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Re: A Dramatic 16 Years for 4 Tech Titans
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2016-03-28 14:50:07
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Following Apple's announcement last week, I noticed a number of reports on how disappointed customers were that there was nothing they wanted to wait in line for hours to buy. I personally thought they should have been excited about that, because I hate to stand in lines. I've never really figured out an Apple fanatic's penchant for pain. Still, it is very clear that today's Apple is a very different company than it was just six years ago. That got me thinking. Dell, HP and Lenovo also are very different.

Re: A Dramatic 16 Years for 4 Tech Titans
Posted by: UserX 2016-04-03 02:19:03 In reply to: Rob Enderle
As a self-employed end user, I have to make my decisions on tech purchases based on price and not on product name. In the past I purchased only HP printers, but the high cost of cartridges and the reliability of HP's competition has me looking elsewhere. I build my own PCs, so I don't buy prefabbed from the big four. As far as smartphones and tablets are concerned, both are Samsung. I don't think living in an Apple eco-system is business smart for those who are self-employed and watching costs.

Your article is very interesting.

My opinions:

I think the company to watch is Samsung. Whether we PC users want to admit it or not, the future in computing is portability. Samsung knows this and has invested huge amounts of cash there.

Apple should pull it's head out and start selling OS X as a stand-alone operating system. That gold mine is almost limitless.

HP is a dinosaur. If they don't evolve they are going to be extinct.

I worked at Dell for a short time and what I saw was pure greed. Their products and shipping costs are way overpriced and as a result they are almost irrelevant to the average consumer. I have yet to see a Dell PC in the hands of a non-business consumer here in mainland Europe.

For better or worse, I have been a Microsoft fan since Windows 3.0. There have been a lot of mistakes since 3.0, but their successes have been epic. I think Windows 10 was a very smart move and long overdue. Microsoft's future depends on end-user connection. They need to keep the "complete" user experience in view when making other product decisions.

Lenovo is something I stayed away from until they started offering 17" laptops for 300 Euros. I bought five of them. Three for family members and two for my business. From a consumer's perspective: their products aren't a must have, but if you have to ... they are reliable and cheap.
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