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Re: Cisco, Dell, and the Race to Make a Better World
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2018-06-19 08:38:48
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To say we live in troubled times would be an understatement. It often feels like the politicians and executives who surround us are interested only in who can tell the biggest whopper while lining their own pockets and leaving their constituents and customers to pay the bills. I recently read that the real reason Jon Stewart stepped down from The Daily Show was that he was incredibly angry all the time, which had an adverse impact not only on his ability to be funny but also on his ability to enjoy life. Much of that is because those of us in media tend to focus excessively on the bad.

Re: Cisco, Dell, and the Race to Make a Better World
Posted by: borisaman 2018-06-21 06:02:28 In reply to: Rob Enderle
It is about time we focused on the good, but do not ignore the bad, because if you do it gets stronger, it does not go away. Ignorance and trust in the wrong things got us where we are today, destroying this world. Its about time we all woke up and stop supporting bad people who do anything for money! And Mars lol, you think we have even been to the moon lol

Re: Cisco, Dell, and the Race to Make a Better World
Posted by: timinski 2018-06-19 08:57:24 In reply to: Rob Enderle
Both Dell and Cisco are probably already reaping the benefits of enforcing and encouraging both civil behavior and environmental consciousness.

Personnel get to focus on the tasks and priorities at hand while sharing the affirmation of contributing to the redirection of tech (and other) industries towards smaller environmental footprints.

Thank you for telling this story, Mr. Enderle. It will be shared up here (Canada) with young adults mapping out their early career paths....
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