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Re: Brightcove Gives iPad Substance Without Flash
Posted by: Kimberly Hill 2010-03-30 09:44:48
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Though the iPhone, iPod touch and imminent iPad all sport a full browser and much-touted Web capabilities, video has been the sticking point. Much to some Web site publishers' frustration, Apple doesn't support Flash-based video playback, which limits what types of streaming content the users of these devices can view, whether through 3G or WiFi connections. It's a situation MacCast's publisher and producer Adam Christianson has dubbed "The Great Flash War of 2010." Now Brightcove a video publishing tool that works using the common Internet protocol HTML5.

HTML5 no solution
Posted by: alangrus 2010-03-30 10:11:54 In reply to: Kimberly Hill
Anybody thinking that HTML5 solves the Flash problem is working with bad and partial information. While lots of pages passively play Flash movies (like this page), LOTS of developers are building high end, full-on Applications in Flex/Flash that run in the Flash plugin. We are not just making spinning fire Ads and passive YouTube movies. We are making enterprise class Applications.

As there are 6-8 Movie formats now, there is no way just slapping HTML5 on movie players fixes anything, it would be way worse. Flash plays on everything. All Computers, All Smartphones except one.

The problem is always overly greedy sites calling for Ad movies from under configured Ad servers. MySpace is completely UNUSABLE because of this. Dont blame Flash for that. Having to wait for an HTML5 Ad movie instead of waiting for a Flash Ad movie gains you nothing.

Brightcove Cost
Posted by: DannoBonano 2010-03-30 09:47:46 In reply to: Kimberly Hill
You need to be signed up for the "small" sight fee of $499 per MONTH to qualify for this framework.

Too pricey for most "small" sites. I believe there will be many alternative shortly that won't cost anywhere near as much.
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