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Podcast Archive: January - March 2012

The Proper Care and Feeding of Highly Virtualized Environments (29:49 minutes)
Posted: March 26, 2012
IT support has grown ever more complex with the increased use of virtualization and the cloud. Virtualization isn't just server by server; really impacts the entire data center. It needs to be thought about holistically, particularly in regard to things like security and performance.

Weekly Recap: Another iThing, Another iTempest (11:47 minutes)
Posted: March 23, 2012
In this episode: The latest iPad is flying off the shelves, but some early buyers say the devices become significantly hot during heavy use; Apple decides to shell out a dividend to investors for the first time in years, promising $2.65 per share; Sprint takes a hit as analysts see problems relating to iPhones and LTE service on the horizon; Nokia has a new idea for silent cellphone notifications; "Mass Effect 3" buyers feel so jilted by the game's ending they're complaining to the FTC.

The Software Distribution Generation Gap (33:30 minutes)
Posted: March 19, 2012
"Software vendors are so focused on building the next great application and on features and functions in that application that they've lost sight of what really matters, which is making sure that the application that you build gets used, gets in the hands of the users, and that they get their work done," said Embarcadero CEO Wayne Williams.

Weekly Recap: AT&T Flails in the Quicksand (13:41 minutes)
Posted: March 16, 2012
In this episode: A tangle with an angry customer over throttled cellular data speeds causes much angst for AT&T; Encyclopedia Britannica gives up on printed editions after centuries of bound volumes; a Samsung executive reportedly spills the beans on an iPad mini Apple supposedly has in the works; a Yahoo lawsuit bombards Facebook with patent violation allegations; Intel reportedly makes moves to break into the TV business.

Opening the Vault: How Classic B-Ball Footage Finds New Life Online (12:55 minutes)
Posted: March 15, 2012
March Madness is here, but basketball fans who also want a look at the past can find an abundance of classic highlights in The Vault, powered by Thought Equity Motion. "What we found out is that people didn't want to watch the game as a whole anymore," said CEO Kevin Schaff. "What they really wanted was smarter content. They wanted to be able to come in and consume the content in a different way."

Enterprise Architecture and Transformation at the Crossroads (40:03 minutes)
Posted: March 12, 2012
Enterprise architecture and enterprise transformation and two distinct concepts, but how much of a role should the former play in the latter? Should EA's role be tightly constrained in the process of transformation? Or is enterprise transformation nowadays significantly dependent upon architecture? Should we make enterprise architecture a critical aspect for any business moving forward?

Weekly Recap: iPad: What's in a Name? (11:19 minutes)
Posted: March 9, 2012
In this episode: Apple reveals a new iPad -- not an iPad 3 or iPad HD, just an iPad -- with LTE, an improved processor and better screen resolution; Google herds its digital content stores into a single site, Google Play; Netflix flirts with cable providers; a squealer helps authorities arrest several alleged members of LulzSec; inventors in Japan build a shut-up machine.

Cloud Computing: Revolution vs. Evolution (36:27 minutes)
Posted: March 3, 2012
To businesspeople, cloud computing is often regarded as a revolution. But to IT, it's just an evolution of infrastructure efficiency. Where does this dual vision come from? For IT, it's all about ways to improve delivery of the current server-centric, application-centric environment, according to Capgemini CTO Andy Mulholland. "However, businesspeople ... reflect on it in terms of the change in society and the business world."

Weekly Recap: Google's Walls Come Crashing Down (12:23 minutes)
Posted: March 2, 2012
In this episode: Google implements a new privacy policy that tears down the data-sharing barriers between its various services, much to the displeasure of regulators on both sides of the Atlantic; Apple reportedly prepares to issue an extremely rare dividend to shareholders; the fight heats up between Apple and Proview over ownership of the word "IPAD"; Yahoo stares down Facebook, threatening a patent suit shortly before the social network plans to go public; Lytro releases its shoot-first, focus-later camera.

ACTA Action, Part 3 (14:33 minutes)
Posted: March 2, 2012
There are two main problems with Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, according to the EFF's Maira Sutton. "The first is that, in process, it's been secret from the start. There has been no input from civil society members," she said. And the second? "It extends the U.S.' Digital Millennium Copyright Act to the rest of the world."

The Transformative Power of Enterprise Architecture (33:46 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 27, 2012
"The thing we're learning about enterprise architecture is that there's a cultural shift that takes place in an organization when it commits to doing business in a new way," according to MIT research scientist Jeanne Ross. "And that cultural shift starts with abandoning a culture of heroes and accepting a culture of discipline."

ACTA Action, Part 2 (13:07 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 24, 2012
Critics of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement have fought against the treaty in many countries that would be affected by it, but Poland is one place in which that resistance has been particularly strong. "Poles are very Internet-savvy," said Warsaw Business Journal editor in chief Andrew Kureth. "On the other hand, it's not exactly the richest country in the European Union."

The Over/Under on Cloud Security (36:24 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 20, 2012
Ever since the term "the cloud" came into use, security has been one of the subject's most hotly debated topics. Is it riskier from a security perspective to conduct operations and store data outside a business' own four walls? Or can security actually be better in the cloud, in the same way a safe deposit box may be a safer place to store valuables than one's own home?

Weekly Recap: Apple Wanders Into Mountain Lion Territory (13:13 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 17, 2012
In this episode: Apple releases information about Mountain Lion, the next version of OS X expected to launch this summer; social network Path quickly changes course after it's discovered that its mobile app rifles through users' private address books; Google puts a temporary freeze on Wallet after surprisingly easy security workarounds are published; Google gets the go-ahead to buy up Motorola Mobility; AT&T customers discover there are actually limits to their unlimited plans.

