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Re: Google Killed the Laptop Star
Posted by Rob Enderle on 2016-02-29 07:23:35
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Anyone who went to business school recognizes the basic tenet that you use marketing to build demand in order to sell products. Through the 1990s, there was impressive marketing surrounding laptops. Apple aggressively marketed this class, as did Microsoft, and it seemed every other brand on TV was trying to convince us we needed a new PC. PC marketing dropped off a cliff in the last decade, and when the iPad launched with a powerful Apple campaign it nearly took out the PC at the knees. What happened in the 1990s that killed PC marketing?

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Re: Google Killed the Laptop Star  Rob Enderle  2016-02-29 07:23:35
Re: Google Killed the Laptop Star  jescott418  2016-03-01 08:58:01
Re: Google Killed the Laptop Star  Rob999  2016-02-29 08:16:53
Re: Google Killed the Laptop Star  RobEnderle  2016-03-01 15:02:06
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