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Re: Getting Mac Back Into the Game
Posted by: Todd Bishopp 2007-06-19 07:54:59
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In the world of computer video games, Windows PCs have tended to overshadow Macs. Popular titles frequently come out for Macs well after they're released for Windows. Just finding the Mac section in the local game store can be difficult. However, Macs are suddenly getting more attention as video game machines. Exhibit No. 1: Electronic Arts' decision to start publishing games for the Mac. EA announced last week that it will release four games for Mac this summer. It also will release "Madden NFL '08" and "Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08" for Mac later this year.

Re: Getting Mac Back Into the Game
Posted by: curtismchale 2007-06-19 08:03:55 In reply to: Todd Bishopp
There have been anouncements every year at the WWDC about how apple now has such and such a developer signed up for gaming. They don't always even produce a game in the year and if they do they do not offer many. This is about the only anouncement that apple can make in which I just say 'yeah well I'll wait and see.' The track record in this department has not shown that we should take notice.
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