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Podcast Archive: January - March 2011

Weekly Recap: Clash of the Carrier Titans (10:38 minutes)
Posted: March 25, 2011
In this episode: AT&T moves to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion, a purchase that will make it the largest cellphone carrier in the U.S. if it survives the strong resistance it's likely to encounter; Oracle's snub on Itanium architecture bruises Intel and burns HP; The New York Times gets ready to take a second stab at a pay wall that will require readers to pay a monthly fee for regular access to the site; RSA sounds the alarm after hackers break into its systems and make off with information that could potentially be used to weaken SecurID.

Juggling a Slippery Slew of SLAs (29:15 minutes)
Posted: March 21, 2011
Who are you going to call when things go wrong or when maintenance needs to affect one element of the stack without hosing the rest? How do you manage and broker at the service level agreement, or multiple SLA, level? More than ever, finger pointing on who is accountable or responsible amid a diverse and fast-moving software environment cannot be allowed, not in an instant-on enterprise.

Weekly Recap: iPad 2 Is Everywhere and Nowhere (12:27 minutes)
Posted: March 18, 2011
In this episode: Buyers snap up Apple Stores' iPad 2 inventories within hours and drive the company's online ordering system into a five-week backlog; Netflix reportedly wheels a deal for exclusive rights on a new miniseries; AT&T follows Comcast down the road to user data caps; HP CEO Leo Apotheker shows up to outline the company's cloud and mobile strategies; 4chan Founder Christopher Pool lines up investors for a kinder, gentler version of the Web's most famous ogre.

Enterprise Security: In the Cloud, One Size Does Not Fit All (40:32 minutes)
Posted: March 14, 2011
Various different types of cloud models are gaining traction and allegiances in different types of vertical industries. A one-sized-fits-all approach does not, in fact, fit so well in a highly fragmented, customized, heterogeneous, and specialized IT world -- which is, of course, the world most of us live in.

Weekly Recap: Facebook Goes to Hollywood (12:49 minutes)
Posted: March 11, 2011
In this episode: Facebook dips its toe in the waters of movie streaming, which could mean trouble for outfits like Netflix down the road; HP promises webOS in all PCs it sells sometime in 2012; Sony continues its battle against system crackers and wins the right to see the IP addresses of visitors to a hacker's website; Sprint and T-Mobile reportedly discuss a merger, though a blended network could be problematic; a cryptic Samsung event invitation hints that yet another member of the Galaxy Tab family is on the way.

Galvanizing the Global IT Supply Chain (32:42 minutes)
Posted: March 7, 2011
The Open Trusted Technology Forum is meant to foster better trust in the IT supplier environment. "As technology becomes more pervasive and gets integrated into these environments, into the critical infrastructure, we have to consider whether they are vulnerable and how the components that have gone into these solutions are trustworthy," said IBM Distinguished Engineer Andras Szakal.

Weekly Recap: Tablet Wars Begin in Earnest (16:03 minutes)
Posted: March 4, 2011
In this episode: Apple comes out swinging with the iPad 2, but not before Motorola opens fire with its Xoom Android tablet, which will surf the Web on 4G after an odd mail-in upgrade; Google pulls the plug on dozens of rogue Android apps that may have infected tens of thousands of users with malware; a Gmail fail wipes out some users' email archives, though Google says it's working to fix that; Google launches a new search algorithm meant to punish so-called content farms, but there's some disagreement over what that term actually means.

Enterprise Security: New Weapons for a New War (32:03 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 28, 2011
"I've often argued that a lot of what we are doing in security today is fighting the last war, as opposed to fighting the current war," said Dell's Jim Stikeleather. However, new techniques and capabilities are on the horizon. Look for more heavily integrated, systemic approaches. "The starting point is really architecture."

Weekly Recap: Apple's March Madness: In Like a Lion (10:32 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 25, 2011
In this episode: Apple kicks off a release schedule that includes new MacBooks, an OS X developer preview, an upcoming product event and perhaps a new iOS; Amazon starts up a new Netflix-like streaming service for Prime members; a Windows Phone 7 update borks some Samsung handsets; Apple's board wins its bid to keep its CEO succession plan secret; researchers say their findings suggest a link between cellphone use and increased brain metabolism.

The Enterprise Architect's Growing Pains (40:32 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 21, 2011
The role of enterprise architect is changing, and sometimes development can be awkward. "Enterprise architects are caught off-guard, and the reason there is that there is this new paradigm," said Wells Fargo's Andrew Guitarte. "In fact, there is a shift in paradigm that business architecture is the new EA, and I am going out beyond my peers here in terms of predicting the future."

