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Re: Facebook Cracks Down on Iranian, Russian Influence Campaigns
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2018-08-25 12:22:21
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Facebook has removed more than 650 Facebook and Instagram pages, groups and accounts originating in Iran and Russia for "coordinated inauthentic behavior." The goal is to improve the trustworthiness of Facebook connections. Although it has been making progress in its efforts, the people responsible for the inauthentic activity are determined and well funded, Facebook said. "We identified an influence operation, not just on Facebook, but across several social media platforms," said Sandra Joyce, vice president for global intelligence at FireEye.

Re: Facebook Cracks Down on Iranian, Russian Influence Campaigns
Posted by: Just-the-facts-please 2018-08-25 12:45:47 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
... the politics of Google or FB are NOT open minded to ideas, comments or individuals THEY disagree with.

Their points of view are ONLY voicing for the DEMOCRAT PARTY, which is clear yet only willing to present one view as opposed to the complexity of each reader and each readers IDEAS...

WE deserve all the ideas without their “doilies” for our minds - cutting out ANY IDEAS THEY DISAPPROVE OF


Google and/or FB position, in reality,
is SUPPOSED TO ACT as a “carrier” or “bearer of comments” posted by us the READERS IDEAS

The public, free speech is not “free” on either of these 2 sites

But indeed, and in TRUTH - they are far from neutral...

As if those are the only two influence campaigns on the Internet, and Facebook and Google should decide which side of the propaganda you should see. Eric Schmidt has close ties with certain political parties, so shouldn't his policy of selective censorship be considered an influence campaign on behalf of his allies? I guess McCarthyist hysteria has stripped people of their critical thinking. PS, It's even worse that now I have to clarify that I'm not paid by anyone to say this. I have to, because everyone has lost their mind about Russia, and it's easier to dismiss an opposing view than to argue with it.
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