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Re: Tim Cook's New Apple World Order
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2014-07-10 12:25:36
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Apple is shaking out to become a very different sort of Apple, one suddenly more inclusive than ever before. The question is if all this inclusion will really lead to innovation. For Tim Cook, this idea seems to have a whole new meaning for Apple -- the notion may be trickling into the very way that Apple is now approaching its entire business. Case in point is CarPay, HomeKit, HealthKit, Apple's apps that now can talk to other apps, in addition to bringing Beats into the family and hiring a whole new batch of leaders.

Re: Tim Cook's New Apple World Order
Posted by: MitchH 2014-07-10 14:30:24 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
I was really surprised to see this statement from Mick, who, along with Chris, I assume is a technology watcher: "The way I see Apple, it has not been among the great innovators -- it's been a great packager, marketer and brander of ideas that really originated outside the company."

The Apple haters out there are all too quick to point out that Apple didn't "invent" this, that, or the other thing, which oftentimes is actually true. But for any tech watcher to echo the haters' sentiments and say Apple simply has good marketing demonstrates a lack of insight, especially now that there is some history to look back on. Fortunately, Chris recognizes the true nature of innovation, and had a couple of good examples to cite. Nice beat down, dude!

Re: Tim Cook's New Apple World Order
Posted by: CMaxcer 2014-07-10 16:28:08 In reply to: MitchH
Hi Mitch!

Thanks for reaching out. I'm glad you appreciate a more nuanced way of looking at innovation these days. It's hard to remember the first iPhone as a phone that launched without the App Store way back when, for example. And I do find it surprising that "innovation" seems to be getting reduced in definition to a new discrete hardware form factor these days when tech people say Apple isn't innovating.

As for Mick, she's naturally a little hard to pin down due to her editor role at ECT -- and sometimes she plays devil's advocate and goads her writers. I know I've been poked a time or two to elaborate. . . .


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