the BlackBerry platform's official search buddy; a nasty bit of Mac-focused scareware manages to dupe some users.

When IT Disaster Strikes: The Cloud World's First Responders (38:14 minutes)
Posted: May 2, 2011
As we've learned all too well in the last couple of weeks, IT system failures can impact large numbers of people in painful ways. And each time one of these high-profile crashes happens, there's one person out there who gets to be first on the call. Let's learn about how front-line IT support is adapting to the high-impact, high-exposure cloud era.

Weekly Recap: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hacked (13:01 minutes)
Posted: April 29, 2011
In this episode: Sony admits its massive PlayStation Network blackout is due to a security breach that resulted in the theft of user data, possibly including customer credit card information; a cloud crash in Amazon's EC2 service takes many sites offline for several hours; lawmakers demand answers from cellphone hardware and software makers regarding location-tracking functions; Barnes & Noble makes an e-reader into a tablet -- sort of -- by updating it with Android; Sony previews two upcoming tablet computers, each with an interesting design twist.

The Transformational Approach to Instant IT Gratification (33:47 minutes)
Posted: April 25, 2011
Once the decision is made to improve your data center, the most difficult question is often where to begin. Short-term and long-term goals must be considered, meaning you'll have to accurately predict the future up to 20 or so years down the road. Your clients demand instant gratification, and it takes a special kind of data center to deliver that.

Weekly Recap: Some iPhone to Watch Over Me (15:56 minutes)
Posted: April 22, 2011
In this episode: Researchers discover a function within Apple's iOS 4 that automatically finds and records an iPhone's location at various intervals; Match.com opts to screen users against a sex offender database following an alleged assault; U.S. feds crack down on poker site operators, pressing charges and seizing domains; Larry Page fails to impress Wall Street types on his first earnings call as Google chief; a cranky CEO and a wash of unflattering reviews make for a rocky RIM PlayBook launch; Amazon announces plans to make 11,000 libraries Kindle-friendly.

Megatrends in the Cloud (42:54 minutes)
Posted: April 18, 2011
Trends in application transformation underscore the importance of embracing hybrid computing models. This means changes are in store for governance, automation and even security. "We see three megatrends, and we validate this with customers," said HP's Paul Evans. "The three megatrends really come down to one: People are evolving their business models."

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