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Re: Windows on Mac: Worth the Effort?
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2007-08-29 07:11:37
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With Apple's move to Intel-based processors, the speed and ease of running Windows operating systems on your Mac has never been easier and more effective. In fact, there are several options available for running Windows software on Macs that fall into the basic, you-can't-go-wrong space: Apple's Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMware's Fusion. All three let you install a real live version of a Windows operating system on your hard drive. If you've heard about older virtualization software, you were probably put off by reports of generally disappointing performance.

Re: Windows on Mac: Worth the Effort?
Posted by: Eclipse 2007-08-29 16:48:47 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
What really needs to be covered - are the categories of users.
You've broached this in the article, but only just.
Then the next thing - are the specialized users who ARE running windows on macs. Specialized applications like CAD or engineering apps.
Tell me something about how it runs SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer or Inventor software - to use the various options. Is it viable? Do they run faster?
(I understand an Intel mac will run WINDOWS & its applications somewhat faster than an equivalent windows dedicated machine from Dell, etc, at least using BootCamp).
Are there any issues with the windows memory allocation ceiling which limits any one application process to something under 2 GB?
And lastly - how about a matrix of feature comparisons between Parallel Desktop, VMWare & the 3rd choice? Can I still use SnapzPro to capture he screen for tutorials across platforms, etc...

Re: Windows on Mac: Worth the Effort?
Posted by: ruel24 2007-08-29 13:30:37 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
From the VMWare website:
"Already running Windows XP on your Mac using Apple Boot Camp? No problem. VMware Fusion automatically detects your Boot Camp partition and lets you access it as a virtual machine, giving you the flexibility to run Windows XP alone or side-by-side with Mac OS X."
So, you can have it both ways...
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