ACTA Action, Part 1 (12:34 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 17, 2012
ACTA is gaining support from countries around the world. But opponents to the agreement have been vocal as well. There also exist some common misconceptions about ACTA. "One thing people think ACTA does is it compels countries to force their ISPs to basically snoop on their users, to snitch on them, to give up details to rights holders who launch civil suits," said journalist David Meyer. "That's not actually true."

The Rise of the International Cybervillain (32:13 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 13, 2012
The evolution of today's threat landscape didn't happen overnight. Shady alliances between government agencies, for-profit cybercrooks, politically minded hackers and organized crime have formed over the years to create the situation we see today. In fact, "they do capitalism better than we do," said Financial Times correspondent Joseph Menn.

Weekly Recap: The Whens, Whats and Hows of iPad 3 (12:12 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 10, 2012
In this episode: A report pinning the introduction of the iPad 3 to the first week of March stirs up more speculation about Apple's next tablet; Sprint's quarterly report reveals the pain of carrying the iPhone; EPIC takes the FTC to task over the changes Google has planned for how it handles user data; Google introduces a security guard for its Android Market; Anonymous hackers release Symantec source code to the wild after ransom negotiations fall through.

Building the Data Center on Small Victories (31:35 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 6, 2012
Keeping an operating budget in place can be a lot easier when you have something to show for it. Sometimes that requires strategy. IT managers can keep the cash flowing by setting themselves up for quick wins and small victories. "We've seen that when a customer is successful in breaking down a large project into a set of quick wins, there are some very positive outcomes from that," said HP's Duncan Campbell.

Weekly Recap: Facebook to Investors: You Like What You See? (11:56 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 3, 2012
In this episode: Hoping to raise $5 billion, Facebook takes the plunge and files with the SEC for an initial public offering; Samsung takes a beating in Europe as investigators decide whether it misused some of its key patent holdings; critics lash out at Twitter as it announces a new system for blocking tweets; Symantec zeros in on a new wave of Android malware; RIM's latest social media marketing schtick flops.

When Data Met Processing (33:48 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 30, 2012
There's a fundamental change going on in how we approach the data that's coming from IT systems in order to get a better monitoring and analysis capability. "The data has to be analyzed in real-time," said AccelOps' Mahesh Kumar. "By 'real-time,' I mean in streaming mode before the data hits the disk."

Weekly Recap: Apple Does the Money Dance (13:15 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 27, 2012
In this episode: Apple posts a record-setting quarter, thanks to its latest iPhone and holiday sales; RIM ousts its coCEOs and cochairmen, although their replacement does little to settle investors' nerves; developers from rival social networks take Google to task over Search Plus Your World; Google makes moves to consolidate the user data its services save; a U.S. federal judge rules disk encryption isn't protected by the Fifth Amendment.

Virtualization and the Always-On Education Environment (26:57 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 23, 2012
Avon Community Schools in Avon, Ind., has been experimenting with bring-your-own-device and desktop virtualization, and it has recently embarked in a wider deployment for both this school year. "We’re finding that we can get applications out quicker with more quality control, as far as knowing exactly what’s going to happen inside of the VM when you run that application," said Avon's Jason Lantz.

Weekly Recap: SOPA Shellacked, PIPA Plastered (12:36 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 20, 2012
In this episode: SOPA and PIPA lose significant support in congress following a day of Internet protests that included site blackouts, information campaigns and millions of petitioners; Apple dips its toes into textbooks with new apps and tools; Jerry Yang exits Yahoo, giving up his seat on the board of the company he helped found; Netflix shareholders file a class-action suit accusing the company's executives of withholding information; hackers steal info on 24 million Zappos customers.

Limbering Up for a Data Center Makeover (27:31 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 16, 2012
The pitfalls of data center transformation can be avoided by balancing long-term goals with short-term flexibility. Be ready to constantly evaluate based on metrics and to reassess execution plans as DCT projects unfold. Clinging too tightly to long-term plans and roadmaps could potentially cause you to lose sight of how actual progress is being made -- or not.

Weekly Recap: Google's Nettlesome Search Gambit (14:08 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 13, 2012
In this episode: Google overhauls its search engine, but privacy and antitrust advocates don't like the results; Google takes another swipe at Google TV after last year's efforts fell flat; Eric Schmidt takes issue with the word "fragmentation" to describe Android; Intel gets set for a big drive into mobile; Razer warms up a tablet designed for PC gaming.

Virtualization Meets City Hall (18:52 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 9, 2012
Virtualization is bringing new levels of service to the city of Fairfield, Calif. Important systems for the "police center and also our fire staffing system were high on the list for protecting," said Eudora Sindicic, a senior IT analyst for Fairfield. "Those are tier-one applications that we want to be able to recover very quickly. We thought the best way to do that was to virtualize them and set us up for future business continuity and true failover and disaster recovery.

Weekly Recap: Barnes & Noble's Nook: Life Preserver or Dead Weight? (12:18 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 6, 2012
In this episode: Bookseller Barnes & Noble mulls whether to spin off its Nook tablet and e-reader line; a report on Google's intentions regarding a branded Android tablet raises questions about content and price; Yahoo ends a four-month-long search for a new CEO by hiring former PayPal boss Scott Thompson; plans may be in place to relieve RIM's two top executives of their cochairman positions; Google whips itself after it's discovered violating its own paid link regulations.

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