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RightNow CEM Weaves Together Social, Business Interactions
May 9, 2011
To meet the growing demand for social CRM, RightNow positions itself as a provider of "customer experience management" solutions, a term the company prefers to use, said John Kembel, vice president of social solutions. "That's a bit more customer-focused." RightNow CX, the customer experience suite, helps businesses use social media to maintain that customer focus.
Salesforce.com Gears Up for a Social, Transparent World
May 2, 2011
The shift from traditional CRM to social media is creating a new paradigm for customer interaction, and Salesforce.com offers cloud-based solutions to help companies meet this new challenge, Scott Holden, senior director of product marketing at Salesforce.com, told CRM Buyer. One of the biggest changes companies are wrangling with is the concept of transparency. "It's more transparent," Holden said. "We're creating a transparent world."
Mzinga Applies 'Design for Change' to Social CRM
April 25, 2011
With its social software platform Mzinga OmniSocial, Mzinga's goal is to deliver a role-based application with CRM capability that a company can then repurpose to collect information from its customers. Rather than concentrating on traditional CRM, Mzinga focuses on the enterprise network side to help companies create a collaborative environment.
Lithium Social Customer Suite Fosters 'Superfan' Communities
April 18, 2011
With the advent of social media, customers have found new ways to connect with each other and discuss their customer service experiences. Referring to these types of social customers as "superfans," Lithium helps companies turn them into advocates for their products and services.
Jive Software Gives Companies Stronger Social Chops
April 11, 2011
Fast-growing Jive Software offers businesses an extensible social business solution that integrates social networking, collaboration software, community software and social media monitoring across the entire enterprise. The company recently bolstered its board of directors with a number of executives from high-profile tech companies including McAfee, Facebook and Google.
SalesLogix: The Papa Bear of Sage's CRM Portfolio
March 14, 2011
Sage offers companies a choice of CRM options for sales automation, including Sage ACT, Sage CRM, and SalesLogix. The company currently has about 3.6 million users and serves about 80,000 businesses. "Sage has a portfolio of CRM solutions," said Joe Bergera, executive vice president and general manager of Sage. "We have mobile solutions for all our CRM products."
SugarCRM - Not Just the Open Source Alternative
March 7, 2011
With an option for open source development, SugarCRM offers a sales automation system that encompasses pipeline management, social CRM, and the entire lead-to-cash process. "The SugarCRM core sales automation functionality includes lead capture and lead distribution, opportunity and account management, quotes and product catalog, quota and forecasting, as well as dashboards and reporting," said Clint Oram, CTO and cofounder of SugarCRM.
NetSuite SFA: All in One, All in the Cloud
February 27, 2011
By allowing sales executives to see the sales pipeline, opportunity-to-cash conversion, commission spent, and upselling performance, NetSUite CRM+ integrates the sales team with the broader business, said Paul Turner, senior director of product marketing at NetSuite. NetSuite's two big strengths are pure sales force automation and the ability to track from lead to close.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Lets Sales Pros Work in Familiar Territory
February 21, 2011
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides customers with rich sales force automation capabilities in addition to marketing automation, customer data management, customer service and analytics, Bill Patterson, director of product management for Microsoft Dynamics, told CRM Buyer. It offers customers the choice of an on-premises deployment, partner-hosted option or cloud-based option.
Salesforce Democratizes Sales Automation
February 14, 2011
For companies seeking a sales automation solution, Salesforce.com offers a system that is 100 percent cloud-based and can help companies make smarter decisions, said Salesforce Senior Director for Product Marketing Scott Holden. Salesforce wants to bring contact management out of the ivory tower and create a more democratized system.
Oracle CRM Sales Automation: All About Information Access
February 7, 2011
Oracle offers the industry's widest and deepest range of sales force automation functionality as either an on-premise product or a cloud solution -- or a hybrid of the two, according to Anthony Lye, senior vice president of Oracle CRM. Siebel CRM is a leading CRM suite used by thousands of organizations to drive their sales success, he said.
6 New Reasons to Give LiveOps a Look
January 3, 2011
LiveOps, a contact center software and call center outsourcing provider, recently announced six new features designed to enhance its contact center cloud solution. The enhancements include Call Flow Authoring Studio, configurable recording, real-time configurable dashboards, call visualization reporting, APIs and powerful administration tools.
Soffront Offers a One-Stop Customer Service Shop
December 27, 2010
With helpdesk, knowledge management, customer portal, email auto response, project management, and mobile access capabilities, Soffront prides itself on being a one-stop shop for customer service solutions. "The customer service solution we offer is pretty comprehensive," said Manu Das, CEO of Soffront. "That's what our system does best."
FuzeDigital Plays on Big Customer Service Vendors' Turf
December 20, 2010
FuzeDigital characterizes its customer service solution as social business software that uniquely blends comprehensive multichannel support and online community technologies. "The Fuze Suite is a blending of SCRM and E2.0 technologies," said Chuck Van Court, president of FuzeDigital.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Aims to Amplify the Power of Productivity
December 13, 2010
Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides customers with a complete customer service solution, including marketing, service automation and sales capabilities. Microsoft currently offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as either an on-premise option or a partner-hosted version; Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a version that customers can subscribe to on a per-user, per-month basis directly through Microsoft.
