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Re: What Mitt Romney Could Have Learned from EMC's Joe Tucci
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2012-11-19 05:56:39
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We've had a couple of weeks to think about the election outcome, and both sides are positioning the results around the issues. This has become so divisive that there is a significant move by Texas to exit the United States and become a country. I've spent some time looking at this, and the real reason the Republicans lost is that the Democrats used data analytics to win a race that by the numbers, they should have actually lost. In short, while Romney was positioned as the better manager, Obama's campaign was better managed.

Re: What Mitt Romney Could Have Learned from EMC's Joe Tucci
Posted by: Kagehi 2012-11-19 08:18:28 In reply to: Rob Enderle
Yeah, would like to think it was because a) Paul Ryan was a nutcase, and b) their "plan" amounted to more of the same, "What Reagan, and both Bush did, to lay the foundation of deregulation, and bad investing, which led to the financial crisis in the first place." Some of us would like to see these people form their own new country, so they wouldn't keep trying to shackle the rest of us with some crazy mix of theology, selective science, and delusional free market purity, all of which, at one point or other, has been tried before, without absolutely horrible results (leading to many laws/reforms/regulations in the US, and far, far, more of the same across Europe, many of whom, though you would never hear this in the US, weathered the financial crisis far better, despite being less religious, more socialist, and having vastly higher taxes. The ones still doing horribly now? Oddly, the ones implementing policies that echo what Romney/Ryan argued for here. Odd...

Romney didnít lose. America did.
Posted by: just4kicks 2012-11-19 09:30:32 In reply to: Kagehi
Spoken like a typical name-calling, flame-throwing socialist, Kagehi. Romney didnít lose. America did.

Re: Romney didnít lose. America did.
Posted by: Kagehi 2012-11-20 10:17:37 In reply to: just4kicks
Actually, I may have over stated that. They do believe in such "other" bad actors, its just that they are selfishly selective about who counts when such actors do something. I.e., if their business/lives are effected, that is a problem. If its not, or they are, themselves, say.. running Bain Capital, or the like, then there is no bad act taking place, and everyone else is at fault for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and not getting out of the way fast enough (it not being possible to get out of the way is, of course, either a lie, or a sign of laziness).

Re: Romney didnít lose. America did.
Posted by: Kagehi 2012-11-20 09:41:49 In reply to: just4kicks
And.. Here comes the comments from people that think "socialist" means, "Really super rich people might have to pay the same taxes they did in the glory days of the 1950s, and without 5,000 loopholes and tax shelters, to help them avoid paying any of them at all!" I actually, on another thread, argued that while some level of balancing was ***necessary*** because the people cheating the system by doing nothing, and expecting reward are ***not*** the only bad actors and cheats, in the system, and you have to deal with the consequences of *all* kinds of cheats, not just the lazy people, therefor pure socialism was just flat impossible for humans.

The problem with Romney/Ryan, is that they don't believe, at all, in the other sort of cheaters. They actually believe in the same sort of aristocratic nonsense that, ironically, both Ayn Rand argued for, and which Nietzsche did too. In the latter case, he actually argued that Darwinism was a means to create "false equality", that courts shouldn't try to treat all people as equal, at all, that the modern world was a warped and distorted fiction, invented by Christians, and that Democracy itself was, "The rise of socialism and the fall of those who should hold power".

The only thing that is changed since the late 1800s is that the same, "rich people got rich **purely** because they are better than everyone else, and the rest of you people have (Nietzsche's words) 'a slave mentality', is that most atheists denounce Randism as insane, while people like Ryan sound like they are contemporaries to Nietzsche himself, but denounce both Ayn Rand's, and Nietzsche's atheism. That parallels in their philosophies, and the Tea Party, are nauseating.

But, this is hardly the first time we have seen people, discovering that no safe harbor of discredited ideas existing on the left, ran to the Republicans for safe haven. The last time that happened the Democrats did a 180 on social issues, and all of the racist, separatist, KKK types ran to the "traditional" Republicans, hoping for defense of their "long held rights, traditions, and beliefs". Sadly, all one has to do is look at some of the stupidity that still exists in the south over people of any color but white to see how "that" turned out for the party. Now.. Much of "libertarianism", and its aristocratic gibberish is being rejected, and where do they run - the Tea Party, and the Republicans. Wow, I could never have predicted...
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