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How to do effective SEO for eCommerce Websites?
Posted by: HK Kundariya 2011-06-22 01:37:24
I have developed eCommerce website on osCommerce platform. I want to know about SEO methods which can help me to expand my business.

How can I quick start my SEO campaign which enable me to generate quality traffic on website.

Is there any specific method different to static website? OR similar concept as of static website.

Re: How to do effective SEO for eCommerce Websites?
Posted by: jacobjames1 2019-01-19 00:19:12 In reply to: HK Kundariya
Here is the trick that most ecommerce companies are unaware of. They were either building content in their blogs while their actual landing pages has to be product pages. Concentrate on adding more content to your descriptions and you will be ranking for long tailed keywords.

When you have to spend a lot of time to rank those home page primary keywords, ranking for long tailed keywords will be about just getting the keyword in the page. So you got 1000 products and you got 2-3 long tail keywords to rank in the first page. Some 30 visits (one a day) from these long tail keywords is going to add 60K to 90K a month.

here I am sharing some blogs:


Re: How to do effective SEO for eCommerce Websites?
Posted by: sherlygomess 2017-09-12 00:44:28 In reply to: HK Kundariya
A well constructed site with quality content and followed by search engine guidelines
Always identify the relevant keyword that describes your products and services, accordingly add unique title and descriptions for each page.
You can start with competitor analysis, identify what activities your competitors are doing in terms of services.
Here you can find more information related to the topic, a very informative blog at: blog.kissmetrics.com/seo-for-ecommerce-websites/

Re: How to do effective SEO for eCommerce Websites?
Posted by: Avell 2016-09-15 06:10:08 In reply to: HK Kundariya
Nice clean html and css, a lot of good quality links, good social media signals those are things you should pay attention. Focus on long tail. And for me there is no difference between static website and ecommerce website SEO

Re: How to do effective SEO for eCommerce Websites?
Posted by: DDiLogistics 2012-04-17 07:17:26 In reply to: HK Kundariya
same basic concept as any site, but you'll need to focus on the products. get links to products specific pages, make sure you're product page URL's are well organized, things like that

SEO for every product page
Posted by: james008 2011-12-22 12:23:49 In reply to: HK Kundariya
In My point of view you have to work every product pages with good search volume keywords and it will help you.
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