Weekly Recap: Will Apple Be Forced to Cancel Its Subscriptions? (14:44 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 18, 2011
In this episode: Apple unveils a controversial media subscription system that would give the company a sizable cut of distributors' revenue but is also attracting the attention of antitrust regulators; Google quickly follows that up with its own subscription model; Nokia abandons MeeGo in order to join up with Microsoft on future smartphones; JCPenney arouses suspicion regarding its Google SEO tactics; Watson smashes the human competition on "Jeopardy."

The Enterprise Architect Gets Some Respect (22:55 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 14, 2011
The role of the enterprise architect is alive and well, according to AOGEA chief Steve Nunn. "Everyone seems to want to be an enterprise architect or an IT architect right now," he said. "It's that label to have on your business card. What we're trying to do is separate the true architects from one of these, and certification is a key part of that."

Weekly Recap: The Verizon iPhone's Silent Explosion (16:34 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 11, 2011
In this episode: Verizon launches the iPhone 4 on its network as other carriers scramble to keep customers through special offers; rumors surface concerning the Motorola Xoom's pricing and release date; HP slides in with three new webOS devices: a tablet, a new Pre phone and a credit-card-sized micro-smartphone; President Obama redoubles his national broadband efforts; Groupon botches the snap with its Super Bowl ads; Anonymous needles a security firm after its CEO boasted of uncovering members' identities.

Weekly Recap: On the Eve of iPhone, Verizon Cinches the Throttle (15:00 minutes)
Posted: Feb. 4, 2011
In this episode: Verizon does some last-minute network tweaks before the iPhone arrives; Google gives users and developers a big taste of Honeycomb, the upcoming version of Android for tablets; a statement from Apple regarding its policy on e-book sales casts uncertainty on whether popular apps like Kindle and Nook have a future in the iTunes App Store; Egyptian officials temporarily shut down the country's Internet access in the face of huge anti-government protests; Anonymous interprets the UK's arrest of suspected hacktivists as an act of cyberwar.

ALM: The Workflow Conqueror (16:59 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 17, 2011
"ALM goes a long way to be able to conquer the various workflows," says Todd Eaton, director of ALM tools and services at McKesson. "Within an organization, there will be various workflows being done, but you're still able to bring up those measurements, like another point that you are bringing up, and have a fairly decent comparison."

The Industrial Engineering of Business Service Factories (46:04 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 24, 2011
The ability of the cloud to transform enterprises into business service factories is a change that mimics the maturation of other business aspects. Industrial engineering, lean manufacturing and just-in-time inventory follow roughly the same line as the modernization of IT. Now the question is how to attain IT transformation in order to leverage cloud computing.

Weekly Recap: Jobs' Time-Out: Apple Holds Its Breath (13:56 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 21, 2011
In this episode: Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces a leave of absence to focus on his health; days later, his company reports record revenues and profits for its most recent quarter; fearing the wrath of the SEC, Goldman Sachs disinvites its U.S. clients from a private Facebook buy-in; Facebook announces new features that would let certain third-party app developers see users' names and home addresses, then quickly backtracks after privacy advocates express concern; HP resumes digging in the Mark Hurd affair; Wikileaks sets its sights on its next target for public exposure: the Swiss banking industry.

Automated Client Management: From Zookeeper to Smooth Operator (13:21 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 17, 2011
"The most important thing was that administration should be very easy," said Michael Schroeder, manager of deployment automation at Vodafone. "It shouldn't be too complex in the end and it should fit every need in every country. At that time, we had a whole zoo of hardware and software products. We had about 8,000 different software applications in place at that time."

Weekly Recap: Can Verizon Take the iPhone's Heat? (13:23 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 14, 2011
In this episode: Verizon announces plans to start carrying iPhones starting next month, bringing an end to AT&T's exclusive agreement with Apple in the U.S.; news surfaces that Facebook may be forced to go public in early 2012; MySpace's CEO reveals that parent company News Corp. may sell off the social network; Sony moves to block hackers from publishing the PlayStation 3's security codes; the vision thing compels AMD's board to show CEO Dirk Meyer the door.

PPM Power: Manage Centrally, Operate Locally (19:53 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 10, 2011
"Our main IT platforms are developed with the objective to be global," said Massimo Ferriani, CIO of Enel Green Power. "Global doesn?t mean managing everything centralized, but to manage the IT platform as centralized, because it's better for synergies and in terms of costs. But because we have to fit local needs, we we have to localize these platforms in 16 countries."

Cloud 2011: Everything as a Service (22:48 minutes)
Posted: Jan. 3, 2011
"As I start to look out to the future and speculate about where [customers] want to go next, I'm seeing a lot of indications toward a model where customers will want to consume this idea of everything as a service," said HP's Kevin Bury. "We've even seen recently customers say, 'You're already doing this for us,' whatever that as-a-service solution might be."

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