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Re: With a Friend Like Ellison, Steve Jobs Didn't Need Enemies
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2013-11-27 15:43:11
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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison seems to think Apple is doomed now that Steve Jobs is gone. He essentially said so, publicly, to master interviewer Charlie Rose. He did it with a passively dramatic raising and lowering of his finger. My first reaction was that Ellison, who is undeniably one of the most rigorous, ruthless and successful tech CEOs on the planet, must not have really known Steve Jobs all that well. Or that Ellison was a -- let's see, I need the right word that doesn't include body parts -- self-important jerk.

Re: With a Friend Like Ellison, Steve Jobs Didn't Need Enemies
Posted by: geedeezy 2013-11-27 16:15:35 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Over the course of my 20 year tech career, I worked for both Ellison and Jobs at different times. They were both arrogant in their own unique ways. The difference is that Jobs did have some insight to design as applied to human behavior. Ellison was just a glorified sales hound.

Just my personal opinion.

Re: With a Friend Like Ellison, Steve Jobs Didn't Need Enemies
Posted by: MosesKhan 2019-09-06 08:50:07 In reply to: geedeezy
Think about it. Most of the Beta community is now on 13.1, and theyíre still using the same profile as everyone who stuck around on 13.0 beta 8. This means both:

Thereís an unusually small amount of people to take advantage of a x.0 GM this year, since theyíre either past it or on the stable channel.

Apple canít offer a 13.0 GM to the people on 13.0 beta 8 without also offering it to the people on 13.1 beta, which they wonít do.

I donít really know how itís all going to play out, but I imagine that if Apple is going to release a stable 13.0 to the public, people on the beta will probably have to exit the beta to get any more builds of 13.0.

Of course, thereís always the chance that everyone just gets 13.1 stable instead of 13.0, which would be the clearest way forward. But I have a difficult time picturing 13.1 getting a GM a week from now, or being ready for the public within a few days after that.
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