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Podcast Archive: January - March 2008

Weekly Recap: Apple's 'Malware' Tactics, Motorola's Split, BitTorrent's New Friend (10:52 minutes)
Posted: March 28, 2008
In this episode: Comcast, BitTorrent bury the hatchet; Vista SP1 leaves users disappointed; Microsoft opens Windows Live Contacts API; flaw makes Word vulnerable; Mozilla chief takes a dig at Apple; Motorola calls it splits; Justice department blesses Sirius-XM merger; Verizon, AT&T win big at auction; Google goes after unlicensed airwaves; e-tailers cry foul over Google's search-within-search; Adobe launches free Photoshop Express; Aussie ISP slams WiMax; Ubuntu Hardy Heron hatches.

Weekly Recap: File-Sharers Fight Back, Apple Mulls Subscriptions, China Cracks Down (13:30 minutes)
Posted: March 21, 2008
In this episode: Chinese video blockade; European broadband push; Adobe's iPhone adventure; upcoming Intel technology; venture capital slowdown; Quattrone's triumphant return; Qwest CEO conviction reversal; iTunes subscription rumors; Sweden's piracy crackdown; lawsuit against the RIAA; Verizon's file-sharing advocacy; Microsoft ad firm purchase; Google spreadsheet gadgets; Facebook privacy controls.

Weekly Recap: SXSW Crowd Grows Restless, Developers Flock to iPhone SDK, EA Gets Hostile (13:08 minutes)
Posted: March 14, 2008
In this episode: iPhone SDK beta gets 100,000 downloads; News Corp. bows out of Yahoo race; Microsoft promises smooth Yahoo integration; AOL buys Bebo; EA gets hostile in bid for Take-Two; Gibson says "Guitar Hero" was its idea; SXSW crowd gets raucous at Zuckerberg keynote; police raid CeBIT booths; Hulu makes its debut; YouTube streams on TiVo; universe of data grows larger; Google Maps removes Army base photos; T-rays see through clothes; OLPC looks for CEO; artificial intelligence reaches mentality of a 4-year-old.

Weekly Recap: iPhone Goes Corporate, Jobs Trash-Talks Adobe, Nine Inch Nails Bucks the System (12:10 minutes)
Posted: March 7, 2008
In this episode: iPhone goes corporate; Judge restores; European Commission signals Google-Doubleclick approval; Yahoo parries Microsoft proxy bid; Yahoo introduces OnePlace; Internet Explorer 8 enters beta; E*Trade names new CEO; Ziff Davis Media files Chapter 11; Nine Inch Nails gives tunes away; Nokia adopts Silverlight; Steve Jobs trash-talks Flash; Intel introduces Atom product line; Study shows bad Net behavior can get you fired; Google gives voice mail to homeless; Magnets make on-screen images feel real.

Weekly Recap: MacBook Gets Pumped, Microsoft Gets Fined, YouTube Gets Blocked (12:17 minutes)
Posted: February 29, 2008
In this episode: All-you-can-eat wireless gains momentum; Sprint shares bad financial news; Electronic Arts woos Take-Two; EMC buys cloud storage company Pi; Google shares slide; Google buys into undersea cable project; Lunar X Prize moon race begins; EU Slaps Microsoft with $1.35 billion fine; Judge OKs class-action status in Vista Capable lawsuit; Windows Live experiences technical difficulties; Apple freshens MacBook lineup; iPhone software development kit coming; Pakistan accidentally shuts down YouTube; Yahoo launches Buzz; researchers demonstrate encryption cracking method.

Weekly Recap: 'DVD Jon' Wipes Out iTunes DRM, Judge Shuts Down Wikileaks, Microsoft Embraces Open Source (10:23 minutes)
Posted: February 22, 2008
In this episode: Microsoft embraces open source; Windows Vista SP1 breaks some antivirus apps; suits do the shuffle in Redmond; HD DVD officially dies; wireless price war in the wind; T-Mobile tries VoIP on the cheap; SCO lives to sue some more; newspapers team to sell online ads; iPod shuffle gets a price break; Cayman bank shuts down whistleblower site; DVD Jon strikes again; mind controls virtual matter.

