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Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2012-10-29 05:16:21
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You really don't get a sense of just how limited the iPad is until you actually explore the Surface tablet that Microsoft released last week. It is like the designers sat down over beers and argued over every single shortcoming they found in the iPad and then built into Surface just the right features to make the iPad look inadequate. It is as if they put their decade of frustration over Apple kicking their butts with the iPod, iPhone and iPad into one vengeful response -- and that offering is the Surface tablet.

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: dirtyvu 2012-11-01 23:22:22 In reply to: Rob Enderle
I think the big thing that many reviews are glossing over. YOU CAN PRINT. I can hook up a Windows RT tablet to a printer and print. So can I be checking my bank statements or seeing a coupon and then print.

I can hook up a scanner and scan. I can use Photoshop (with a Windows 8 tablet). I can use a video editor.

One of my friends got the Surface because he wanted to print. He has both an iPad 2 and a BlackBerry Playbook. He has to carry them around with his laptop. He said he'd dump his laptop if the tablets could print (he doesn't really need a laptop as his office PC and his desktop PC at home serve that function).

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: Chadwick 2012-10-30 06:41:24 In reply to: Rob Enderle
If the new Microsoft surface is trying to be a smaller laptop, which is how you make it sound, then I am not interested. I got an iPad several months ago because my Windows laptops were simply irritating. Not only was I happy with it, it changed the way I look at computers for everyday use. If I want to do traditional applications like word processing, spreadsheets, development, I use my iMac. I hope they remembered to put a reboot button on the new Microsoft surface.

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: devo314 2012-10-29 16:33:36 In reply to: Rob Enderle
I'm not sure that many people want to do much productivity on tablets. I think part of the proof of that is how well the ios and android devices have done. Not to say that there isn't a market for that, but I think that those individuals are more likely to get a powerful notebook if they want to be mobile. Furthermore, the feedback that I have encountered thus far has been pretty negative about Win 8, especially for power users.

I'm glad though that microsoft is entering the competition, because it will only serve to improve products for consumers and drive down prices.

The kickstand seems like a good idea and you were spot on about the keyboards for iPads. If I owned an iPad, there's no way i'm using a keyboard. To me the whole point of the touchscreen is so that I don't need one. Granted I wouldn't be using it for productivity.

I noticed that you mentioned aspect ratio as a plus for the surface. I think though that the newer iPads have the advantage screen-wise because of superior resolution.

I'm curious, did you type this article on your surface?

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: carygold 2012-10-29 12:03:58 In reply to: Rob Enderle
The problem with people like you is that you think a tablet should do everything a laptop does or its worthless.
The iPad is not a creative device like a laptop or desktop it is a consumption device, email, web browsing, reading, watching movies, etc. I don't want to type letters, create spreadsheets or develop presentations on my iPad or any other tablet.

Until a tablet has enough power to run the Adobe Master Collection and it has a docking station that can run 2 or more monitors, I will have up to three devices a tablet, a laptop and a desktop.

When I am in consumption mode I like to use a tablet, but when I want to create like writing a letter or document, creating a web page, create a spreadsheet, or using Photoshop I want a full size keyboard and multiple monitors.

I don't think Microsoft did anything but what they usually do, they loaded big fat OS on a simple device.

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: ronindaosohei 2012-10-29 20:44:31 In reply to: carygold
It's the innovator's dilemma. Bottom line, it is impractical for the masses to have so many devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones). There is a basic economic advantage to being able to eliminate one or more, which is why many people today don't even buy desktops even though desktops have advantages over laptops. The same is true and will be true of tablets vs. laptops. It's not practical to have both and carry both with you, of course eliminating one means cutting into your market so companies like Apple don't want to do that, but it will inevitably happen and for the vast majority of people it won't take the conditions you mention such as the ability to plug into multiple monitors, etc. Evidently you aren't very mobile or your criteria would be quite different. I'm excited about Surface like devices because it provides the portability of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop and that's a winning combination when it happens. The only problem is so far I haven't seen it demonstrate the functionality of the laptop so I'm waiting.

