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Re: Is the Chrome OS an Apple Killer?
Posted by: Rob Enderle 2009-07-13 04:37:07
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You betcha. OK, I'm just kidding -- but in most markets that are divided like the PC market, where one vendor has 90 percent and the other 10 percent, a well-funded competitor would likely take out the 10 percent vendor on the way to taking on the 90 percent vendor. However, as I look at this, I think Chrome will cause both Apple and Microsoft to think twice about som things, but I don't see that it represents much of a competitive risk to Apple, in fact, I'm no longer convinced the Android phone is much of a risk to the iPhone anymore, and I'll explain why.

Where does this guy get his info from??
Posted by: eldernorm 2009-07-24 10:57:53 In reply to: Rob Enderle
Enderle says, "This is one of the reasons Bing's move is so successful against Google Search. "

And just where does he get this info?? Is the stuff that drips from his mouth the only source of his information??

BING is new and is being heavily advertised. Should it grow quickly? SURE.

But the real facts will be its growth curve over say 3-6 months. If that curve goes flatter of downward, it means that Bing will live as long as MS pumps money into it. Month after month. :-)

Maybe that is why MS is losing so much money this quarter.

Just a thought.


Chrome Doesn't Fight Fair.
Posted by: NPSF3000 2009-07-14 16:24:53 In reply to: Rob Enderle
One thing I think people have forgotten in this time of Chrome (Browser), Android and Chrome OS is that Google has no financial interest in becoming the dominant market player in these areas.

Google is taking its considerable assets in the web to help create new and better ways of doing things. It's putting the money out there and doing the research to prove to everyone else that such things are possible, and that a company can create custom software just as good (or better) than Microsoft etc.

It then goes and publishes this software as Open source.


Simple, Google makes money of internet advertising - the more people spend time on the internet the more money they spend there. The more money they spend there the more companies are going to spend on online advertising, and Google owns that monopoly.

By increasing the ability of low end hardware to access the internet (and increasing their speed), with decreasing the cost (net books will be considerably cheaper without the XP cost), Google gets more internet traffic which will turn into more Google searches, and advertising opportunities.

So in the end, Google doesn’t care how this is done, just like Microsoft’s Visual Studio Express, its sole aim is to get programmers developing programs that will interest consumers into spending more time on its particular medium.

This means that Microsoft could take Google’s Code, add a few features and sell it – Google wins. Some small developer might also do the same. Another scenario that is working well for chrome, is that it has created a minor browser war – creating faster and more secure browsers for everyone. (While at the same time providing a cheat sheet for reference).

So to win, Chrome doesn’t have to have a market share, but it does have to have created a war in web based development.



0010 1011 OR ! 0010 1011 = -1

Timely Analysis Important to all Industries and Sectors
Posted by: IncreaseSalesCoach 2009-07-13 05:52:23 In reply to: Rob Enderle
I enjoyed your post on two levels.

First, as a frustrated Microsoft operating system user I'm looking for something to replace Microsoft that works with all the other software I need for my business that's Windows based.

Second, you hit on something very important to anyone selling anything in any industry or sector of the market. That is; the way you sell, why you sell, and how you sell is at a pivotal cross-roads. Anyone who does not make changes in their sales approach is in a vulnerable position.

Those businesses are experiencing low sales already. It seems as if no matter what they do they can't get their sales back up.

Those who recognize the need to make the necessary changes, like Bill Gates in his time, hold the potential to dominate their market.
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