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Re: MPAA Slaps P2P Networks with Lawsuits and Arrests
Posted by: Susan B. Shor 2004-12-19 13:49:08
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The Motion Picture Association of America continued its assault on file sharing, joining with police in Europe and the United States to try to stop defendants that John Malcolm, the MPAA's director of worldwide antipiracy operations, called "parasites, leeching off the creativity of others." Monday, a series of raids around Europe shut down several peer-to-peer (P2P) sites. Finnish police shutdown a BitTorrent site run from a residence and seized servers and PCs, according to Finnish newspaper reports.

Re: MPAA Slaps P2P Networks with Lawsuits and Arrests
Posted by: twizted_pair 2004-12-19 14:01:22 In reply to: Susan B. Shor
I've purchased more dvd's sine someone i know is able to get them for me to pre-view than i ever have before i wasn't able to get those free pre-views and i also still go to the theatres as well.
So, Who is really getting hurt here. It's obviously not the actors or musicians, it's the ceo's and there friends who make money off the backs of the actual artists & actors.
That is just my opinion and i shall stop bothering to buy any more things and just rent it at the local video store and forget buying them for myself. I currently own over 300 dvd's at the moment and that's about all i'm gonna bother to purchase any longer.
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