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Re: Make a Handy Little Android PC for Light Lifting
Posted by: Patrick Nelson 2012-10-04 06:07:48
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As many of us are gearing up for Windows 8's imminent release, it may well be worth
considering some alternatives. I don't know about you, but after XP to Windows 7, via Vista, the idea of another OS from Microsoft, while not yet causing night sweats, is engendering some trepidation. For one, there are its networking quirks -- XP didn't talk to 7 at the Windows network level in my case. There are also expensive driver and program compatibility issues for older programs and

Re: Make a Handy Little Android PC for Light Lifting
Posted by: scarshi 2012-10-04 23:02:54 In reply to: Patrick Nelson
Basically you are creating a tablet without the costs. Just use your android phone with always on connected power to a hdmi monitor (have phone that supports hdmi connection). Connecting bluetooth keyboards, mice and even speakers are not really a hassle anymore since ICS and JB rolled out. Plenty of apps also that can help with this both free (ad pop-ups) and paid versions.

Best thing is that you can easily disconnect and take the phone with you without lugging the monitor and extra hardware meanwhile you can show off the files stored on it using just the phone. Easy.

Re: Make a Handy Little Android PC for Light Lifting
Posted by: shikiw533 2012-10-04 06:52:14 In reply to: Patrick Nelson
You're right, this is much simpler than upgrading to Win8, and cheaper as well...

It's a nice tutorial for building such a device (if it makes sense is another topic, but irrelevant). I just can't follow your reasoning for switching to this...

If you really need just a little portable "computer" for some light text processing and the likes, then this might be ok (provided you have the peripherals incl. monitor). I would still argue that a tablet is a better solution (e.g. Nexus 7 is cheap).

For anything else, this is just a joke.
I never really had your "problems" with networking between XP and Vista/7 (although, as XP is an old piece of junk, it does require some network configuring anyway, regardless of other OS's in network). And the compatibility issues, well, you will get rid of those with android, as virtually nothing will work with it (most of my peripherals don't really work well, or don't work at all, even on Linux - like Logitech stuff for example). You also get rid of all programs, have to replace them with mobile android apps (you keep the sw compatibility issues between diff. versions of android as a bonus).
Upgrading in itself does require some time/cash, but it's a one time investment and saves trouble in the long run. Besides, like you don't need to upgrade/update other OS's (can always stay on the old OS though if upgrading is that much trouble, like most people do anyway)...
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