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Re: Why You Need a Network Analyzer
Posted by: Jim Thor 2009-06-25 09:34:34
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In today's world, it seems that more of the people I run across do not feel they need -- or, more accurately, don't understand why they need -- a protocol analyzer for their network. A few years ago, it seemed that more people understood just how important the analyzer was. For some reason, as networks have become smarter and much more complex, this understanding seems to have dissipated. I am not sure whether it is due to the proliferation of network tools or the belief that a network can "heal" itself. Trust me, it can't.

Useful tools
Posted by: Madministrator 2009-08-06 04:13:36 In reply to: Jim Thor
Interesting article. When it comes to interesting tools, this is the one that tops my intrigue meter right now.

Help Overcome Analysis Paralysis
Posted by: SmithWill 2009-06-25 09:49:44 In reply to: Jim Thor
I agree and disagree with the premise of this story on two accounts. First, I actually think many doctors would prefer to tie their patients to a gurney and initiate an expensive billable procedure. Who are the patients to question the esteemed doctor? Actually, the patient IS THE CUSTOMER.

Secondly, every key person in operations should have visibility into IT operations. This includes but is not limited to: IT, HR, Financial, Executives, Audit and outside audit personnel. How else can anyone do their job without an accurate accounting of assets and liabilities? It's more than just feeds, speeds, flaws and bandwidth. These are just symptoms of usage which, for the most part, nobody seems to understand. Use of the network determines profit, loss, abuse, exposure and risk but we've all been told that by buying a specific piece of equipment we can control these things. It's two-steps removed from understanding in my way of thinking. Understanding whether your users/technology adds to the bottom line or subtracts from it are fundamental to being in business. So inasmuch as it's important to know your business from an IT perspective, one must also be able to relate the geeky bits to how they make the company money...or how it allows users to screw off or leave the company at greater risk.

I agree that a network cannot heal itself. Like any good doctor, rare these days, they ask a lot of questions and understand the full picture and background (diet, allergies, stress etc.) before they order one of those expensive operations. In stead, they learn the underlying causes of problems and address them at that source. It prevents much of the disruption associated with reactive emergency protocols (event management) and actually improves overall performance and results.

Embrace holistic IT and business management and analysis this....
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