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Re: Xbox Signals It's Ready to Rumble
Posted by: Quinten Plummer 2016-03-16 18:21:23
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Microsoft this week announced that it would support cross-network play between its latest gaming console and other platforms. Cross-network support would allow Xbox One players to engage in multiplayer gaming with friends and randoms on platforms such as Steam and the PlayStation Network. It will be up to developers to support cross-platform games, however, as Microsoft's studios build only Xbox One and Windows 10 games these days. The first theater of that modern warfare will take place on Psyonix's Rocket League .

Re: Xbox Signals It's Ready to Rumble
Posted by: Opideousneo 2016-03-17 13:38:51 In reply to: Quinten Plummer
All those poor XBOX One gamers that think they can play against a CS GO player on PC. Its going to be a slaughter house for the XBOX players.
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