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Re: iPhones, iPods, iSolation
Posted by: Jesse Noyes 2007-07-10 10:09:01
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First the iPod and now the iPhone. As if our constant yammering on cell phones and turned up MP3 players weren't distracting us enough. Now we want to combine the two? For ethics columnist Bruce Weinstein, our culture's increasing fervor for the latest technological gadgets is creating a new phenomenon. He calls it "iSolation." Civilization's social fabric, he says, "is in danger of being ripped to shreds as we swap electronic connection for personal relationships."

Re: iPhones, iPods, iSolation
Posted by: jtausch 2007-07-10 10:24:09 In reply to: Jesse Noyes
I am surpised that a "social ethicist" can be so wrong thinking about what constitutes a valuable relationship.
A relationship is a relationship -- they come in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Of course not all relationships are created equal -- but that goes for so-called "real world" relationships as well. Chatting with a person "in line" can be extremely superficial, just as chatting with someone "online" can be become the basis of a long and fulfilling relationship. It doesn't matter how you do it -- the mechanism is different but the relationships have always been on a continuum ranging from non-existant to life altering.
And about creativity being stifled by information overload... I am creative and work in a creative field, and I am energized by the extreme access I have to information, as are most of the people around me. I can not understand why and with what quantitative proof someone would say something so outrageous (unless it is to get attention).
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