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Re: I Managed to Not Buy an iPad
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2010-04-06 06:31:21
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So, I pick up the phone on Saturday afternoon and without preamble, my Windows-using friend asks, "Did you buy an iPad?" "No . . . not yet," I answer. I don't tell him that I'm sitting at my desk in between Final Four games browsing blogs and news sites, eagerly reading first-takes from gushing fans who are not David Pogue or Walt Mossberg. I haven't even held one. And last week, a Mac-lovin' friend sent me a text: "Did you pre-order your iPad yet?" "Not yet." Then there's my mother -- she's thinking about buying an iPad. I'm a little jealous.

Apple Enthusiast?
Posted by: DannoBonano 2010-04-06 08:19:06 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Chris, it appears that every article you write you whine and complain about Apple products. Unless you are on the same payroll as Paul Thurrott, it is OK to write good things about Apple. For one, you should be reporting about your insights on how the iPad can be utilized and applied to various situations. How it has usefulness and appeal to multiple generations of buyers (children, young adults, middle aged, seniors). How, when tablets in the US sell 500k units per year, this model has already sold 300k not including WiFi pre-orders. How other companies cannot nail down the responsive, accurate capacitative multitouch screen as Apple. How, despite the trumpets heralding iPad killers, the other companies don't realize that the perfectionism Apple displays in their hardware and software makes their products very difficult to compete with. Try not to be a techie and write about the positives of Apple's app store. Seriously, anybody not overly technical finds it a gem to purchase apps, music and movies from. You don't worry about finding software from 2 million locations, wonder if it's safe or full of spyware or viruses. You don't have your personal information in the hands of small companies with varying security processes. Most people don't want that crappy Windows experience.

I find it shocking you write for MacNewsWorld. I don't mind fair criticism about Apple products but you come across as bitter and petty. You're an Apple Enthusiast and you seriously don't purchase one of the most important products in the last five years to review? A product that is defining a new category unto itself.

How can you even comment on the iPad's place in the ecosystem without using one? The reality is that if you had one and viewed it with an open mind you would probably come up with not only some great insights but also that you used it far more than anticipated. That while most homes have a computer, they could easily have one or two of these around the house making the home computer more of a central server or serious workstation. How this device could replace textbooks at universities. People can annotate those textbooks and share with fellow students - even in different schools. How this device could replace laptops for business users who travel and give presentations, check email, calendars, dashboards etc..

Instead we get someone's opinion who is pretty much close minded to any potential the iPad could hold for him.
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