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Re: Apple and Google on Brain Vacation
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2009-08-10 05:43:01
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Summer is a time to relax, a time to take a vacation, a time to do things you can't do during the work year. However, I'm not sure any time is a good time to send your brain on vacation, and I'm starting to wonder if the leaders at Google and Apple have done just that. Granted, Steve Jobs has a good excuse. He should be taking it easy. As for the rest of them, it seems they've been doing their level best to screw up what, so far, has actually been rather impressive work in a bad year.

Google Brain Vacation
Posted by: cherrypie 2009-08-10 18:44:59 In reply to: Rob Enderle
Google may have added to their headache if the shareholder discontent that is about to surface at their latest acquisition, On2 Technologies, hits the fan. A little peeling of the onion would have revealed that the shareholders of this small company do not fit the profile of a typical "penny stock" and the low price was not just caused by bad financial results imho. This coming issue likely could have easily been avoided by the "do no evil" company.

ON2 Problem?
Posted by: RobEnderle 2009-08-11 17:01:06 In reply to: cherrypie
I took a quick scan of ON2 and nothing jumped out at me. Most companies get burned at least once by executives who are self dealing or by not doing their homework on a company they are buying. Compaq got badly burned by DEC (and a CEO that was self dealing), Microsoft by several executives who misacted, and IBM has been hit several times by self dealing employees.

Even Cisco was burned, worse than the rest, by a self dealing VP. It would be interesting to know more details of this O2 issue so I could better understand it. Google has been moving fast and their executives tend to be young and inexperienced, wouldn't be a surprised if they screwed up.

Posted by: puredata 2009-08-10 13:24:51 In reply to: Rob Enderle
The gloss and bias in this piece have informed me about this website. I am relatively new to TechNewsWorld, but with authors like Rob Enderle, I don't see a strong reason to come back. Time is limited, news is abundant, unbiased sources are essential. Asta...

Suggested Reading
Posted by: RobEnderle 2009-08-11 17:07:58 In reply to: puredata
Suggest you read "True Enough" it will explain why you feel the way you do and why this is something you might want to think about correcting as, if you don't correct it, you will likely make some really bad decisions in the future.

It is by long time Mac reporter Farhad Manjoo. (Actually a small part of the book has to do with Mac fans, it is mostly focused on national scale cult behavior, and is kind of scary given how often many of us are fooled). The link below should help you find your way. Good Luck!

Is Rob Enderle Seriously THIS Clueless???
Posted by: JoeConsumer 2009-08-10 06:55:26 In reply to: Rob Enderle
HELLO!!! Earth to Rob Enderle!!!!


This is something that the entire planet has known, from the moment he announced his medical leave of absence earlier this year, which was reported in every news publication on the planet.

His weight loss is due to medical illness, not "his vegan diet."

How can you possibly be this clueless???

Rob Enderle Replies
Posted by: RobEnderle 2009-08-10 09:58:01 In reply to: JoeConsumer
I didn’t mention Steve’s illness because I believed everyone knew it. Most don’t know he is a vegan however nor that he has a very strict self imposed diet (he has a deep fear of anything that might cause mucus for example). This seems to be working against his recovery at the moment.

In the Pocket of Microsoft
Posted by: micah76 2009-08-10 06:18:54 In reply to: Rob Enderle
I can only assume that you either have not done your research or you neatly tucked yourself away in the pocket of MS.

You make veiled references of strange things going on at Google, but provide nothing more than that. CEOs in general are a little off kilter. Come on, Gates was six different flavors of crazy, but what he did managed to build the MS empire into what it was in its hay-day. I don't know what's going on with Chrome, but I've not heard of anything being sabotaged or of any actions from Google that would make it appear that they are sabotaging their OS.

And now the Apple ads that everybody loves to hate. Any IT professional will tell you that there is a difference between a Virus and a Trojan. The MS crowd wants everybody to believe that they are the same thing, but that's not true. A Virus attacks your system and sends itself out to other systems to attack. A Trojan sits quietly on your computer and gathers information, generally leaving you alone, or throwing advertising at you via a web-browser.

Because of the way the Mac OS is constructed on the BSD kernel, it is impervious to the type of replicating viruses that plague MS. However, EVERY computer system (Apple, MS, Linux) can be susceptible to Trojans. Walk into an Apple store and talk to somebody there and they will gladly tell you that. The Mac vs. PC ads only reference Viruses, which really aren't a threat to the Apple computer at all in the same way that they aren't a threat to Linux and UNIX systems.

Want to guard you system against Trojans? There are multiple free software downloads on the web for Windows, Mac and Linux.

And before you even start going off on the keyboard exploit, let's remember the image file exploit that existed in Windows from 3.1 all the way up to XP.

I find it constantly amusing that every single Windows supporter is ready to jump at flaws in Apple, however when the numerous flaws in the Windows Operating System are pointed out, you don't seem to have a valid argument for continuing to support the OS aside from "There's more software available for Windows." And that argument just isn't cutting it these days.

I'm not saying that Apple isn't without its flaws, but no system out there is completely flawless. And I'm not sure why Steve Ballmer would be smiling when the ONLY computer company in the world that is posting profits is Apple. Oh, did you notice recently that Apple also reported GROWTH?

Credibility Takes a Holiday
Posted by: RobEnderle 2009-08-10 10:43:30 In reply to: micah76
You seem to be going through a lot of trouble to dance around the main point on Apple and the news out of Black Hat.

On Bill being crazy, do you maybe want to give one example? You haven’t heard of anything on Chrome, great, well I have and it’s in the piece so now you have. Glad I could help…

On the Apple Ad I’m simply referring to the Hazmat Suite not making a general statement of malware. I actually like the Apple ads generally. Next time you should read up on viruses before posting. A Trojan is a virus:

I wonder how many Apple users know their system’s are vulnerable, and how many use the programs you cite? They are free so Apple could likely provide them on new systems. Do they? Shouldn’t they?

People jump on Microsoft flaws, shouldn’t they also jump on Apple flaws? Isn’t the point of doing this to get rid of the flaws? Most Microsoft users won’t move to Apple and the reverse is likely true so shouldn’t both companies be equally held to fixing their problems? Why should Apple get a free pass, Microsoft clearly doesn’t? Shouldn’t Apple have to fix their problems, shouldn’t they be prevented from covering them up? We don’t let other vendors cover up problems, or at least we try to prevent this behavior, shouldn’t the same apply to Apple?

You see with Apple, because they cover up problems, you can’t implement protections. For instance, with the exploding iPod problem, what causes it? How can you prevent it? Once your house, car, or plane goes up that false comfort will provide very little in the way of satisfaction.

As far as Apple being the only computer company showing profit in the world. Really? The majority are profitable at the moment, since you cite Microsoft repeatedly you might want to compare their profit to Apple’s.
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