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Re: What's Missing From the iPhone?
Posted by: Chris Maxcer 2007-08-28 07:59:47
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The iPhone may very well be the best phone ever, but that doesn't mean the Apple enthusiasts of the world aren't already thirsting for a new and improved version. In fact, even the most Apple-loving diehards expect killer advances with the second iteration, and Apple knows it. The secretive company isn't going to tell us what's next, but iPhone users have already started asking for more features. Some are obvious, some are desperately needed and others are please-give-it-to-us luxuries.

Re: What's Missing From the iPhone?
Posted by: rpander 2007-08-28 08:13:19 In reply to: Chris Maxcer
Replaceable battery is #1 for any phone
#2 enterprise email, if Apple wants enterprises to adopt the iPhone have Apple license Microsoft ActiveSync and port it like Nokia has done and allow corporate plans and SIMs
#3 Voice Dial - touch screens are hard to dial while drivings - even Microsoft has figured this out with the HTC 6800 series phones
#4 WiFi Sync - again Windows Mobiles can sync wirelessly via Bluetooth, IR, WiFi , especially for videos
#5 get to true 3G WWAN - HSDPA, WiMAX or something other than EDGE
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