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Oh, look, it's a new flagship smartphone duo from Samsung. Shockingly enough, they're called the "Galaxy S9" and "Galaxy S9+." They have a similar appearance to the previous year's models, but there are also a few differences, such as a new camera and stereo speakers. There's a 960-frames-per-second slow motion mode, and there's the option to add music to clips or turn them into GIFs. An adjustable aperture accounts for how much light there is in the field of view and can be adjusted accordingly for sharper photos.

Re: Gadget Ogling: Smart Phones, Simple Phones, and Sparkling Water on Tap
Posted by: jamesgrills07 2018-03-15 00:34:45 In reply to: Kris Holt
I think the basic reason of introducing S9 was to correct all the missing points in S8. Extra features like super slo mo and facial recognition combined with iris scanner are like icing on the cake. I think it is a worthy competitor for all flagships and no doubt it will do well in the market as well.
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