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Re: Culture Shock: The Web Generation Meets Corporate America
Posted by: Martha Irvine 2009-07-19 07:43:33
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Ryan Tracy thought he'd entered the Dark Ages when he graduated college and arrived in the working world. His employer blocked access to Facebook, Gmail and other popular Internet sites. He had no wireless access for his laptop and often ran to a nearby cafe on work time so he could use its WiFi connection to send large files. Sure, the barriers did what his employer intended: They stopped him and his colleagues from using work time to goof around online. However, Tracy says the rules also got in the way of legitimate work he needed to do.

Internet access during work hours
Posted by: jcrglobalcaplaw 2009-07-22 15:46:07 In reply to: Martha Irvine
A pretty balanced article. The main point is that companies need to make clear to their employees the basis for whatever their policy is. A "limited access" policy based on the risk of transferring company info probably makes sense for certain types of companies, but not all. Moreover, the policy will affect recruitment of the new employees.

If there is a corporate policy, just make sure it is integrated into existing policies.

As one of the commentators quoted in the article put it, spending too much time at the water cooler does not mean that the water cooler is removed. to add to that, it just means that someone's performance review is affected.

James C. Roberts III

Securing data
Posted by: packets 2009-07-19 08:46:01 In reply to: Martha Irvine
Disappointing article... Just because an employee(s) doesn't understand or concern themselves with what's being gathered or left in the cloud doesn't mean the company shouldn't. Ultimately it’s the corporation's responsibility to secure any and all bytes that originate from and terminate in the company’s domain (i.e., that means everything).
Unfortunately today, security means inconvenience...Its clear individuals who choose to ignore corporate policies (because they don’t agree with or believe the policy to be antiquated) can't and shouldn’t be entrusted to “be careful”. With great technical power comes greater responsibility…experience shows IT data loss is inevitably, and that it’s impossible to protect what you no longer control...
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