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Re: Playing Hide and Seek in a Wired World
Posted by: Frank M. Ahearn 2009-08-05 23:55:34
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When I first started skip tracing -- that is, finding people -- my only tool was the telephone and my only resource for searching was directory assistance. Unbelievably, I was able to find people from London to Fiji, but it was costly and extremely time consuming. Half my search time was trying to be connected to directory assistance in a foreign country. Trust me -- 411 in the '90s was not cheap. The world of skip tracing has changed. A world without walls truly exists.

Posted by: akcoyote 2009-08-06 00:14:27 In reply to: Frank M. Ahearn
Your article was interesting and the stories clever.

However, you piqued my interest sufficiently to check out Intelius. No free search I could find. And there didn't seem to be any way to verify that they had found the correct person without purchasing one or more reports.

So I tried Zabasearch which turns out to have a free people search. Again searched the same name. They took me to a listing and even showed me a map of where I could find him. Only problem, the name they pursued was not even close to what I had entered. And the options they offered didn't get me any closer to this person.

Now the name I was looking up is a real person and I used both their given name (with middle initial) and the common name they go by. This person has never been in hiding and indeed a simple google search for the same names got me to him, his cousins, his wife's name and two addresses for him. I learned of several organizations he had volunteered for, of his work on two political campaigns, some info on three of his businesses and two of his jobs, his military service branch and a couple details of his service and a lot more. He doesn't seem to be hard to find.

Lets see now, neither search program you recommended got me anything close or convinced me they had information I would be willing to pay for. And you got the free search thing wrong.

A simple Google search found a wealth of information, yet you didn't even mention using basic web search engines.

Perhaps you can understand the skepticism these results induce regarding the rest of your article.
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