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Re: Online Gambling: The WTO Loads Antigua's Slingshot
Posted by: David Vranicar 2013-02-03 12:48:18
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Earlier this week, the World Trade Organization ruled that the nation of Antigua will be allowed to turn a blind eye to United States intellectual property rights. Put more technically, Antigua now has the right to suspend its obligations to American copyright, trademark and patent holders. The ruling stems from a decade-old U.S. decision to prohibit remote gaming -- a move that was extra painful to Antigua, where nearly 5 percent of the population was reportedly once employed in the online gambling industry.

Re: Online Gambling: The WTO Loads Antigua's Slingshot
Posted by: Kagehi 2013-02-03 12:56:33 In reply to: David Vranicar
Ugh.. Why didn't the software industry, or someone, just convince these people that running an online game service would work just as well. I mean, over the long run, you still have to update the games, or make new ones, but its a) legal, even under US law, b) comes with "perks" that you purchase, over and above the game itself, and c) uses nearly all of the same sort of skills these people where already using for the online gambling. Seems to me, it would be a win-win, but both the US, and Antigua are being short sighted, over something that pretty much has to rake in more money than people can afford, to remain truly profitable, which is pretty much the "definition" of "gambling". Even some games, like Eve Online, allow for people to trade, in game, for play time, if they are willing to put in the effort. Why? Because they a) sell other things, including a magazine, on the side, b) it encourages other people the play the game, and c) they still make money from all the people that can't afford to spend that much time playing, to "buy" their time on it.

Hell, half the games now have "free to play" options, because, ironically, the people willing to play them are willing to shell out more money through the perks systems than the companies ever made via the subscriptions. And, other than a few wackos, who claim that playing games with elves and orcs, will make you an mass murderer (but that, ironically, collecting closets full of guns, and subscribing to every weapons magazine on the planet doesn't..), no one cares, unlike gambling.

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