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Re: Black Box Keeps Cybersnoops in Dark
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2014-10-21 12:00:18
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Following Edward Snowden's revelations about indiscriminate government snooping on U.S. citizens, many Net surfers would like to find a way to lower their visibility on the Internet. There are a number of tools in cyberspace that can help a soul do that, but they can take time and savvy to set up. That's why Kerry Cox launched the Sierra Project.
The project, which he hopes to fund through Kickstarter, aims to provide consumers with a way to anonymously wander the Net, as well as encrypt all their network traffic.

Re: Black Box Keeps Cybersnoops in Dark
Posted by: jafcobend 2014-10-21 12:56:59 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
You don't need to wait for a special device. Pick up a Netgear WNR3500Lv2 (usually sold as a N300, make sure its v2) and install Tomato on it. Its pretty easy to do. Go to and download the "Shibby Tomato all-in-one" package. Plug in your Netgear and connect to its admin interface. Select software update and upload the file you downloaded. Reboot and perform a factory reset. Then log back in and setup TOR. These are summarrized instructions, but it really is that easy.

Although I haven't used it for TOR (I use OpenVPN, OpenDNS, DDNS updates and specialized firewall rules) everything else I've done is so well thought out and highly functional that I imagine going TOR is only a matter of flipping a switch.

I've been involved with building about a dozen of these routers and my experience with them has been fantastic. Its replaced my dedicated Linux firewall machine, with OpenVPN, firewall filters, OpenDNS, with DDNS updates, IPv6 tunnels, ... Its amazingly easy to setup. I've actually thought about reselling these built this way.

I would like to mention though: As the Sierra Project points out about other security solutions, this is not a *COMPLETE* solution, and I doubt theirs is either. A firewall is part of it. Using an anonymizer is part of it. But other activities that you perform on the net leave their own foot prints. So watch yourself out there.

Also its worth noting that their are other Tomato firmware builds offered by Shibby that have less features (ie: less to secure). You can follow the links from the MyOpenRouter site and download one of those if you prefer.

And although I think it goes without saying: I'm not responsible for what you do to your device(s).
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