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Re: Mac Security in the Oval Office - or Any Office
Posted by: David McNeely 2009-03-30 08:36:32
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President Obama: We hear that your new team is having challenges in getting their Macs integrated into the White House network. Some recent news stories mentioned application compatibility as one of the hassles, but we'd be willing to bet that the bigger challenge is security. In many of the commercial enterprises we see, Macs are often managed individually or by the department expert, sometimes escaping the strict security controls that are usually required.

They already use Macs integrated into the AD...
Posted by: JimMacTech 2009-03-30 11:56:37 In reply to: David McNeely
Great concept, but I'm surprised that you are not aware of Thursby's ADmitMac product. I have heard that the White House is already using it and that the U.S. Army has standardized on it for all of their CAC/PIV security for the Macs.

Check out for info on their stuff.

Macs in Clinton White House
Posted by: PhilipWing 2009-03-30 08:45:39 In reply to: David McNeely
I don't know the current state of the White House IT environment, but some of the staff in the Bill Clinton White House used Macs. At a third party company for which I worked, we had a thank you letter from one of his staff members on our products.

Of course, movies will sometimes show Macs in use with their fictional White House or Cabinets, e.g., SecDef's in Transformers.
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