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Re: Walling In the Mac
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2007-08-27 07:52:26
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Let's face it -- the times, they are a-changing. Mac users no long surf the Web in a protective bubble that keeps them safe from the bad stuff lurking online. Apple boasts that Macs get almost zero viruses and malware infections. Security experts insist that was never really the case. Whatever sparse exposure to harm the Mac OS has granted to Apple users in the past is eroding. The Mac's market share is growing steadily, making the Mac computer line ever more attractive to money-hungry hackers who prey on unprotected machines. Those worry-free days are sure to end soon.

Re: Walling In the Mac
Posted by: Dark_Knight 2007-09-04 09:09:43 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
The author comments about OS X having an included IP firewall though misinforms readers to believe it's more difficult to configure than the third party firewall products he listed. OS X firewall included in Tiger is not only enabled by default, it also takes little intervention from users to configure if they need to. Third party firewalls such as NetBarrier X4 are great for Network Administrators but give to much information and options for regular consumers. Because of this the user with to many options can tend to decrease their default security instead of increasing it.
As for viruses I do believe it's best to have an Anti-Virus program installed as a precaution. Even though there are great security measures in place to prevent a virus from spreading on a system the possibility exists due to the PEBKAC factor. Human curiousity and impatience usually lead to a system being damaged mainly due to the user doing something they shouldn't.

Re: Walling In the Mac
Posted by: Paulcorr73 2007-08-27 17:44:51 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Enough with the The-world-is-doom articles please.
Before I rush out to spend heaps of money on a firewall from any of the above vendors (is someone getting a cut from these sales?), I'd like to see an actual virus, trojan or hack on a Mac computer with the latest OS and patches.
Your article also didn't take into account the use of a WPA2 protected wireless router which can stem much of the access from an outside source to a Mac computer.
The Mac is being a good choice for families and some corporation, and chances are good that things will turn sour for the Mac and it'll lose it's protected status ... but I certainly won't be handing any money to Norton or another company for a buggy firewall until I see some decent proof of a hacked computer, nasty virus or evil trojan.

Re: Walling In the Mac
Posted by: macdrew2004 2007-08-27 08:47:13 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
This article is completely wrong and is just a thinly veiled advertisment for unneeded software.
Fact is: APPLE does all the security IN the OS by providing free security updates. So the entire concept of having "3rd parties" provide this is obsolete.
Sure OSX is the most secure OS in common use today, we all know that, but to think somehow OSX will become "more prone" to attacks is mistaken.
OSX has only become MORE secure over the years, not less. Still not a single virus on a Mac.
That says it all.
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