Weekly Recap: IT Managers School Microsoft, Yahoo Explores Options, Androids Debut (10:52 minutes)
Posted: February 15, 2008
In this episode: Yahoo, Microsoft and News Corp. get tangled in a love triangle; Patch Tuesday rankles sysadmins; Microsoft responds to IT manager backlash; angry customer sues Best Buy for $54 million; BlackBerry Blackout leaves users incommunicado; Comcast defends traffic-blocking; eTail 2008 conference is a hit; invests $1B in itself; Borders launches digital concept stores; AT&T edges T-Mobile from Starbucks outlets; Facebook introduces Spanish version; Handset makers debut Android prototypes; knee brace generates electricity.

Weekly Recap: Microsoft's Yahoo Bid, Apple's New iPhone, iPod Touch Versions (13:39 minutes)
Posted: February 8, 2008
In this episode: Microsoft bids $44.6 billion for Yahoo; Microsoft unleashes Vista SP1 to computer makers; Microsoft rolls out a bundle of smart ad technologies; Microsoft lowers price of HD DVD add-on for Xbox 360; Microsoft opens research lab in New England; CheckFree's Remote Deposit Capture lets consumers deposit checks from home; Apple unveils new versions of iPhone, iPod touch; eBay stops allowing negative or neutral feedback on buyers; Industry Standard resurfaces; Google reports fourth-quarter results; Time Warner plans to restructure and possibly sell AOL; Swedish prosecutors target Pirate Bay; FDA says iPods are safe to use near pacemakers; Facebook users organize protests against FARC.

Weekly Recap: Qtrax's Jackass Move, Mideast Internet Blackout (11:49 minutes)
Posted: February 1, 2008
In this episode: Mideast suffers Internet blackout; $4.7B bid entered in wireless auction; Amazon doubles profit; eBay raises commissions; Yahoo lays off 1,000 workers; VMware's stock bubble deflates; Microsoft reports strong quarter; Amazon MP3 goes international; Qtrax jumps the gun; file-sharers remain anonymous in Europe; readership up at newspaper Web sites; Pulse smartpen debuts; Charter deletes thousands of accounts; Dell ditches mall kiosks.

Mashups: Opening New Avenues for Data (40:15 minutes)
Posted: January 24, 2008
E-Commerce Times contributor Dana Gardner discusses the trend toward mashups and how IT departments are using them to deliver content from both the Web and internal databases. His guests are Rod Smith, IBM's vice president of Internet emerging technologies, and Stefan Andreasen, Kapow Technologies founder and CTO.

Weekly Recap: Jobs Wows Apple Faithful, Oracle Seals the Deal, Exploding Batteries (12:19 minutes)
Posted: January 18, 2008
In this episode: Steve Jobs shows off new Apple products; MacBook Air is Macworld darling; third parties bring their best to Macworld; IBM posts strong earnings; tech stocks weather a tough week; Oracle wraps up BEA deal; Best Buy reports strong holiday sales; Time Warner experiments with metered Internet; AT&T battles exploding batteries; study tests power-saving technologies; malware infects thousands of Web sites; MySpace implements new limits; Americans still turn to television for politics information; Sony BMG dumps DRM.

Weekly Recap: Gates' CES Swan Song, Intel Investigated, 'Spam King' Dethroned (16:30 minutes)
Posted: January 11, 2008
In this episode: Bill Gates delivers his final CES keynote; Microsoft buys Fast Search and Transfer; Intel shows off its Penryn processors; One Laptop Per Child and Intel have a nasty split; New York launches an antitrust probe into Intel; investors stay away from chipmaker stocks; Frontline Wireless closes shop; Sony BMG sells DRM-free music; Warner Bros. joins the Blu-ray team; Wii wins the holiday sales race; a small game developer gets on Nintendo's bad side; the FCC investigates Comcast; Apple equalizes iTunes prices in Europe; a logic bomber is sent to prison; a grand jury takes another look at the MySpace teen suicide case; Wikia Search debuts to poor reviews; Yahoo launches a mobile developer platform; Comcast launches its online outlet Fancast; video-sharing Web sites double their traffic; and the "Spam King" is dethroned.

How does the quality of customer service delivered by government compare to that of the private sector?
Government customer service is far superior.
Government customer service is slightly better.
Government and private sector customer service are about the same.
Private sector customer service is slightly better.
Private sector customer service is far superior.