NetSuite Offers Full-Featured, Mature Customer Service Cloud Options
December 6, 2010
NetSuite CRM+ is a customer relationship management tool that provides users with more than just standard customer service functionality. NetSuite's system gives users the capability to run their entire business by providing a single view of the customer. "NetSuite provides a complete business management suite," said Paul Turner, the company's senior director of product marketing.
Salesforce.com's Service Cloud 2: 'Democratic' Customer Service
November 22, 2010
Salesforce.com's Service Cloud 2, a Web-based platform designed to help companies handle their customer service needs, includes integration with Salesforce Chatter, the service provider's new real-time collaboration tool. "Service Cloud is the fasting-growing product offering," said Fergus Griffin, vice president of product marketing at Salesforce.com.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 8: Scaling Up
April 6, 2010
A good CRM system can prove invaluable to a small business trying to achieve its business goals. Once that growth starts to occur, though, a small business needs to consider how the CRM tool will scale to meet the new demand. A small business is ready to think about scaling up if its processes are becoming more complex.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 7: Trusting Your System Maintenance to the Cloud
March 30, 2010
Once a small business successfully implements a new CRM solution, the next challenge will be maintaining it. Cloud computing promises to make the implementation process less painful, and it should also lessen the burden of system maintenance for the small enterprise. Traditional CRM tools typically required a small business to purchase in-house servers and keep IT people on staff.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 6: How to Get Your Sales Staff to Buy In
March 23, 2010
One of the greatest challenges to the successful implementation of a CRM solution is winning employee participation and cooperation. "It's a quandary," said Craig Klein, president and CEO of SalesNexus. If the sales staff is reluctant to use the new system, it will be very difficult to get it off the ground.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 5: How to Save a Troubled Implementation
March 16, 2010
A successful CRM implementation starts with good preparation. It is a good idea to document the goals and objectives of the small business first and test the system with the users, Sheryl Kingstone, director of the enterprise research group at Yankee Group, told CRM Buyer. "Be proactive," she advised.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 4: Getting the New System Up and Running
March 9, 2010
When it comes to implementing a new CRM system, small companies have several options. If they have enough resources and experience to devote to the task, they can implement the system themselves. If they choose not to go that route, a third party can be brought in to help them implement it, Craig Klein, president and CEO of SalesNexus, told CRM Buyer.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 3: What to Expect During Contract Negotiations
March 2, 2010
Once a small business finds the perfect CRM solution for its needs, the owner or manager must then negotiate the appropriate legal agreements with the vendor. This can be a daunting task for anyone who is not familiar with the many types of contracts that may come into play with an IT purchase.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 2: Choosing the Right CRM Tool
February 23, 2010
Once a small business decides to invest in a CRM solution to replace the patchwork assortment of tools it has been using to manage its information, the selection process can be daunting. A plethora of CRM vendors offering an assortment of features have appeared on the scene in recent years, said Brent Leary, cofounder and partner of management consulting and advisory firm CRM Essentials.
CRM for the Small Business, Part 1: When Is It Time to Invest?
February 16, 2010
Ken Jones, cofounder and executive director of Maximo Nivel, an executive language center, knew his company needed a CRM tool as early as 2006. His company was growing fast and using a variety of tools to meet CRM needs, including Outlook. Unfortunately, like many small business owners, Jones was unaware of any CRM options available.
CRM for the Small Biz: Turning Agony Into Ecstasy
October 30, 2009
Small businesses frequently rely on a haphazard assortment of tools to manage their CRM processes, such as email, contact managers and spreadsheets. However, such methods are usually not sustainable or scalable. "Their customer data ends up fragmented across 10 different applications and physical locations," said Dmitri Eroshenko, CEO of Relenta.
Should a Small Business Watch the Clock?
October 2, 2009
Many small businesses fail to fully utilize automated time-reporting tools or shy away from them altogether. However, once a business starts to reach about 30 staff members, time reporting helps them understand costs, improve efficiency, and focus on the right areas, said Journyx CEO Curt Finch.
The BI Outlook: A Bright Spot of Growth in a Gloomy Economy
August 24, 2009
One business sector weathering the current economic downturn is that of business intelligence. In fact, Hans Hultgren, director of the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence program at Daniels College of Business, told CRM Buyer that business intelligence is growing and will continue to do so.
The Neverending Quest for Qualified Leads
July 28, 2009
In the past, businesses typically used lists of leads in a type of marketing strategy that Michael Port, author of "Book Yourself Solid," refers to as "interruption marketing." The goal was to get in front of a potential customer, book an appointment, and sell the product. However, that model is changing into "permission marketing."
Outsourcing's No Longer In
June 30, 2009
Companies used to turn to outsourcing during tough financial times. The current global recession, however, has curtailed outsourcing as much as it has other parts of the economy. "Oddly enough, the global recession has hurt outsourcing significantly," said Chad Hahn, principal owner of Hahn Consulting.