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Podcast Archive: April - June 2006

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:22 minutes)
Posted: June 29, 2006
President Bush condemned news outlets for revealing domestic spying program details, Take-Two Interactive was issued grand jury sudpoenas in New York, Microsoft killed the next-gen WinFS file system, Google tested free video supported by ads, Dell launched a new service plan featuring Google maps, Steve Jobs will preview Leopard OS and Novell ousted its CEO and CFO.

Salesforce, NetSuite Broaden Their Appeal (5:00 minutes)
Posted: June 28, 2006
CRM Buyer's Denis Pombriant discusses his view on recent moves made by industry giants NetSuite and Salesforce.com that highlight major changes currently underway in the CRM arena.

Setting Directors' Fees After Sarbanes-Oxley (7:28 minutes)
Posted: June 23, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano offers insight on how Sarbanes-Oxley rules have impacted fees paid to companies' board of directors members.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (5:41 minutes)
Posted: June 22, 2006
Bill Gates announced he will step down from day-to-day operations at Microsoft, a Microsoft VP of Windows Live resigned, Nokia and Siemens will merge, AOL revamped Netscape, Verizon sued Vonage for patent infringement, MySpace imposed restrictions on adults contacting teens, Georgia Tech and IBM set a microchip speed record, and Apple considered offering movie downloads on iTunes.

Is On-Demand Here to Stay? (5:48 minutes)
Posted: June 21, 2006
CRM Buyer columnist Denis Pombriant believes the on-demand computing model is a sign of secular change in the enterprise software industry.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (5:41 minutes)
Posted: June 15, 2006
The net neutrality campaign suffered a setback, the RIAA claimed victory over file sharers, MySpace looked to boost search capability, Google updated Google Earth and unveiled GBuy online payment system, eBay integrated Skype into its auction platform, iTunes faced legal challenges in the UK and Scandinavia, tech firms probed for possible mishandling of stock option grants, NYSE investigated the Vonage IPO.

Onyx Acquisition Sign of Things to Come in CRM (6:00 minutes)
Posted: June 14, 2006
CRM Buyer's Denis Pombriant delves into the recent Onyx acquisition and its significance to the CRM industry and its business models.

Executive Coaching: Does It Work? (6:59 minutes)
Posted: June 9, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano offers his opinion on the value of executive coaching and how to choose a competent coach.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:54 minutes)
Posted: June 8, 2006
Google rethinking its position on China's censorship demands, Google launched an online spreadsheet, Dell to provide customized servers to Google, Microsoft released Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft and Adobe headed toward PDF showdown, Apple launched second lawsuit against Creative Technology, Apple unveiled iPod U2 Special Edition and Red Hat completed JBoss acquisition.

Developers Head Back to the Garage (7:05 minutes)
Posted: June 7, 2006
CRM Buyer columnist Denis Pombriant comments on the on demand software industry, and why today is the golden age of the customer.

Monetary Unions: Are We On Our Way? (8:16 minutes)
Posted: June 2, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano offers some solutions that might help the U.S. stave off a currency crisis.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:46 minutes)
Posted: June 1, 2006
Yahoo and eBay joined forces to fight Google and Microsoft, rumors swirled of a Microsoft buyout of eBay, Microsoft released a keyboard and mouse combo compatible with Apple Macintosh desktop computers, Apple lost its trade secrets case against bloggers, Dell and Google teamed up to offer Google Desktop and Toolbar preloaded on Dell PCs, Nintendo announced the pricing and availability of its new Wii gaming machine and Sling Media launched its Slingbox device in the UK.

CRM Movers and Shakers (9:24 minutes)
Posted: May 31, 2006
CRM Buyer columnist Denis Pombriant offers his view on the reasoning behind recent mergers and business strategies in the CRM industry.

Technology: A Look Into the Future (7:58 minutes)
Posted: May 26, 2006
E-Commerce Times columnist Ted di Stefano's views on the fast-developing world of technology and what the future holds.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:01 minutes)
Posted: May 25, 2006
The personal data of 26.5 million veterans was stolen, Wired News exposed sealed AT&T documents from the government's domestic spying operation on its Web site, Symantec sued Microsoft over patent violations, Microsoft unveiled FlexGo, a program that allows pay-as-you-go computing, Apple and Nike teamed on a line of products called Nike+iPod, Dell announced it will open two retail stores to challenge Apple's stores, and Vonage shares took a hit on the first day of its IPO.

The Science of Economics (5:51 minutes)
Posted: May 24, 2006
CRM Buyer columnist Denis Pombriant gives his view on the principles of economics as they relate to the CRM industry.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:28 minutes)
Posted: May 18, 2006
The Bush administration defended itself over the National Security Agency's domestic spying tactics, eBay won its long-running patent infringement suit over MercExchange, Google failed in its attempt to block Microsoft from including a built-in MSN search box in IE7, the recording industry sued XM Satellite Radio claiming massive wholesale infringement, Creative Technology filed a patent infringement suit against Apple, Apple unveiled the newly designed MacBook, and MTV joined with Microsoft to offer the online music service URGE.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:55 minutes)
Posted: May 11, 2006
Apple won the first round of its legal battle with The Beatles, iTunes announced its offering current and classic Fox TV shows for download, Yahoo unveiled a new advertising platform codenamed Panama, Google was sued by a New York legislator for allegedly promoting child pornography, a report said Microsoft's Vista will have its own anti-spyware software, a new version of Windows CE will be launched in 2007, Sony detailed a launch date and pricing for the PlayStation 3, and the MySpace.com founders received a Webby award.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (4:49 minutes)
Posted: May 4, 2006
Google battled Microsoft for search supremacy, Microsoft challenged Google with IE7 and adCenter, Apple held its ground against the major record labels and kept its 99-cents-per-track download pricing for iTunes, Napster unveiled an advertising-supported model allowing free music listening, Yahoo launched Yahoo Tech to help consumers make electronics decisions, Skype attempted to bring social networking to VoIP with Skypecasts, Congress debated the Net Neutrality bill, Reasearch In Motion faced another patent infringement suit regarding the BlackBerry, this time from Visto.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (3:57 minutes)
Posted: April 27, 2006
Sun Microsystems' CEO Scott McNealy relinquished his post and Sun's president, Jonathan Schwartz took over the CEO position and remained president as well, Microsoft defended itself against the European Commission in its antitrust suit, HD DVD players from Toshiba went on sale, a New York administrative law judge ruled a department of education employee had the right to surf the Web at work, Apple unveiled a 17-inch version of its MacBook Pro notebook and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicted Apple's music player dominance is coming to end.

ECT News Network Weekly Recap (3:16 minutes)
Posted: April 13, 2006
MySpace.com announced a security czar to oversee its social networking site, ABC made prime time shows available for free download online, Google launched Google Calendar to compete with Yahoo and Microsoft, Red Hat acquired JBoss, Sony and Samsung joined forces to increase production of LCD TVs and the city of San Francisco finalized its plans to offer free Wi-Fi access to residents.

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