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Re: Reading Between the Lines at WWDC
Posted by: Vern Seward 2007-06-20 05:43:17
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If you listen to some folks who attended Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, you'd think that Steve Jobs didn't live up to his "Master Showman" title. I guess some attending expected to have their brains spontaneously explode after some "... one more thing ..." announcement. I watched the video online. While I agree that there appears to be nothing overtly mind-blowing, or even mind expanding in the keynote, from three thousand miles away, several days later, and upon closer examination, my mind is about to have a melt-down that would put the Bikini Island nuclear test to shame.

Re: Citrix
Posted by: scott122 2007-06-24 07:06:01 In reply to: Vern Seward
If this is the same Citrix that I used a few years ago, it is already available for use on Macs. I have it installed on my G4 from 3 or 4 years ago, enabling me to access the PC files and applications on the servers at work. I did not have to install any kind of virtual Windows program on my home computer, it just works (TM).
I am able to use programs like MS Office from my office, create and change files, and email without any problems. It even works with Mac OS 9!

Re: Reading Between the Lines at WWDC
Posted by: c2nn0nf0dd3r 2007-06-20 11:52:30 In reply to: Vern Seward
Remote access to a home computer is nothing new... Even from a Cell Phone or PDA, in recent years.
Go to and you can find the remote access tools for your cell/pda. There is much more than just remote access at this site... Most everything there is freeware or ad-ware.
I believe the application requires Java2 ME enabled cellphone/PDA, and can connect to remote desktops using tools that work like/with the 'VNC' ( remote desktop client/server tools.
The user will need to be able to open/forward firewall ports, and/or provide another means of finding their home PC via the web.
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