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Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2016-11-18 05:07:08
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GoPro's ambitious plans to be a player in the fledgling drone market crashed last week when it had to announce a product recall due to Karma UAV units falling from the sky. The company needed to resolve a performance issue related to loss of power during operation, it said. It indicated it would resume shipment of Karma at some point, but didn't suggest when. The Karma recall likely will have a significant impact on GoPro's stock price and revenue, said Michael Blades, a senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: judosufer 2016-11-18 16:57:35 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
I owned the karma and had to send it back due to recall. That being said, I will be purchasing it again once it comes back to market. The problem with listing Karma as a $799 drone is that the drone is really around $399 that also includes a detachable stabilizer and hand held grip that can be mounted to just about any GoPro mount. Also, it includes the controller with built in screen. This is a huge plus. I also have a 3DR Solo that uses a tablet or phone for live view. neither my Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG v10 come close to the 900 nits brightness of the GoPro Karma controller. This is extremely important when flying on a sunny day.

For $799 you receive the Karma Controller, detachable Stabilizer, Stabilizer Grip, Stabilizer mounting ring, Spare Propellers, Back pack Case with GoPro shoulder mount, and the Karma Drone.

Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: GoProCaptureLogin 2016-11-18 08:56:58 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
There is so much concern about GoPro's Karma, not just the drone. Investors and the news media is missing another big story. GoPro is alienating their existing customers who have come to rely on GoPro's amazing Camera to software ecosystem. Customers are complaining in droves in forums, reviews, and support pages as well as calling on the deaf ears of GoPro support.

Why does GoPro refuse to fix the GoPro Capture App so professionals can use their cameras without requiring a login? I know, I know, you want to track our camera activities and create a new seamless integration between your Apps. I get it. A large amount of your customers rely on using the tethering capabilities of the old GoPro App, that you renamed Capture. 

GoPro's Customer Service said "Capture isn't the only app that exists that requires login." 

I don't disagree that some apps need logins, logins are necessary for online services. The difference is that tethering is a tool. 

Capture is a tool, it functions as a tether between GoPro cameras and Smart Phones. Since many models lack a display, the former GoPro App and Capture allow the user to compose, tether, and review footage. 

GoPro publicly stated the claim that the App only needs entered every 30 days. This might be partially true, but there are other variable that can reset or log you out of the App. Examples include, if the app updates in the background on your smart phone, you have to reset your camera, you have to change the wifi network, or simply forget it has been 30 days, it is possible to be logged out. (For me, over the course of 30 days, my App reset 4 times.) So what's the big deal, just login again... right? It isn't that easy. Say you forget to login before your photo/video shoot. Or maybe, your shoot spans the time when your 30 day connection expires while you are on an exhibition to Antartica and forget to reset the login before your shoot. If there is no cellular or wifi internet access, you won't be able to use the App. There is no bypass when there is no internet. 

Nick Woodman, Founder and CEO of GoPro says this about product upgrades. "Our approach is to envision a 'total solution' rather than think about each new GoPro as a 'product'. Products are standalone things. We want to build solutions that help solve problems for people. So, when deciding which features to included in a new GoPro, Karma, or any new software we think about the total solution and experience we're creating for our customers and not as much about the individual product itself." --Nick Woodman (Reddit) 

I bought my GoPro specifically for the tethering capabilities. I owned previous GoPro models, but tethering was a significant reason to upgrade as I wanted the flexibility to remotely control and pre-check, observe, and review as well as control basic functions remotely a fair distance away from the camera. A camera company that so actively promotes using their cameras in the far reaches of the globe, or even on the edge of space, it makes no sense they would have a non-service tool that requires a login requiring a connection to their servers. 

Why is this an issue for me? I was out capturing the fall color in the Eastern Sierras of California a month ago. I was planning on filming using my go pro mounted on the hood. Before pulling into traffic I went to enable the camera and realized my GoPro App had disappeared. Thankfully I had internet, so I discovered the App changed names. The app came up in my search and when I opened the app, it looked all nice and new, but there was something new, a login. I wasn't sure what to enter but my general GoPro username/password from the website logged me in with no issues and I was good to go. I figured this was a one time login, but the the nightmare comes later...

I used the App for a couple days, returned home before heading out for the next leg of my fall color trip. Without my knowledge, the App updated again and logged me out. So 6 days later when I reached my second destination and prepared my GoPro to use my smart phone as a remote tether on my 28' photomast, I discovered the login screen returned. I spent the next hour troubleshooting and looking all through the settings, clicking on all the words in the app, everything I could think of to bypass the login. My shot was missed, I had to pack up with no footage. The next day I had to drive back towards civilization to find a cellular connection to login once again. For the remainder of the trip the GoPro worked fine.

Truly, I love GoPro products, I love their new software. Their new Apps are amazing. I just can't rely on GoPro products if they don't function as advertised. You can't require a login on a tool you may need off-the-grid.

GoPro, you can fix this.

Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: judosufer 2016-11-18 16:52:40 In reply to: GoProCaptureLogin
STOP, just stop. You are not required to use the Capture app and GoPro has fixed the re-logon issue. You do need to log on once. If you are too paranoid to do that, DON'T, but stop trolling every GoPro article to post your rant.

Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: GoProCaptureLogin 2016-11-18 18:34:44 In reply to: judosufer
Ha, you are more responsive than all of GoPro.

Apparently you missed reading my message in any of those postings you have seen. This is a matter of bait and switch. Nothing to do with logins. I have 20+ years in the technology and photography field, hundreds of passwords and usernames, I am not paranoid at all.

Logins do not belong on tools. I bought my camera solely because of the ability to use the tethering capability of the GoPro App.

Not even a year later, there are a half dozen ways I can be logged out of the tool I use.

Would you be upset if you bought a car, and suddenly they took back the engine. Your car would be pretty worthless, right? Well, my camera is worthless now. I can't depend on it.

I want a refund, but they refused. So get used to my "trolling".

Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: judosufer 2016-11-18 20:05:08 In reply to: GoProCaptureLogin
Every good craftsman checks his tools before going to work. Login once but check your access before going to work. If we use your analogy, you bought a car with a remote keychain ignition. The car works fine, the key starts the car, but there was an issue with the remote. You think you should be refunded for the entire car. The remote now works, but you can't stop obsessing over it.


And please don't respond to me, I'm done and this is a misuse of this comment section as it has NOTHING to do with the article. You are too selfish to realize this, which is why you post your own personal story of woe inappropriately on other's articles.

Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: GoProCaptureLogin 2016-11-18 21:22:51 In reply to: judosufer
So the analogy of a car remote, exactly. All I want is for my remote to work again. Even a key, (technically a bypass) when the battery is dead. Cars usually have a bypass when a remote doesn't work. Mine has a chip.

Great anaology, I'll credit you in my future posts. :-)

Re: GoPro's Drone Initiative Crashes With Karma Recall
Posted by: GoProCaptureLogin 2016-11-18 21:10:32 In reply to: judosufer
Ha, resorting to name calling. okay.

This has everything to do with a poorly run company.

I checked my tools before leaving. I used my tools for 9 months and they simply stopped working. This is class action material.
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