As an aside about putting a bloated OS on a simple device I assume you're criticizing Apple for the 2.5 GB iOS 6 install then (

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: carygold 2012-10-30 13:51:10 In reply to: ronindaosohei
iOS 6 is 760 MB it requires 2.5 GB to download and install. Which makes sense if you think about it. 1/2 to download and 1/2 to install 760 MB

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: MikeHenken 2012-10-29 13:57:41 In reply to: carygold
The problem is Apple's marketing suggests it can replace your laptop. Which it cannot. The surface can solve the problem by providing the functionality of the iPad but the ability to do much more. What wrong with that? A nicer more capable device for less money.

Also, I don't know what cave you have been living in, but I have had a tablet that runs Adobe Master Collection and connects to two displays for over 2 years now. It is called the Asus Eee Slate Ep121; i5 processor, 4 gigs of ram, 12.1 inch screen, 2 usb ports, headphone jack, stylus, kickstand and hdmi out. There are actually about 20 Windows tablets out right now that are even better than it. As a programmer, I use it with many processes going at once on multiple monitors.

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: carygold 2012-10-30 13:45:36 In reply to: MikeHenken
*** IOS 6.0 is only 760 MB ... not 2GB
The ASUS Slate is not a simple, easy, "instant on" product that the iPad is. Have you ever used an iPad?

I'm familiar with that ASUS tablet it's slooooow, and can barely handle the Microsoft OS. I don't need 2 GB of OS to load before I can use the computer.

There is a simplicity to just switching on an iPad and running the app I want to run... long before Windows can finish booting. I don't want a registry, DLL's, INI's or any of that fattness that makes Windows a processor hog, and leave's me wanting to make a cup of coffee while I'm waiting for it to boot.

I still have a machine with a quad core processor, 16 GB's ram and a 1 TB HDD and another 1 GB video card, running Windows 7 on two 23" monitors, and it will smoke any tablet, and I'm happy to use it to be creative. I would never use Kindle on it unless I was using a ebook for a reference.

I also have a Macbook Pro laptop for when I travel and need to write, or do some other creative function or test some of my Web ideas, other wise all I carry is an iPad.

But the iPad was never meant to fully replace a laptop, "AT THIS TIME." That is an assumption lots of people that have never used an iPad made.
An iPad is a consumption device. Until tablets use a smoother OS, IMO, I don't want the tablet to replace my laptop. Its just not the same device IMO.

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: MikeHenken 2012-10-30 14:48:17 In reply to: carygold
Also, so you know, from power off to power on, the iPad (3rd gen) takes over 20 seconds. I just tested this with my bosses iPad, but here is also a youtube video demonstrating the same:

So that means my tablet powers on almost 3 times as fast.

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: MikeHenken 2012-10-30 14:41:13 In reply to: carygold
To install IOS6 with on an iPad or iPhone with updates, you need 2.3gb -2.5gb of free space.
And you are thinking of the wrong Asus tablet. Maybe you need to re-read my post?
The Asus Eee Slate Ep121 is NOT slow. It has an i5 processor and 4 gigs of ram as I already wrote. And for your information, it boots up from complete power off to logged in in 7 seconds. If it is just hibernating, the power on is instant. Also, it is actually quite a bit faster than an iPad or iPhone. This I know from first hand experience.
Also, maybe your desktop could smoke any tablet on the market at this current time, but what is that supposed to mean? That doesn't make your computer more productive than a tablet. All it means is you can run more video games, 3D software slightly better and maybe open larger spreadsheets (a good tablet can open multiple gb spreadsheets already).

So you carry a Macbook Pro and a tablet? That seems like overkill. I imagine you have an iPhone as well, so that makes it quite ridicules. You now have an iPhone, an over-sized iPhone and a Macbook Pro. That is a redundant waste of money.

The only reason the iPad is not more powerful is because Apple wants you to overpay for their laptops, which you have done. In actuality, the iPad is a step back in time. It has no HDMI, no USB and not even a memory card slot! And while the iPadís creation might not have been to replace laptops, Apple's marketing and commercials sure suggest it can.

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: devo314 2012-10-29 16:37:00 In reply to: MikeHenken
Which ads made the claim that the iPad could replace a laptop? (not being snarky, honest question out of ignorance)

Re: Microsoft Boxes Apple's Ears With Surface Tablet
Posted by: RobEnderle 2012-11-02 09:11:37 In reply to: devo314
I don't think any ads did that, folks just wanted to and found they generally couldn't. Apple positioned the product properly for what it was (a big iPod touch), people seemed to want more.
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